Full Form of CO in Police- CO definition and meaning

Full Form of CO in Police- CO definition and meaning

We all hear the name of CO many times and we also know a little bit about it, but what is CO Full Form and who is called CO, very few people have complete information about it if you know about CO. If I do not have information, then today’s article is going to be very useful for you because in this we will tell you complete information related to CO

What is the full form of Co?

The full form of co is Circle Officer and the full form of co in Subdivision Officer . The Central Government and the State Government have created the post of co in most of the states of India, and have also given them a certain area.

What Is CO and Who Is CO?

The officer controlling the law and police administration in a certain area or area is called Co (Circle Officer). The job of co is to maintain law and order in his area properly.

Controlling the law and order in a large area by an officer is a bit difficult task, so to make the work of Co more easy, the government appoints District Magistrate (DM) , Police Officer and Municipal Corporation .

How to become a Co (Circle Officer)?

To become a Co (Sub Divisional Officer) first you have to get a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. Then you have to pass the examination of the ethnic civil service, after which you can give the exam of circle officer.
Here the CO full form of Police Line has been told, so it is obvious that you must have come to know a little bit about the CO full form.

  • Once the exam is passed, the Co is selected according to the selection process of the Co.
  • In the first phase, first of all the candidate has to pass the Co exam with good marks.
  • The candidates who pass the exam are called for the interview in the second stage, in which you are asked some oral questions.
  • According to the third stage of the candidates who pass the interview, merit is taken out at the state level. Co is selected on the basis of this merit.
  • The candidates who pass in the merit are selected for the post of Co and then appointed for the post of Co for a certain area.
  • Once the candidate is appointed for the post of Co, he is given complete information about his functions and responsibilities.

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Eligibility To Become A CO Officer

If you want to serve the country by becoming a CO officer, then to get a job in it, you must have passed graduation or post graduation from any recognized university, only then you can apply for this post.

CO Salary

A circle officer is given Rs 9300-34800 every month, along with grade pay up to Rs 5000 and along with this he also gets many other facilities and allowances.

How to become Police CO

If you want to become a circle officer, then first of all you have to pass graduation or post graduation for this, after that you have to appear in PCS exam. It is known that by getting success in that examination, you can become a CO officer.

Age Limit For CO

To become a CO, your age limit must be between 21 years to 40 years, only then you can apply for it and some classes are also given special relaxation in this.

CO Officer Selection Process

If you want to become a CO, then like we told you earlier that for this you have to give PCS exam and after that preliminary exam is conducted in which you have to participate, the candidates who pass in it are called for main exam. Goes.

The candidates declared successful in the written examination are called for physical test, medical test and interview etc. and after that a merit is issued by which the CO officer is selected.

Other Full Form of CO

Just as there is a full form circle officer of Co in the police sector, similarly the full form of co is different in the block, computer and medical field.

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Other CO Full Form List :

CO :- Ceasefire Oregon
CO :- Cutoff
CO :- Camp Oliver
CO :- Christian Outreach
CO :- coronary occlusion
CO :- Corporate Office
CO :- Children’s Olympia
CO :- Contracting Officer
CO :- communications officer
CO :- chief operator
CO :- Crematory Operator
CO :- Clockwork Orange
CO :- Change Order
CO :- Chinese Orphans
CO :- Chamber Orchestra
CO :- Cultural Options
CO :- Check Out
CO :- Customization Operator
CO :- Central Office
CO :- conscientious objector
CO :- Circle Office
CO :- Certified Operator
CO :- Colloidal Oligo
CO :- cumulus oophorus
CO: – Clinica de Occidente
CO :- Change Over
CO :- cytochrome oxidase
CO: – Corporation
CO :- convert out
CO :- command output
CO :- Current Offer
CO: – Otolaryngology Center
CO :- coconut oil
CO :- Castor Oil
CO :- Corrections Officer
CO :- Contractual Obligation
CO :- Controlling Office
CO :- Colonial Office
CO :- Certified Orthotist
CO :- combined operations
CO :- Choirs Ontario
CO :- Workers Committees
CO :- Central Operations
CO :- Commanding Officer
CO :- close-open
CO :- Commissioned Officer
CO :- cash order
CO :- Convenience Outlet
CO :- change order
CO :- Certificate of Origin
CO :- Correction Officer
CO :- Charge Off
CO :- Cargo Operations
CO :- Checked Out
CO :- Congregation for the Oriental
CO :- Cash Officer
CO :- Clean Out
CO :- Coptic Orphans
CO :- cholesterol oxidase


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