What is the full form of EVS and What does EVS mean

What is the full form of EVS and What does EVS mean

EVS Full Form

EVS full form is Environmental Studies

Have you ever wondered what is EVS Full Form ( Full Form of EVS )? the acronym EVS; Shows the relationship between the environment and man. Human beings are constantly causing a lot of damage to the environment. To prevent this, the subject of EVS has been started for the children from the first grade itself, which is the biggest need of today’s time. In this article, we will discuss the full form of EVS and its importance.

What is the full form of EVS

The “ EVS Full Form ” is “ Environment Studies ,” “ Environment Sciences .” The word environment is made up of two words ‘environment’ and ‘cover’. environment means surround and cover means circle. Simply put, the environment is the circle of the environment that surrounds us.

What does EVS mean?

Environment is formation of two different main objects biotic and abiotic. That is, the environment is made up of all that is around us. EVS Stands for Environment Studies. The group of all kinds of animals, land, trees and plants found on the earth, which are around us, is called environment.

Environmental studies include everything that directly or indirectly affects the life of human beings. It contains both living and non-living components. Living components include animals, trees etc. and non-living components include hills, rivers, sand, water, dust, air etc. Living components adapt themselves to the environment.

What are biotic and abiotic components

Biological components-The biological components or living elements of the environment include insects, tiny creatures, microbes, all kinds of living animals, trees and all the biological activities and creation related with them.

Abiotic components- Non-living elements and their associated processes are included in the abiotic components of the environment. For example, in addition to Hills, rocks, rivers, mountains, the elements of air, dust and weather are called abiotic components and they are non living objects

Importance of Environment Studies

To understand the full form of EVS, you have to understand the importance of environmental studies. In today’s time man has polluted the environment a lot. Therefore it has become very important to study the environment so that the environment can be saved from contamination.

  • University Grants Commission has declared orders to begin studies related to environmental science in the year of 2019-20 courses with subjects.
  • According to these instructions, all the universities and colleges will include the diploma course of environmental science for the students doing graduation.
  • The primary objective of the ES course study is that the new generation will be aware of ES environmental protection.
  • Along with this, it will be the work of universities and colleges to provide awareness among the students about the protection of environment.
  • The study of environment is simple and curious subject. The ES Topics includes second level of education in schools like What is the environment, why environmental protection is important and how the environment can be conserved, like these important things have been included the syllabus.
  • The full name of EVS course taught in schools is Environment Studies. Children are studying these important things related to EVS i.e. environment along with other subjects.
  • The advantage of this will be that child will grow up knowing why it is necessary to protect the environment and most importantly, how environmental protection can be done.
  • Apart from this, currently up to 35 questions related to EVS are asked in every government exam.
  • It teaches us that how human life depends on nature, life has no existence without environment.
  • From environmental studies we have come to know that till now there is no other planet in the whole universe without earth, there is an atmosphere here, so we should protect the environment present on earth.
  • Environmental studies help us to adapt the technology to nature, which proves to be helpful in saving natural resources.

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Why environmental protection is important

  • At present, environmental problems such as pollution, constant change in climate have become a problem for the whole world.
  • If we look at a study, if such negative changes keep happening in the environment, then the time is not far when we will stop getting fresh air.
  • In today’s time it is very important to save the environment because man gets all the resources from the environment to live his life which is limited.
  • Man has create and found advanced in technology. But the all new technologies goes to a lot of damage to the environment.
  • Presently EVS subject is being taught in schools. Which will prove to be helpful for children in understanding the mutual synergy between environment and man.
  • EVs include physical, social, cultural and other factors affecting the environment.
  • The subject of environmental studies(ES) is a large subject, which goes to natural and man create environmental studies.
  • Man-made environment includes man-made buildings, mini forest, playing grounds, parks, ponds etc.
  • Basically, the natural environment includes all living and non-living components.
  • Human beings are the first cause for pollute the environment to use advanced technologies. All are need to change the way of living our lives to a great extent and we protect environment.
  • Therefore, the time has come to take the problems related to environmental protection and environmental management seriously.

Environmental studies Topics

EVS is taught as a subject in schools, however, it is also taught at higher education level. Apart from this, it is also used to solve the day to day problems related to environment and its components.

  • Ethics
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Anthropology
  • Policy
  • Politics
  • Sociology and Social justice
  • Pollution Control
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Philosophy

It is taught in primary classes generally from 1st to 5th grade. Thereafter, it is covered in science. We can say that it is a scientific study of the environment in which students specialize in topics and issues related to the natural environment and its relationship with people.

Courses in EVS

  • Certificate Course in Environmental Science
  • Diploma in Environmental Science
  • sc. in environmental science
  • Bachelor of Environmental Management
  • sc. in Environmental Management, and more.
  • D in Earth Science
  • D in Environmental Science, and more

Eligibility for EVS courses

For undergraduate courses, students must have passed 10+2 examination with biology as one of the subjects.
For postgraduate courses, students must have a bachelor’s degree in a science subject or similar fields

  • Career options in Environmental Studies
  • environmental scientist
  • environmental consultant
  • wildlife or environmental photographer
  • lecturer
  • wildlife filmmaker
  • environmental journalist
  • director of waste management

Other full forms of EVS with different category

  • Environmental Health-Early Valve Surgery
  • Army-Earned Value System
  • NASA-Earth Venture Class Sub-orbital projects
  • Weather Forecast-Earth Venture Suborbital
  • NASA-Earth Venture Sub-Orbital
  • Nutrition-Eating Validation Scheme
  • Psychology-Eating Values Survey
  • Optometry-Eccentric Viewing Spectacles
  • Medical-Echoviruses
  • Technology-Economic Value Sourced
  • Veterinary-economic values
  • Networking-Elastic Virtual Switch
  • Vehicle-Electric Vehicles
  • Educational-Electronic Verification System
  • Technology-Electronic Visionary Systems
  • Military-Electronic Visual Communications
  • Law-Emergency Vehicle Service
  • Business-Emergency Vehicle Specialist

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