What is a webcam,How do webcams work,Best webcams used,What Are the Functions,resolutions of a Webcam

What is a webcam,How do webcams work,Best webcams used,What Are the Functions,resolutions of a Webcam

For many years, PC users have been able to live without a connected webcam because we have never or almost never needed it. However, in these times with the confinement due to the pandemic and the rise of streaming, they have become an almost indispensable device for many.


The webcam allows to the camera type digital that connects to a computer (PC) to record and transmit images via Internet . This transmission can be made privately (between two or more computers) or public (by disseminating the photos on a website or social network).Web cameras are a technological evolution of the first cameras. Early cameras captured and recorded photos on chemical film: then said roll or reel had to be developed, a process that allowed the images to be put on paper. The photos, in short, were stored printed on a material support.

With the advancement of computing came digital cameras : unlike analog cameras, in this case photos are saved as digital data. That is why they can be viewed on computers or televisions without the need to print them.Web cameras, in this framework, are digital cameras specially designed to work connected to a computer with Internet access . They are generally used for videoconferencing and live broadcasting. Web cameras are also used for surveillance tasks .

Popular webcams in present market

Don’t be a blurry, pix-elated entity next to a bunch of neat high-definition windows; upgrade your computer with one of the best webcams on the market and stand out in your video conferences as much as you would in real life.

Logitech C920S

The best webcam, you should buy this and It ‘s a very solid 1080p webcam at a decent price, it is mainly used for who has to work from home.

Logitech Brio

It is Best for 4K,  you should buy it Because it has very sharp image quality. it is mainly used for Anyone who needs to make professional video recordings or high-quality video calls.

Logitech C930E

It is the best for companies,  you should buy it Because it is very good for corporate,office environments. it is mainly used Business professionals.

Logitech C922 Pro Stream

It is Best for streaming, you should buy it Because it has some specific features for video game streamers . it is mainly used for those who broadcast live.

Razer Kiyo

It is Best for products or cosmetics, you should buy it: Because it is a webcam with its own lighting. it is mainly used for Anyone streaming live and needing to upgrade their lighting.


It is the best of the economic, you should buy it, It offers great image quality at 4K resolution with lower cost
it is mainly used for Anyone who needs a good camera, but is on a budget.

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What is webcam technology & Why is not PC evolving?

PC webcam technology seems extremely outdated compared to, for example, the smartphone cameras we all have. But that’s not all, since the few models that exceed 1080p resolution tend to have prices that are nothing less than prohibitive considering the type of device we are talking about.
When we talk about web cameras integrated into laptops, manufacturers have the excuse that they cannot increase their quality because they have too high demands regarding the maximum thickness that they can integrate, because remember that these are integrated in the screen and therefore in the Shutter size and optics are very limited. However, when we talk about a webcam for PC there are no space limitations, or at least these are not as urgent as in a laptop.


FPS -frames per second: a video is made up of a series of images (frames or frames), which are presented one after the other constantly and most of the times synchronized with audio, the values ​​more common are 25 FPS and 30 FPS.
Resolution: refers to the maximum number of pixels (horizontal and vertical), which each of the images that make up the video sequence has. The higher the total number of pixels, the resolution is sharper and they capture more detail.

Web cameras can basically offer the following resolutions:

  • 640×480
  • 720p: 1280×720
  • 1080p: 1920×1080

How to improve quality or resolution to your webcam?

This is a really difficult question to answer and one that we can only speculate about. We have spoken with brands such as Elgato and Logitech, and both have told us that they have much more advanced models in their bedrooms than they now have in their catalog because they have realized that it is what users are demanding. However, it seems that these improvements are going to be essentially in terms of firmware and software, but the news regarding the hardware (essentially, the optics) will be quite scarce.
It is quite likely that manufacturers have not bothered to evolve their PC webcam technology too much in recent years precisely because it has never been a high-selling peripheral, and the few that do look for very high-end models with the best quality are professionals (including streamers) who are willing to pay the abusive prices they ask for this type of product.

FAQ’s about Webcams


The light reflected by the elements of the environment, passes through the lens, which is subjected to an RGB (red-green-blue) filter that breaks down the light into three basic colors: red, green and blue.
This division of rays is concentrated in a specialized light-sensitive chip, called CCD (charged coupled device), which is responsible for assigning binary values ​​to each pixel of the image sequences and sends the digital data for coding through the cable, to the computer’s USB port, which processes the video.


  • They are generally low resolution (approximately 640 X 480 pixels), as the use is primarily recreational.
  • Depending on the model, they have a rotating lens of up to 360 ° horizontally, an adaptable base to the surface and an integrated microphone.
  • They can take photos instantly but like videos, they are low resolution.
  • Its design is very specific for entertainment applications and in some cases as a surveillance camera.


  • Digital viewer: it is in charge of capturing the movement sequences.
  • Audio recorder: captures the sound of the environment.
  • Swivel base: allows to place the camera in the position that the user decides.
  • Data cable: transmits the data from the camera to the computer.
  • Plastic cover: protects the internal circuits and gives the product aesthetics.


It is used to capture video and audio, which is subsequently transmitted through video conference applications, such as Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp Web, etc. On some occasions, the Webcam can be used as a surveillance video camera, transmitting the image in real time on the computer screen.

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