What is the full form of MLC? MLC definition and meaning

What is the full form of MLC? MLC definition and meaning

What is the full form of MLC?

The full form of MLC is “Member of Legislative Council” in English, and the full form of MLC is ‘Member of Legislative Council’ . A member of the Legislative Council (MLC) is elected by the local bodies, state legislative assembly, governor, graduates and teachers for a 6-year term. In this process one third of the members retire every two years, and new members are elected.
Legislative Council (MLC) is elected in six states of India , it is formed under Articles 169,171(1) and 171(2) of the Constitution of India. The number of MLC members is one-third of the number of members of the Legislative Assembly , but some rules were made separately for Jammu and Kashmir, but now after the abrogation of Article 370, the Legislative Council should be abolished in this state. has gone.


The Constitution of India gives limited power to MLCs. The State Legislative Council can neither make nor dissolve the State Government. The rights of the members of the Legislative Council are equal to that of the members of the Legislative Assembly, such as the rights of vehicles, security and use of funds equal to the MLAs.

  • One-third are elected by the members of local bodies such as municipalities, village panchayats, panchayat samitis and zilla parishads.
  • One-third are elected by the members of the Legislative Assembly of the State, from amongst persons who are not members of the State Legislative Assembly.
  • One-sixth to be nominated by the Governor from amongst persons having knowledge or practical experience in such fields as literature, science, art, co-operative movement and social services
  • A twelfth is elected by persons who are three years graduates residing in that state
  • A Class XII is chosen by teachers who have spent at least three years teaching in educational institutions within the state, not less than secondary schools, including colleges and universities.


  • First of all, it is mandatory for him to be a citizen of India.
  • He must have completed at least 30 years of age.
  • Has not been declared mentally insane and bankrupt.
  • Apart from this, along with being a resident of that area, it is also necessary to have his name in the voter list.
  • He should not be a member of Parliament and appointed to any government office at the same time.

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The constitution of the Legislative Council, provision has been given in Articles 169, 171(1) and 171(2) of the Constitution. To constitute it in a state, it is necessary to get the resolution passed by a two-thirds majority of the members present in the Legislative Assembly, after which it has to be sent to the Union Parliament.
After this, according to Article 171 (2), the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha do the work of passing the resolution by a simple majority. After this the proposal has to be sent for the signature of the President.
If signed by the President, then the approval of the constitution of the Legislative Council is obtained.

What is the function of MLC?

The functions of MLCs are similar to that of the members of Rajya Sabha. They are expected to help the government in making laws and regulations on the basis of their knowledge and experience
The main functions of the Legislative Council include making laws, approving public expenditure and supervising the work of the government. The powers and functions of the Legislative Council are specified in Article 73 of the Basic Law.

Other Full Forms of MLC

  • Member of the Legislative Council
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  • Mid-life Crisis Messaging
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  • Multi Level Cell
  • Mathematics Learning Center
  • Methodists Ladies College
  • Melbourne Ladies College
  • Martin Luther College
  • Management and Leadership Coaching
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  • Military Load Classification
  • Military Load Classes

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