How to spy on Mobile for free & Top Apps/software to spy on Mobile Android,I phone

How to spy on Mobile for free & Top Apps/software to spy on Mobile Android,I phone

In the digital age, information has become accessible at your fingertips. With smartphones and internet connectivity, we can easily see almost anything that catches our attention. However, this type of freedom of information comes at a cost. Underage children who do not know how to filter or process the information they find are at risk. While smartphones can guarantee security through simple contact, they cannot guarantee security against online threats. Online predators, risky apps and websites, and inappropriate content are everywhere. However, don’t get me wrong. Allowing them to have a phone to communicate easily is still a good option when it comes to security. However, it is not always advisable to leave them without some kind of parental control or control. Regardless of your reasons for needing a spy app, here is the best to get the job done.

Spy on Mobile with MSpy

MSpy is a paid spy software that will allow you to access all (or almost all) the information on a mobile phone , it works on mobiles with Android, iOS and even desktop computers.You must also have access to the device to install the spy application for the first time, then it will be undetectable. You can try it for free to see the control panel.

How to use MSpy to Spy on your cell phone

  • Access to the information of the spied mobile phone through the control panel of the MSpy page
  • Record of text messages sent or received by the phone, even when they have been deleted, since MSpy makes a backup and sends them to your online account.
  • List of contacts and incoming calls with date, time and duration, with the Premium version you can also record conversations.
  • Locate the device by GPS, and monitor the places that the person frequents, locate a lost or stolen mobile, or keep control of where your child or your partner is going.
  • Listen to the environment of the phone through the microphone, in the best style of spy movies you can know what the owner of the mobile is saying or with.
  • Access the photos taken, email log, internet search history.
  • Use the free multi-day trial

Spy on Mobile with Flexispy

Flexispy is one of the most complete spy programs with the longest track record that we can find on the internet (it has been in operation since 2005) and of course, it is paid.This software goes beyond just spying on Android and iOS phones, it can also be activated on Blackberry, Nokia and Symbian devices.

What are the features & How to use Flexispy

What can be done with flexispy depends on the type of license that is contracted, with the Premium version you can:

  • Location of the equipment by GPS.
  • Access the logs of text messages sent or received.
  • Access to the call log and contact book.
  • Stores gallery photos and videos, as well as audio files.
  • Record web history and internet searches.
  • Monitoring of all social networks , Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Line, Snapchat, among others
  • Keyword notifications , to receive an alert by text message or email whenever certain words are used (useful for bad words, references to drugs or suicide).
  • Remote software update without physical access to the device.

Spy on Mobile with Hoverwatch

An application that claims to be a free cell phone spy program. It already has more than 12 million users around the world.You can start using Hoverwatch with a free trial and you will need to have access to the phone to be monitored.

How to use Hoverwatch to Spy on your cell phone

  • Locate the mobile phone through GPS, although if the person does not have it activated, they can also use the connection to Wi-Fi networks.
  • Record the calls that enter or leave the device , to be heard from the Hoverwatch control panel or download them to your pc.
  • Address book and text message log.
  • Conversations from Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Snapchat, including photos, audios and videos.
  • Detect SIM card changes.
  • Take a picture with the front camera every time the person removes the unlock pattern , this is extremely useful if your phone has been stolen.
  • Spy on internet browsing and search history.

Spy on cell phone with Spymaster Pro

This is basic software for Android and iOS phones and devices. This software does not require the phones to be rooted or jailbroken .

How to use Spymaster Pro to Spy on your Mobile Android

If you are going to spy on your Android device, you will be able to access:

  • The text messages with time and date, even if the person spied delete them after reading them
    Contact book.
  • Record of calls made and received.
  • All photos and videos in the gallery.
  • Location via GPS.
  • Information about installed applications.
  • Many people use it as an app to spy on your cell phone.
  • With the Premium version for Android you can also access WhatsApp , Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Email conversations and access to the browser history.

How to use Spymaster Pro to Spy on your mobile Iphone

If, on the contrary, the device you want to spy on is iOS:

  • Call log
  • Text message log
  • Phonebook Contacts
  • Gallery photos
  • WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram conversations

Spy on Mobile with Life 360

This renowned software lets you know where your loved ones are .If you need to know where your young children are while you are at work, or your older children who are starting to drive, even your parents or grandparents.You are traveling with a group of friends, don’t worry that they might get lost, download this app and stay in touch.

How to use Life 360 to Spy on your cell phone

Download the free application on the phone of each of the people you want to have control:

  • Create a “circle” to share information among members.
  • Get information on the precise location of each member.
  • Create alerts for places to know when your children are at school, a relative is coming home or if your friends.
  • are already at the hotel where they are spending vacations.
  • You can use the chat of the “circle” or send private messages to the members of this group.
  • In an emergency you can send a message and a call with your location to all members of the circle with panic mode.

Spy on cell phone with Highster Mobile

If you are looking for a program to monitor your mobile phone in which you do not have to pay every 3 months or every year, Highster Mobile can be your solution. (Although their website is only in English)

How to use Highster Mobile to Spy on your cell phone

  • You have access to text messages and call logs.
  • GPS location and location history.
  • Easy-to-use control panel with all the features at hand
  • Access to the gallery and all photos or videos.
  • Stealth camera function.
  • Web browsing history.
  • Access to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype.

