What is the full form of DRS? What does DRS mean

What is the full form of DRS? What does DRS mean

DRS full form in Cricket?

“Decision Review System ” (Umpire Decision Review System)

The full form of DRS is Decision Review System. At first people used to watch Test matches on TV with great interest, then from 1975, ODI matches started, after that people are more interested in 20-20 cricket matches because it is only for 4 hours, so everyone wants to watch.

In this, if any mistake is made by the umpire, then it feels very bad, that is why the ICC made the rule of DRS , which was named Decision Review System, in which if a team feels that the umpire has given a wrong decision, then it can be done through the hands. A review can be received within 10 seconds by making a mark, which the Third Empire gives a decision after watching it on the big screen of the TV. It is also known as UDRS i.e. Empire Decision Review System.

What is DRS in Cricket?

A new rule has come in the cricket world in recent years. Which you will be seeing and hearing about in the matches. Today we will tell you why this rule was needed in the end and what are the rules of using it, if you do not understand it properly then its results can be reversed.

Why DRS was needed

Cricket is considered like a religion in many countries, during cricket, everyone’s eyes are frozen on TV. If the match is very big, then its enthusiasm remains double during this time. If a mistake is made by the umpire during the match. So the other team may have to pay for it by losing the match. After this the umpire has to face a lot of criticism. Keeping this in mind, the ICC has made a new rule by which any team can challenge the decision of the umpire.

How does DRS (Decision Review System) work?

  • Earlier DRS was used only in Test matches but after that it is used in ODIs and now in T20 matches also.
  • When the batsman of the team batting during a match feels that the umpire has given him a wrong out, then he can also ask for a review.
  • By showing the mark of T with both hands, but this decision has to be taken by the batsman within 10 seconds
  • only after that his time runs out, then the umpire makes a mark of a rectangle with both his hands.
  • This means that he is asking the third umpire the decision of DRS, the third umpire takes the help of technology on the big screen and looks very carefully, on which no one has any objection.
  • And if the bowling team feels that the batsman was out and the umpire does not give him out, then the bowler or wicketkeeper can tell his captain.
  • Only the captain of the team can take the review of the bowling team. If the decision of the team taking the review goes against the decision of the umpire, then their review ends and if their decision goes to the umpire call, then their review does not end.

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Technologies used in DRS(Decision Review System)

Many types of techniques are used in DRS so that no decision is wrong, we are telling you about these techniques below.

Hawk Eye Technique

When the bowler appeals for LBW and the bowler thinks that the batsman is out, he asks his captain for DRS, after which the third umpire checks through the ball tracking app whether the ball was hitting the wicket or not. Looking at the system with this technique, if he feels that the ball was hitting the wicket, then he gives out and if he goes over the wicket or from the right-left then he does not give out.

Hotspot Technique

When the third umpire uses this technique when the wicketkeeper appeals behind the court, with the help of this technique, the third umpire sees whether the ball has touched the bat or not and in this technique a negative image is shown at which time the ball When it collides with the bat, that part appears white while the whole image appears black.

Snicometer Technique

This technique is also resorted to after the appeal of Caught Behind, in which it is seen through the voice whether the ball has touched the bat or not, if the ball touches the bat, then it is clearly heard, with the help of this the umpire can take a decision. There was no problem.

Process and Questions of DRS

Whenever a team feels that the decision taken by the umpire is wrong. So he can use the DRS method by making a T mark with his hands towards the umpire. But the player has to take this decision within 10 seconds or else he may be deprived of taking advantage of it. After taking this review system, the third umpire reviews the decision. If during the review the third umpire thinks that the player is not out. So in such a situation the third umpire changes the decision. On the other hand, if the decision of the first umpire is found to be correct during the review, then his decision is upheld.

how many times a team use DRS

According to ICC rules, each team can use the decision review system only twice. And when the umpires are called, the team gets its DRS back.

In which format is used (DRS used in which format)

Till a year ago, the use of DRS was limited to Test matches only. But in 2017 the ICC implemented it in T20 Internationals as well. Along with this, it has become imperative to use ball-tracking and ultra edge-detection technology.

DRS technique (which technique use in DRS)

You must have seen during the match that the third umpire resorts to replay before giving any decision. It is only by using this that the third umpire reaches the conclusion whether the decision of the umpire is right or wrong. But do you know that the umpire uses three techniques in this decision.

What is umpires call

Recently some important changes were made to the Decision Review System. The most important of which is ‘Umpire Call’. Under the new rules of DRS, to reverse the decision on the player who has now been declared out, now with half the ball hitting the pad, as well as changing from between the off and leg stump below the stump, the gully surrounded by the outer edges of the off and leg stump. The lower parts have been done. According to the change, if the third umpire decides to ‘umpire call’ in LBW, then in such a situation the review of the team taking the review will not be ruined.

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