CID Full Form and Functions of CID

CID Full Form and Functions of CID

What is the full form of CID?

CID : Crime Investigation Department

Let us tell you that the full form of CID is Crime Investigation Department, it is such an investigative agency that only investigates criminal cases at the state level, that is, whatever riots, murder, kidnapping, theft cases happen anywhere in the state. The CID is responsible for their investigation.

How does CID work?

CID is the investigation and intelligence department of the police in a state. Almost all the members working in this intelligence department solve each case by wearing normal clothes without wearing any special uniform, because by doing so they can not identify anyone and can easily expose any kind of crime.

Let us tell you that every state has a different CID investigation agency, the authority of whose operation is with the state government or the high court of the state. The State Government or the High Court entrusts the responsibility of solving any criminal case to the CID. This department is headed by the Additional Director General of Police (ADGP).

Establishment of CID

The CID was established by the British Government in 1902 on the recommendation of the Police Commission. It was formed to maintain law and order in the country. This department is headed by the Additional Director General of Police (ADGP).The headquarters of the CID is decided by the state government. By the way, it is mostly seen that it happens in the capital of the state.

CID is very famous in India. One reason for this is that you must have heard the name of CID many times in movies and TV serials. CID is the Crime Investigation Department of the State Police of India, which investigates any crime very seriously. The CID department usually works under intelligence and its members live in normal clothes without wearing any special uniform so that no one can identify them and it can investigate the crime and arrest them.

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How to become a (Eligibility) CID Officer

The CB-CID is a specialized branch of the CID, headed by an Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) and assisted by an Inspector General of Police (IGP). Murder, rioting, forgery, forgery and cases referred to the CB-CID by the State Administration or the High Court are among the serious offenses investigated by this branch.

  • To become a CID officer, a candidate must first be a citizen of India.
  • To become a CID officer, you must have at least 12th pass.
  • To become a sub-inspector or officer in the CID department, it is necessary to graduate.
  • To become a constable in the CID department, one should have passed 10th or 12th from a recognized school.
  • To become a CID officer, a candidate should have good memory, sharp eyes, good character and ability to work in a group.
  • Apart from all these qualifications to become an officer of CID, one has to pass the Indian Civil Services
  • Examination which is conducted every year by the Union Public Service Commission.
  • Both male and female can apply to become CID.

Branches of CID

This police force was divided into Special Units, Crime Branch CID (CB-CID) Divisions and CID Divisions in 1929. Crime Branch CID is a special CID unit headed by ADGP (Additional Director General of Police) and supervised by IGP. (Inspector General of Police). Murder, forgery, rioting, forgery and offenses assigned by the High Court or State Government are investigated by this department.

  • CB- CID
  • Dog Squad
  • Bank Frauds
  • Missing Person Cell
  • Anti Terrorism Wing
  • Finger Print Bureau
  • Anti Human Trafficking
  • Human Rights Department
  • Anti Narcotics Cell

FAQ’s on CID

When was CID established?

in the year 1902

Who founded the CID?

the British government

In which year was the CID divided into two parts and what were these two parts?

In the year 1920, CID was divided into Special Branch and Crime Branch and this work was also done during the British period.

Who is the head of CID?

Additional Director General of Police

What types of crimes does the CID investigate?

The CID is mainly entrusted with the investigation of very sensitive and serious cases like riots, terrorism, fraud on a large scale, cases related to counterfeit currency etc.

What is the difference between CID and CBI?

Yes… both CID and CBI are different departments. Although both the departments are involved in the investigation of crimes, but on one hand, while the CID investigates the crimes committed at the state level, the CBI solves the major issues of the whole country. The CID has access to the state level police while the CBI has access to the investigation of crimes across the country to Indian criminals living abroad. While CID is under the state government, the operation of CBI is in the hands of the central government.

Other full forms of CID with different Category

  • Criminal Investigation Department -Indian Government
  • Caller Identification- Computer and Networking
  • Craft Interface Device- Telecommunication
  • Cell Identification Number- Telecommunication
  • Call Instance Data -Telecommunication
  • Customer Interface Device- Networking
  • Client Information Database -Networking
  • Cloud Infrastructure Design- Networking
  • CHIRAIDONGRI- Indian Railway Station
  • Collision-induced Dissociation- Chemistry
  • Charge-injection Device -Electronics
  • Charge Injection Device -Space Science
  • Computer Interface Device -Space Science
  • Cubic Inch Displacement- Measurement Unit
  • Certified Interconnect Designer- Job Title
  • Chemistry Instructor Director- Job Title
  • Cedar Rapids Ia -Airport Code
  • Certified Interior Decorators -Certifications
  • Compare and Ignore Data -Computer Assembly Language
  • Central Internet Database -Database Management
  • Central Intelligent Data- Database Management
  • Common Intelligent Display- Computer Hardware
  • Computer Integrated Design- Computer Hardware
  • Community Improvement District- Real Estate
  • Common Interest Development- Real Estate
  • Connecticut Insurance Department- Insurance
  • Contract of Indefinite Duration -Business Management
  • Cytomegalic Inclusion Disease -Disease
  • Clinical Infectious Diseases -Disease
  • Combined Immunodeficiency Disease- Disease
  • Commander’s Intelligent Display- Military and Defense
  • Combat Identification -Military and Defense
  • Combat Intelligence Division -Military and Defense
  • Criminal Investigation Division -Military and Defense
  • Committee of Imperial Defense- Military and Defense
  • Counter Intelligence Division -Military and Defense

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