NDA full form

NDA full form

What is NDA full form

  • NDA is National Democratic Alliance
  • NDA is National Defense Academy

Are you attentive in politics or you have ever observed that you often hear and understand the term NDA in news channels and newspapers, apart from this, you will also observe NDA word in the list of vital examinations, this is because NDA’s There are two significant full forms.

What is NDA (National Democratic Alliance)?

National Democratic Alliance is a collection of various political parties in India in which some parties together form a union government, in which several regional parties combine to form a union that can challenge elections at the national level.

Who is the President of NDA?

NDA is not a operational body of any generous, nor does it have any straight president, the presidents of all the parties elaborate can join and leave this association as per their wish, yet if the president is talked about, then Indian.

The president of the Bhartiya Janata Party, which is the major party of this association, is usually measured the president of the NDA. Apart from this, a convener is made in the NDA, who meetings to all the party’s presidents and the whole thing to maintain this alliance.

What is National Defense Academy(NDA)?

National Defense Academy is an academy formed for the instantaneous training of candidates going to the Army, Navy and Air Force of India. NDA is the opening for any undergraduate to access the Indian security team.

This academy is only for male candidates. Any men student who wants to convert an officer in Army, Navy or Air Force will have to revenue training from NDA itself.

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NDA examinations

  • NDA exam is conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).
  • NDA examinations are the national level conducting twice a year, which is prepared by the “Union Public Service Commission” (UPSC – Union Public Service Commission).
  • When a student authorization in that examination and next he is attending for an interview. After competing that interview, students trained for three years.
  • NDA is India’s leading Join Training Institution which works to make Junior Officers for the Indian Armed Forces.
  • NDA trains young men who select Armed Forces as their future. In this training, students will be showing to war zones in the future.
  • Prepares the mindset with the morals and physical qualities required to arrangement with the tasks of They are given virtuous instruction about science, technology, arts and other military subjects.

Eligibility for NDA Exam

  • You should have Physics and Mathematics as your main subjects in class XII.
  • This assessment is only for unmarried males in the age group of 16.5 to 19. The individual must be an Indian resident.
  • An NDA candidate must be physically suitable.
  • His body index should be normal for age.
  • There should be no spectacles on the eyes for the Air Force.
  • NDA has 418 seats, out of which 208 are for Army, 42 for Navy, 120 for Air Course and 50 for Naval Academy.
  • You can fill the NDA submission form by go to the UPSC official website. You have to give in to your scanned photo and signature in it.

NDA Training

  • NDA Training is three years of time period, students get any one from Army, Navy and Air Force as per their selection or after keen-sighted the performance of three years.
  • After that, the students who select the Army be there IMA Dehradun, the Navy ones be there the Indian Naval Academy, Kerala and the Air Force ones be there AFA Hyderabad.
  • wherever they train for another one year. After that one year they converted part of Indian Army.
  • The candidates who effectively complete this task are provided employment as an officer in the Indian Army.
  • Therefore, military leadership working out is provided to the candidates.
  • Its course consists of six semesters, in which difficult physical training is given.
  • Complete knowledge of running all war plants is provided in the course.
  • Under other qualification, the candidates are given knowledge of para gliding, sailing, sailing, fencing, horse riding, martial arts, shooting, skiing, sky driving, rock climbing etc.

How to Join NDA

  • To become an NDA officer to join the National Defense Academy, a candidate has to seem in the entrance examination directed by the Union Public Service Commission.
  • It is conducted twice in the month of April and September i.e., twice in a year. Presence is a must.
  • Any candidate who wants to choose for this exam should be unmarried. To join NDA, it is necessary to seem in SSB, Medical, and then in the merit list.

NDA Physical Requirements

  • The Service Selection Board prepared medical examination, in which the Board of Service Medical Officer conducts all the physical tests.
  • That is why even earlier this medical examination, it is recommended to the candidates that those who have negligible physical problems or diseases, then get them cured.
  • Usually, the difficulties found in people during this test are Wax (Ears), Deviated Nasal Septum, Hydrocele etc.
  • The candidate should be in well physical and mental health and free from any disease, disability, which would enable him to complete military duty efficiently.
  • There should not be any generous of physical defect or underweight.
  • The candidate should also not be large.
  • There should be no problem with the bones or joints.
  • The minimum height of the candidate is 157.5 cms. For Air Force it is necessary to have 162.5 cms.
  • The chest of the candidate applying for this exam should be well developed.
  • Fully expanded chest should not be less than 81 cms.
  • The candidate should be able to read 6/6 in the better eye 6/9 in the worse eye with or without eyeglasses in the farsighted chart. A candidate should be able to recognize red and green.

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