Full Form of IP in Computer and how to secure IP Address

Full Form of IP in Computer and how to secure IP Address

If you use the Internet, then you must have heard about your IP many times and your phone or computer etc. devices are also connected to different IP addresses and if you want to know your IP address then there are many different There are also easy ways through which you can see your my ip, you can also call it a link that connects your device like mobile or computer etc. to the internet.

What is Full form IP

Full form IP-Internet Protocol

The Full form of IP is Internet Protocol and All of our devices that have internet access have different device IDs which we call IP addresses.

IP address has been created to identify mobile, computer. Which is a unique number. With its help, any device gets recognition. Because when you search anything on the Internet from your device. So the router can know this from your IP itself. Where to send this information. After that this router collects all the data and sends it to the IP address of your device.

What is IP(Internet Protocol)Address

When we search for any information on the Internet from our mobile or computer, the same IP address tells the router that it has to send the data and then collects and sends the information to this Internet Protocol address, from which the command was given for it.

Format of IP(Internet Protocol)Address

IP Addresses are made from binary numbers which are of 32 bits. Decimals are used between them to remember it easily. Which separates it into four parts and only numbers between 0 and 255 can be used in each part. It is made up of 32 bits of binary digit, which is like 10011010101010100.100110101, which becomes very difficult to remember.

Due to being 32 bits, it has some limitations like if total IP can be made from all these then their maximum number will be 4294967296 and after this much is created it cannot be created any more and now it is really on the verge of extinction. Therefore, the new IP address system (IPv4) has now been developed which has been developed with 128 bits, which has infinite range and unlimited IP addresses can be created

versions of IP address

So far only two versions of IP address have been developed and both of them are listed below…

  • IPv4 (Internet Protocol address version 4 )
  • IPv6 (Internet Protocol address version 6 )

Classes Of IP Address

There are 5 different classes of IP Address.

  • Class A
  • Class B
  • Class C
  • Class D
  • Class E

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Types of IP Address

What is Private IP Address

When multiple computers or devices are connected by cable, wire or wireless, they form a private network. Within this network, unique IP addresses are assigned to each device to share files and resources. The IP Addresses of all the devices of this network are called Private Addresses.
All computers or devices in the world are connected to each other with the help of a cable or wireless. So it becomes a private network. And a unique IP address is used to share all types of files and data within this network. For example, it is used for FTP Server, Email Server, IP Camera, Web Hosting, or Remote Computer.

What is Public IP Addresses

Public IP Addresses are those provided by the Internet Service Provider. This allows your home network to be recognized to the outside world. This IP address is unique through the Internet. Public IP Addresses can be Static or Dynamic.
There are also two types of public IP address. First static and second dynamic. However, the static IP address cannot be changed. But the dynamic IP address can change. Because most internet users have only dynamic IP address. And when it is disconnected from the internet. So every time a new IP address is used.

Static IP address:

Static IP address never changes and is mainly used to access IP cameras, FTP servers, email servers or to remotely access other computers. You have to buy it from ISP.

Dynamic IP Addresses:

Dynamic IP Addresses use available IP addresses and change each time they connect to the Internet. Most Internet users have Dynamic IP Addresses for their computers, which get disconnected when the Internet is disconnected and get new IP addresses if they connect to the Internet again.

How to know your IP Address?

If you want to know your IP address, then search on Google “What is my IP Address” and after that Google will tell you what is your IP address.

  • This will be your public IP address.
  • So in this way you can also find out your IP address with the help of Google.

Even if your laptop or computer does not have internet, you can still find out your IP address and for that you have to follow the steps below.

  • First of all, open the Run of the computer and for this you can use the shortcut key Window Button + R.
  • After that, type cmd in the box here and click on Enter.
  • Now a window will open then you write IPconfig in it and click on Enter.
  • And thus your IP address will be in front of you, which you can note down if you want.

How to Secure your IP Address

You all know that the world of the Internet is very big and in today’s time millions of people also use it, in such a situation, all the users are connected to different IPs to secure the data of all the users. This is done to collect information and all the data of who is doing what on the Internet is tracked by his IP.

If you work on the Internet or want to do transactions, then it is very important for you to secure your IP, otherwise your data can also be stolen by this, in such a situation, you can use VPN to secure your IP address. With this your IP is protected and no one will be able to find your IP easily.

Vpn is available for both Android and computer, you can use it in whatever device you want to use it and it is available in both free and premium version, out of which you can use whatever you want and your ip You can secure the address.

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Other full forms of IP with different Category

  • Intellectual Property Information- Technology
  • Internet Protocol Information -Technology
  • Intelligent Peripheral -Computer and Networking
  • BCP Internet Protocol Basic Call Processing (SG11) -Computer and Networking
  • Intraperitoneal -Medical
  • Internet Packet -Networking
  • Data (interactive Physics) -File Type
  • Inspection Procedures (nrc Inspection Manual)- File Type
  • ICHHAPUR -Indian Railway Station
  • Immunoprecipitation -Chemistry
  • Imaging Plate -Electronics
  • Initial Point- Space Science
  • Instrument Panel -Space Science
  • Identification of Position- Space Science
  • Igloo Pallet -Space Science
  • Impact Point- Space Science
  • Inertial Processing -Space Science
  • Instructor Pilot- Space Science
  • Instrumentation Payload- Space Science
  • Instrumentation Pcm (pressurized Cargo Module) -Data Bus Space Science
  • Intermediate Pallet -Space Science
  • Intermediate Pressure- Space Science
  • International Partner -Space Science
  • Inch-pound- Measurement Unit
  • Instructional Pointer- Computer Assembly Language
  • Integer Programming -Maths
  • Initial Permutation -Maths
  • Intermediate Period -Earth Science
  • Internal Pressure- Physics Related
  • Induced Potential- Physics Related
  • Interaction Point- Physics Related
  • Interstitial Pneumonia- Disease
  • Innings Pitched- Sports
  • Initial Production- Military and Defense
  • Information Processor- Military and Defense
  • Informal Processing- Military and Defense
  • Image Processing- Military and Defense
  • Implementation Procedure- Military and Defense
  • Intelligence Processing- Military and Defense
  • Internal Protocol -Military and Defense
  • International Patrol -Military and Defense
  • Initial Point (bombing)- Military and Defense
  • Initial Position- Military and Defense


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