Full Form of LMV and what is Light Motor Vehicle

Full Form of LMV and what is Light Motor Vehicle

What is LMV Full Form?

LMV – Light Motor Vehicle

Light Motor Vehicle (LMV) license is made for the drivers of motor -cycle without gear . Which is made for light weight vehicles like scooters and other gearless vehicles. Driving License in India is a type of official document that gives approval to its holders to drive different types of motor vehicles on highways and some other minor routes/roads.

It is administered administratively by the Transport Authority / Offices (RTA / RTO) at the regional level in Indian states . Under the 1988 Motor Vehicle Act, it is very necessary for every person to have an India driving license to drive his vehicle on any highway or other road.

Meaning of LMV – Light Motor Vehicle license

The LMV license permits the use of all light vehicles such as jeeps, motorcycles, e-rickshaws, and all light two wheelers and four wheelers. For LMV license, it was considered necessary for a person to be above 16 years of age.
You can use this license for personal transport and personal use of light vehicles (gypsy, motorcycle, other light vehicles of four wheelers) but this license cannot be used for traffic on state roads. If you drive any transport vehicle under this license, then you may have to pay a fine.

Driving license can be used as an identity proof (like while opening a bank account) or to know the age limit.
Driving License Minimum age of person must be over 18 years old.

Types of Driving License LMV

What is LMV?

LMV is a category of Driving License in which all those four wheeled vehicles which are used in commercial work such as Jeep, Taxi, Motorcars, Pickup, Tractor, Rickshaw, Delivery Van etc. have been included. You will be surprised to know that every year 1.5 cr people apply for driving license in India.

Friends, as we know that any vehicle in India, even if it is a motorcycle, needs a Driving License (DL). If you are learning any vehicle, then for that also you need Learners Driving License, for which you have to apply in RTO’s office. Driving licenses are issued in different categories in India

LMV NT Full Form

We have become well acquainted with LMV Full Form In Hindi but what is the full form of LMV-NT. Friends, the full form of LMV-NT is – Light Motor Vehicle-Non Transport. In this category all those vehicles come which the person uses for his personal use. No commercial vehicle of any kind comes under LMV-NT. You will be surprised to know that most of the driving licenses in India are made in this category.

Friends, now a question must be arising in your mind that can LMV-NT license holders not drive commercial vehicles with LMV? So for this, a decision of the Supreme Court came in the year 2017, on the basis of which the license holders of LMV-NT can also drive commercial vehicles with LMV.

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LMV-NT (Light Motor Vehicle – Non-Transport)

With this driving license you can drive any type of car but with this license you cannot do any commercial work. With this license you can drive a car but only personally. With this license you cannot drive cabs or taxis.
This includes all those vehicles which are for personal use only.
One more thing you have to keep in mind that with this license you can also drive bike and scooter, it is not that you need MC With Gear license separately for bike. If you have this license then with this license you can drive car, scooter, bike.

LMV-TR (Light Motor Vehicle – Transport)

With this driving license you can drive cabs, taxis, vans etc. You can use this license commercially. Light goods vehicles or vehicles that are used for commercial transport.

LMV (Light Motor Vehicle)

After this comes LMV license, with this you can do both the work, that means you can also do commercial driving and can also use personal. And with this you can also drive scooter and bike.
Including Cars, Motorcycle Gear, Jeep, Taxi, Delivery Van.


LMV-INVCRG- NT (Light Motor Vehicle- Invalid Carrying-Non Transport) – For personal use by physically handicapped persons only.

FAQ’s on LMV-Light Motor Vehicle

Which vehicle can I drive with LMV Driving License?

LMV license holders can drive light motor vehicles, including motorcars, jeeps, taxis, delivery vans, tractors, etc.

Which vehicle can I drive with LMV NT Driving License?

LMV-NT driving license holders can drive light motor vehicles that are used for non-transport purposes

How much fine can one have to pay for driving without a driving license?

If you are caught driving without a license, you can be fined Rs 5,000, which is ten times more than the earlier fine of Rs 500.

Can LMV License Holders Drive LMV-NT Commercial Vehicles?

The Supreme Court had given a decision in the year 2017 according to which LMV license holders can drive commercial vehicles with LMV-NT.

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