LLB Full Form – Definition, Course Fees, Eligibility, Career

LLB Full Form – Definition, Course Fees, Eligibility, Career

There are many people who want to make a career as a lawyer and that is why they also know what is the full form of LLB (LLB Full Form).

Full Form of LLB

The full form of LLB is ” Legum Baccalaureus “ which is a Latin word, but most people know LLB as Bachelor of Law in English . Which means Bachelor of Laws in Hindi . LLB is a set of laws and regulations that help in running our country legally.

  • In our country LLB is also called Bachelor of Legislative Law which means ” Bachelor of Legislative Law “.
  • Another full form of LLB is Bachelor of Liberal Law , it means Bachelor of Liberal Laws

What is LLB Course

The correct full form of LLB is Legum Baccalaureus. It is an education degree related to law which is also called undergraduate degree in the field of law. LLB is also called the first professional degree in Law. If you want to become a lawyer and want to make a career in advocacy, then LLB will be the starting step for you. In this, education related to the law and order of the country is provided. And at the same time, international law is also told.

After doing LLB course, the student starts to understand about the law and rules of the country, if a student wants to pursue further studies in the field of law, then he can study LLM (Master of Law) which is a Post Graduation Degree . Is.
LLB degree was first started in England, after that LLB studies started in other countries as well, LLB course is very popular in today’s time. The first law university in India is the National Law School of India University (NLSIU) . Which was established in 1987.

Eligibility of LLB Course

If a student wants to do LLB course after 12th (12th) then for that student has to get 50% or more marks in 12th Or if a student wants to do LLB course after completing his graduation, then he will have to get 50% marks or more marks.

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LLB Entrance Exams

If you want to do LLB course from a big and professional university, then for that you have to give entrance exam, below I have given the names of some exams-

CLAT Entrance Exam

The full name of this exam is Common Law Admission Test , it is a national level examination, to participate in this, the student has to pass in 12th from any recognized board with 45 percent marks.

LSAT Entrance Exam

The full name of this exam is Low School Admission Test , India conducts this exam to take admission in undergraduate ( undergraduate) and postgraduate ( postgraduate ) law courses i.e. LLB and LLM in more than 85 colleges.

How to prepare for LLB

  • First of all complete your intermediate.
  • pass the entrance exam
  • Take admission in law college by passing the entrance exam
  • Complete the course and get its certificate

Types of LLB Course

There are many courses in this, some of the main courses are given below. There are two types of LLB course. One is three years old, the other is five years old. If a student does LLB after graduation then the time duration will be of three years.

  • Family Law
  • Criminals Law
  • Cyber Law
  • Law of Evidence
  • Constitutional Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Property Law

Same if the student wants to take admission in LLB after class XII (12th) then the time duration is of five years i.e. students will have to do 5 year LLB integrated course (BA LLB). Now it depends on the student how he wants to do LLB.

Benefits of doing LLB

There are many benefits of doing LLB because while on one hand money gets wasted in expensive fields like engineering etc., the career of people in LLB LLB is at a height. The reason for this is that nowadays it is easier for people to understand other things, because of which they do most of the work themselves and get them done by someone else on the way. But not everyone understands the work of law and documents, if you do it yourself, then he cannot study by doing any work because for this legal is the one who has studied LLB, LLB and beyond. There are some advantages of doing LLB

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