PUC full form and PUC certificate Full details

PUC full form and PUC certificate Full details

PUC full form

The full form of PUC is Pollution Under Control.

PUC certificate is required for two wheelers, four wheelers and all types of commercial vehicles. With the advent of the amended Motor Vehicle Act 2019, the traffic rules have become much stronger than before. In case of non-pollution control certificate, a large amount has to be paid as fine.

At present, the amount of fine has been increased 10 times as compared to earlier, so there is a huge rush in pollution check centers to get Pollution Control Certificate (PUC). To curb rising air pollution, pollution control certificate has been made mandatory for all vehicles.

What is PUC Certificate

To reduce air pollution, it is necessary/mandatory for every vehicle to have a PUC certificate. It is issued only after a thorough examination of the vehicle is found to be correct. While making it, it is checked that the vehicle is not leaving more pollution than the prescribed standard. PUC certificate is issued after this test is found to be correct .
If your vehicle is polluting more then you can ask to make a PUC certificate. But this PUC certificate will be valid only for 24 hours. After this, you will have to make this certificate after getting your vehicle serviced.

How to get PUC(Pollution Under Control) Certificate

  • Pollution Check Centers are open at almost every petrol pump in every state. From there you can easily get the PUC certificate of your vehicle.
  • Pollution check center is authorized by the transport department of the same state and your PUC certificate will have the name of the transport department of that state from where you have got it.
  • If a person has got his PUC certificate then your PUC certificate will also have the name, center code and address of the Transport Department of Delhi Government.
  • This PUC certificate will be valid for every state. That is, you can make PUC certificate from anywhere, it will be valid in every state.

How to Check PUC(Pollution Under Control) certificate  Results

Pollution Check Center where PUC certificate is made. There is a computer with which a gas analyzer is connected as well as a camera and a printer are also connected to the computer. With the vehicle running, a gas analyzer is inserted into the vehicle’s silencer and it checks for pollution. These data are sent to the computer and the camera’s job is to take a photo of the license plate .

PUC certificate is issued if your vehicle is leaving pollution within the specified range. Petrol and diesel vehicles have different pollution checking procedures.

For Petrol Vehicle:

In this test one time reading is taken without depressing the accelerator of the vehicle.

For Diesel Car:

For Diesel Car, the accelerator is fully pressed. By doing this 4 to 5 times the reading is taken and finally the final reading is taken by taking the average of all these readings.

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Information on PUC(Pollution Under Control) certificate

When the PUC certificate is generated, the complete details of your vehicle are written in it such as Certificate Number, Registration Number, Owner Name, Chassis No., Engine No., Class of Vehicle, Model etc. On the right side of this certificate, the checked information is written in which fuel, prescribed standard CO & HC etc. are written along with test results. Along with this, its validity is also written, which shows how long this PUC certificate will be valid.

Requirements to get PUC(Pollution Under Control) certificate

  • If you are going to get the PUC certificate of your vehicle, then you must take the vehicle’s RC and previous PUC certificate with you.
  • You must have a mobile number while checking the pollution of your vehicle.
  • OTP comes on that number which has to be told to the person making that PUC and your certificate is issued.
  • As soon as the stipulated period of the old PUC certificate is over, you should immediately make a new PUC certificate. If you delay even a day, you can be fined.

How to Download PUC(Pollution Under Control) Certificate Online?

Many times it happens that we forget to keep our PUC certificate somewhere and when we need it, we cannot get it. If you face any such problem then you can download it online in few steps. For this you must have the registration number of your certificate. If you have registration number then you will be able to download your certificate very easily.

  • If you have the registration number of the certificate, then you can easily download your certificate as mentioned below.
  • For this, you first visit the website parivahan.gov.in .
  • After visiting the website, you have to select PUCC after clicking on Online Services in the list of menu in front of you.
  • After doing this a new page will open in front of you
  • If you select PUC Certificate in this page, then a new page will open in front of you.
  • In this page, you have to enter the Registration Number, Chassis Number (Last 5 Character) of your certificate and then the code shown
  • After doing this, click on PUC Detail .
  • Now your PUC certificate will open in front of you, which you can get printed.

Full Details of PUC(Pollution Under Control) Certificate

  • PUC certificate PUC certificate is not required for a new car for one year.
  • The date on which the vehicle is registered, and the date on which it is written on the RC.
  • It is valid for one year from that date, and for a new two-wheeler, no PUC certificate is required for three months.
  • PUC certificate PUC certificate is valid for one year for vehicles of BS4 or above standard.
  • At the same time, the PUC certificate is valid for three months after the pollution test of two wheelers. Here BS4 means your four wheeler
  • If the validity of the PUC certificate of your vehicle has expired, then in case of getting caught, you will have to pay a fine of Rs 10 thousand as a monetary penalty.
  • If you want to get the PUC certificate of a new car, first of all, get this information whether your car is BS4 or above the standard or not.
  • Carry the RC or PUC certificate of the vehicle with you while going to the pollution testing center.
  • PUC certificate Mobile number is required to issue PUC certificate.
  • A new PUC certificate should be made on the last date of validity of the PUC certificate of your vehicle, otherwise you may have to pay a fine if caught.

Other full forms of PUC with different Category

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