BTS full form -BangTan Sonyeondan-What is a BTS ARMY?

BTS full form -BangTan Sonyeondan-What is a BTS ARMY?

What is the full form of BTS ?

BTS Full Form: BangTan Sonyeondan

BTS full form is BangTan Sonyeondan which is a Korean boy band group and the world’s biggest music and band group. BangTan Sonyeondan is also called Bangtan Boys or Bulletproof boys scouts.

Members Bangtan Boys:

The globalization of the South Korean boyband BTS is increasingly consolidated, especially since Western awards such as the Grammy or MTV take them into account. And even more so when they manage to position their songs at the top of the most important charts, such as the Billboard 100. Behind the success of the k-pop kings there is literally an army, the ARMY fandom .

Bangtan Boys is a seven-member group and all of the members are twenty years old. BTS is the most popular musical group in the world that has achieved numerous awards and has broken many important world records for music and popularity.

History of BTS

Bangtan sonyeondan or BTS was formed in 2013, however the group started working for its release in 2010. BTS released their first music album in June 2013. BTS is a K-pop boy band based in Seoul, South Korea, which has now become a popular name around the world due to its increased number of followers worldwide.
BTS is formed and run by the Korean company Big Hit Entertainment which has changed its name to HYBE.

BTS officially debuted in 2013 with their single album: 2 cool 4 schools and quickly achieved many milestones and recognition in South Korea, as well as winning various New Artist of the Year awards.

BTS performs live performances, world tours, and award show performances. Today, BTS has become youth icons and inspiration to billions of young people who follow and support them because BTS songs often deal with youth life issues.

What is a BTS ARMY?

Asian star fans makes sure their idols stay on top. Who are the ARMYs?

What is a fandom?

The word is a contraction of the English phrase “Fan Kingdom”, which means “The kingdom of the fans”. So in simple terms, a fandom is the underworld that conglomerates the fans of a cultural product such as a series, an anime, a movie or saga, a show, an artist or a band, RPP reviews.

  • What does ARMY mean – “Army” is an English word that means “Army”, but BTS’s fandom name has other meanings.
  • The acronym ARMY is formed with the phrase also in English “Adorable Representative MC for Youth”.
  • “Adorable” is equivalent to the word in Spanish with the same spelling, adorable.
  • “MC” is the acronym for “Master of Ceremonies” that rappers or singers of the hip hop genre use in their stage names.
  • “for Youth”, for youth or for young people.
    BTS announced the name ARMY on July 9, 2013, shortly after the band’s birth. That is why the recent release of the video for “Permission to Dance” on that date was considered a gift to the fandom on their anniversary.

What is a Bangtan Sonyeondan ARMY?

An ARMY is any member of the BTS fandom, those fans who love the boys of Bangtan Sonyeondan, who are aware of each premiere, each video, cover, photo session, buy their new albums a day, hunt each of their presentations streaming. They also look for translations of the lyrics, sign up for virtual concerts, study his life as well as South Korean culture. And of course, they give their vote to idols to help them win accolades or accolades.

How many members does ARMY have?

According to a CNN report , calculating how many fans make up the Legion is almost impossible, as their world is centered on social media and the internet. But to get an idea, it can be taken into consideration that BTS’s Korean Twitter account has more than 37 million followers; the official account in English more than 31.7 million; and the YouTube channel, almost 54 million. The article points out that almost half of ARMYs are minors, and that they are present in at least 100 countries.

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