Full form of ICT and Importance, Meaning, Definition etc

Full form of ICT and Importance, Meaning, Definition etc

In this digital world, the technologies used for information and communication all come under ICT and the technology of information and communication is generally called ICT. Today, if you use internet from your phone or use tools like calling, video calling, massage, whatsapp, telegram, facebook, then all this happens only through ICT.

What is the Full form of ICT

ICT Full Form – Information and Communications Technology
The full form of ICT is Information and Communication Technology. ICT is based on the process of ICT software and hardware. It is born to transmit the communication of computer and network. Information and Communication Technology In its full form it can be inferred that the technology we use for communication. All these ICTs come under ICT. Like mobile phone, wireless, internet etc. The technology used for all this communication comes under ICT itself.

What(Definition) is meaning of  ICT?

Information and communication is what we commonly call as ICT. It is a technique that emphasizes the role of communication (telephone line and wireless signals) signals in information technology. Resources on computers and networks, such as software, and the resources used to send information, communication problem support, are all resources involved in ICT.

In other simple words, ICT is the technology that is involved in IT (Information Technology) as well as Telephone communication and audio-video transmission from one place to another. Today if India is rapidly moving towards Digital India.

Importance of ICT

Let us tell you that something is being developed day by day in ICT application, so ICT ICT cannot be defined in any particular way.

  • In today’s time, all the people are dependent on some technology, such as if our internet is shut down then it becomes very difficult to get even a day, in such a situation it is playing a very big role and it is very easy to do business through it. It’s over.
  • Today, many people are doing business online through this and it is also a safe way, due to getting the right information related to business.
  • we can also increase the production of business because if we do not get the right information at the right time in business, then we also do business. In such a situation it is very useful in the field of business.
  • ICT has revolutionized many fields, the technology used under it is being used in every field. ICT is being used a lot mainly in business organization.
  • For example, bringing in customers, increasing production and promoting their resources. And other similar tasks in which ICT technology is being used today.
  • Apart from this, let us tell you that the Government of India, which is working to digitize rural and urban areas, is also using digital device ICT.
  • By using this tool, the Government of India should prove important in improving the availability of information in rural areas. can.

Where is the use of ICT

Any technology by which we get any kind of information is called Information Technology, through which you can get many different types of information on your device. If you make a call or massage from your phone or you use the internet like Facebook, whatsapp and youtube etc. then all of them work in your device only through ICT.

ICT (Information and Communication Technology) has become an essential and recognized part of the lives of many people. ICT ICT has had a profound impact on the development of various sectors like agriculture, health, governance and education.

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ICT Necessity in daily life

It is also used a lot in daily life, usually most people use it in daily life, you all know that we do many types of massage, calling, chat etc. from mobile or computer every day, for which we use facebook and whatsapp like application. makes use of. And many people also use youtube etc. for entertainment, so that you can guess how much importance it has in daily life.

Use of ICT In the field of Education

Its use is also very much in the field of education in today’s time. has been possible. And through this, students of any class can be taught online from anywhere, so that you children can read online and it has proved to be very useful in the field of education as well.
Apart from this, you can see that if any government job applications come, then you have to apply online and results etc. Is.

Types of ICT (Information and Communication Technology)

ICT is a collection of several types, in which are located various technical tools such as protocols and services such as video conferencing and electronic mail, etc. There are different types of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) such as –

  • Computer hardware technology
  • Computer software technology
  • Telecommunications and network technology

Computer hardware technology

Computer hardware technology includes microcomputers, servers and large mainframe computers as well as input output and collection devices.

Computer software technology

Operating System Web Browser Database Management System (DBMS) Server and business, commercial software come under computer software technology.

Telecommunications and network technology

Under telecommunication and network technology, a wire or wireless based software for connecting to the processor and the Internet via telecommunications, encryption of network security information, etc.

Other full forms of ICT with different Category

  • Educational- Illinois Center for Transportation
  • Insurance- Illinois Compensation Trust
  • Pharmaceutical- Immuno Chemo Therapy
  • Pharmaceutical- Immunoreactive Chemo Therapy
  • Local – Countries In Circuit Tester
  • Educational In-Circuit Test
  • Information Technology Inclusive Competitiveness in Technology
  • Business-Independent Contractors Agreement
  • Pharmaceutical- Indirect Coombs Test
  • Army- Individual and Collective Training
  • Local – Time Zones Indo China Time
  • Pharmaceutical- Induction Chemo Therapy
  • Pharmaceutical- Infection Control Team
  • Medical- Infection Control Today
  • NASA – Space Influence Coefficient Test
  • Information Technology Information and communication technologies
  • Educational- Information and Communication Technology
  • Information Technology Information and Communications Technologies
  • Educational- Information and Computer Technology
  • Normal Business- Information Centre Technology
  • Pharmaceutical- Information Communication Technology
  • Information Technology -Information Computer Technology
  • Information Technology Injected Core -Technology
  • Information Technology Innovative Circuit -Technology
  • Educational -Inquiry, Concept, and Task
  • Information Technology- Instant Center Tracking
  • FBI Files- Institute for Counter Terrorism
  • Professional Organizations- Institute for Counter-Terrorism
  • Educational- Institute for Creative Technologies
  • Educational- Institute of Chemical Technology
  • Companies or Organizations -Institute of Computer Technology
  • Computing- Institute of Computing Technology
  • Pharmaceutical- Insulin Coma Therapy
  • Council- Insurance Council of Texas
  • Educational- Integrated Co-Teaching
  • Pharmaceutical- Integrative Cancer Therapies
  • Educational- Interactive College of Technology
  • Educational Inter-College Transfer
  • Information Technology- Interconnected Computer Terminal
  • NASA – Space Interface Control Tooling

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