Spy on Mobile with The Truth Spy

A software that will help you to know the whole truth about who your partner talks to, what your employees do when they are not seeing it and the kind of people your child interacts with through their mobile phone. It is one of the most relevant parental control applications on the market.

The Truth Spy: Features and how to use it

  • Locate the device using GPS and keep a history of locations.
  • View messages sent and received through iMessage.
  • View calls with time and duration, even those that have been deleted from the call log.
  • Back up sensitive content, erase all data on your phone, or lock your device remotely.
  • Receive a notification if a SIM change is made.
  • Send commands remotely via text messages.

Spy on Mobile with Search friends

This is a free app developed by Apple and exclusively for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. The app syncs with your iCloud account and allows you to share your location with family and friends who are also Apple device users.

Start following the location of your friends by entering the app and providing their iCloud email or phone number, if the person accepts your invitation, you will be able to see their location.To protect your privacy, deciding when you want them to stop accessing your location.Synchronize your devices and share your location and that of your friends on your iPad or iPod touch.You can share your location with up to 100 people and follow the location of 100 other people as well.

Spy on Mobile with Cell Tracker

Cellular Tracker is a free tracking program .All you need is the associated email, phone number or IMEI code.This spyware works with Android, Windows, Linux, iOS and Mac operating systems.

Features of Cell Tracker

  • Spy on your WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger conversations, including messages and multimedia files shared through these platforms.
  • Track and locate equipment via GPS.
  • Access browsing history and web log.
  • Obtain the passwords of accounts saved on the cell phone.

Spy on Mobile via Wi-Fi Connection

As we anticipated at the beginning of this article, spying on a phone through a shared Wi-Fi connection is one of the simplest and most common ways to protect your phone and prevent anyone from seeing your activity.

How to prevent my mobile from being spied on?

We advise you to respect the privacy of your relatives and people in general. These are not applications to spy on your partner for free, they are tools that provide security and are preventive.

some tips to prevent you from being spied on by your phone

  • Don’t connect to public or untrusted Wi-Fi networks.
  • Avoid leaving your cell phone out of your sight for a long time, since you see that couples or parents may have an interest in finding out what you do on your phone.
  • Disconnect the connection to GPS, Wi-FI and Bluetooth when not necessary.
  • Use strong passwords to lock your phone, and do not trust them even to your friends or partner.
  • In case they have installed a spy app on your cell phone, you can get rid of it by restoring the factory settings of your computer, for greater security it would be good to do it periodically and secretly.

However, in the case of parental control or tracking of elderly relatives who may be prone to getting lost, it is quite a useful tool.

The Best Free cell phone Spy Apps on Android & iOS

You know about that warning your laptop throws at you every time you connect to a public Wi-Fi network? Yes, the one that says that your privacy can be violated and your computer spied on, and the truth is that he is right. And not only PCs, any device that is connected to the internet is susceptible to being monitored and spied on.

  • uMobix
  • Clevguard
  • Cocospy
  • GuestSpy
  • PcTattletale
  • iKeyMonitor
  • Kiddie Parental Control
  • Spyfone
  • Prey Anti Theft
  • Google Family Link
  • SpyHuman
  • Spyera
  • Spyzie
  • Appmia
  • Spyic
  • SpyHuman
  • Cerberus Phone Security

Now that you know this, the good news is that you can use it to your advantage in two ways, the first, to prevent your cell phone from being spied on , and the second that we explain in this article, how to spy on your cell phone for free with previously installed software.

FAQ’s on Mobile Spy Apps

What is Spy Phone Apps?

Spy phone apps help you track incoming and outgoing phone calls, SMS, GPS locations, browser activity, and messages from apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

Are there any truly free spy apps?

Spyic is one of the best free spy apps and it can also be customized on Android. It doesn’t require jailbreak or rooting to install on iOS or Android devices, which is a bonus. … If you want more vigilance, you can track the chat on apps like Snapchat and WhatsApp. Also, you can track the SMS activity of the target device

What are the best free spy apps?

  • TheWiSpy Android Spy App.
  • XnSpy Cell Phone Spy App.
  • FamiSafe Android Monitoring App.
  • FlexiSpy Mobile Spyware.
  • MobiStealth Phone Monitor.
  • mSpy Mobile Monitoring App.
  • CocoSpy Android Spyware.
  • SpyEra Mobile Spy App.

Do you need physical access to the phone?

Yes. For most versions of Android and iPhone, physical access to the mobile is required. You may also need to root the phone to use advanced surveillance features.

Any free app to spy on phone without touching it?

Telenitrox works well for all kinds of operating systems, and you don’t need to access the target phone to install the app, all you need is the target phone number. Telenitrox gives all access to; Text messages. Recording and monitoring of phone calls

Can I track anyone phone without they are knowing?

As for Android phones, you need to install a lightweight 2MB Spyic app. However, the application runs in the background using stealth mode technology without being detected.


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