What is Osmose Technology, How osmose technology works, Osmose Technology Application

What is Osmose Technology, How osmose technology works, Osmose Technology Application

Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Overview:

Osmose Technology pvt ltd is a private company corporate on 24-12-2019. It is classified as non-govt and the registered address is osmose technology pvt ltd pune as per their Corporate Identification Number. The state of their registration is Maharashtra. Its authorized share capital is 500000 and its paid up capital is 10000. Everyone is interested in osmose technology program because of its recurring income and daily bonus. Many people consider osmose technology pvt ltd to be MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company which deals in large scale frauds or scams.

Founder: Shubhangi vaibhav Patsar & Prashant Ramchandra Roundel
Services: Network Marketing , Gaming , Social Media Marketing , E-commerce
Founded in: 24th December 2019
Website Type: Selling of Essential Items
Website link: www.osmosetech.com
corporate identification number  CIN: U72900PN2019PTC188640
Delivery: Delivery of goods within 24 hours or a few days.
Contact: support@osmosetech.com, Shopping@osmosetech.com
Registration:  State Maharashtra
Registrar of Companies:  RoC-Pune
Company Status:  Active
Company Address: Office No. 602, Kumar Surabhi, Opp. Sai Baba Mandir, Hotel Panchami, Pune Satara Road, Swargate Pune, 411009.

What is Osmose Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Osmose Technology Company is owned by Shubhangi Vaibhav Patskar. Prashant Ramchandra Rondale and Vijay Baburao are the directors of this company.Osmose Technology Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. It is a company which was incorporated on 24th December 2019. As we know, no company becomes famous in the early stages. This company also had something similar, but the website of this company came to the public in the month of January 2020.

But Osmose Technology Pvt. Ltd. To take advantage of the special features of the network like networking, so that you can make a good daily living sitting at home, for this you have to pay Rs 1180 after registering your free account. For information, let us tell you that when you will give Rs 1180 only then you will get this company Osmose Technology Pvt. Ltd. You will get special benefits. This payment is done in online mode, you can do it through payment medium like Paytm or Google Pay. If you make a payment of Rs 1180 after creating your account, then you get a shopping coupon of Rs 1200 in return, so that you can buy that means your invested Rs 1180 will be withdrawn immediately.

How osmose technology works?

osmose technology pvt ltd osmose technology private limited pays affiliates only through its revenue from osmose shopping websites and osmos applications. Any Osmose Affiliate registered gets daily income without any condition, whether he works in level marketing or not! There are norms which state that every osmosis promoter should work in level marketing

  • First of all you have to join Osmose by creating an account. Also you cannot directly join osmose technology pvt ltd, you must have a sponsor id.
  • Joining Osmose is free, but if you want to receive daily payments to your account, you need to pay Osmose Affiliate Fees 33$ after every 120 days by purchasing their E-Voucher. If you are not able to activate your account through e-voucher, then go directly below to activate your account.
  • By purchasing their e-voucher 32$ credit points will be credited to your osmose osmose technology shopping website, you can buy anything with those 32$ credit points in 1 month period as per osmose technology policy.
  • If you are not able to activate your account through e-voucher, then go directly below to activate your account.
  • After this purchase, you will become an official Osmose Technology Affiliate and you will have 3 options :-
  • The first thing you will do is top up top up and select your account and top up it. Or watch the detailed
  • YouTube video on Osmose Technology.
  • After that upload the bank details and complete the KYC.
  • Upload your personal documents.
  • Your Osmose account will be credited to the Osmose Technology account at $0.45 per day, and the minimum credited bank amount is Rs.500 rs.
  • Even if you are not able to add level or network to your field, you will continue to get 0.45$ daily.
  • If you want to get more income from osmose technology then you can invite other people to join and you will get Rs 1 daily per joining.

Osmose Technology One thing about osmose technology is to keep using their apps and website to generate more traffic and ranking factors.

How to register in Osmose Technology:

If you have not yet registered for Osmose Tech Login, then you have to complete the online registration first. For this there is a registration form which you have to fill. The process is as follows

  • cpanel.osmosetech.com/NewJoining1 . go to
  • Enter your sponsor details
  • Enter Sponsor ID
  • Enter your name as per bank details
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Enter the security code and submit
  • Your Osmos Technology registration will be done and you will be given your Member ID. You can login later
  • using that Osmos Customer ID.

How To Login Osmose Technology:

To log into the Osmos Technology website, you must first register for an account. Once you are registered, you need to visit cpanel.osmosetech.com login id and follow below steps to login.

  • Osmos Technology login process is as follows:
  • Go to Osmos Technology Login Page
  • Now, Click on Osmos Technology Login Option
  • https://cp5.osmosetech.com on login page
  • Open Osmos Technology Login cPanel
  • Enter your registered member ID
  • Enter your Password and login
  • You must have your own member ID for Osmose login. If you do not remember your Member ID,
  • Get in touch with the support team of Osmos Technology Pvt Ltd.

How to reset login password:

If you forget your login password you will not be able to log in to the portal. Now you do not need to worry, below we are telling you some easy steps, by following which you can easily reset your login password.

  • For this, first you have to go to the official website of Osmose Technology . ie https://www.osmose.com/
  • After this you will reach the homepage of the website. Here you have to click on the login option at the top.
  • Now the login page will open in front of you. Here you will find “ Forgot Password? ” the option .
  • After this a popup will appear in front of you, here you will have to enter your user ID and password.
  • Then click on the “ Submit ” button given below .
  • Now OTP will come on your registered mobile number, it will have to be verified.
  • After verifying the OTP, you will get the option to set a new password.
  • In this way you will be able to reset your login password easily.

Pros of Osmose Technology:

  • Online earning platform.
  • You can earn by adding members.
  • You can find essential items like health items on their website.
  • The website has active social media accounts, and you can find it by searching ‘osmos technology pvt ltd’.

Cons of Osmose Technology:

  • To become a member of Osmos Technology, you have to pay Rs 1180.
  • Osmose Technology is not providing any contact number to the contact which is very risky.
  • Website asks people for money to make them members, and people complain and claim it is fraud.
  • Bad reviews on various consumer forums.

Osmose Technology Application

Osmose company is going to bring many more applications in the market and the best thing is that Osmose is an Indian company and we are Indian as well if we use Indian application in our daily life then Indian things will be promoted which our India will move forward.Today a lot of people all over India are joining with Osmose company and making very good income by joining the company Osmos company has brought a good income opportunity for all.

What is Osmose Technology App & How to Download

You have to download all the apps of Osmos company to make income everyday and also use Pikflick application daily, only then you will get income, this is the company’s system.A lot of people want to know what is Osmose App, then I would like to tell them that, as per the company’s plan pdf Osmose Technology is an Indian, Social Media & E-commerce and Online Gaming and Online Business company.

And this company has brought a lot of applications in the market and is going to bring a lot of applications forward and all these applications, after activating your osmose id, downloading all the apps and using Pikflick App, people need to calculate the system

Updated & Working Osmose Technology Apps

The applications of Osmos Company which are uploaded in Google Play Store are uploaded in the name of Mindskill Gaming Solutions Pvt Ltd and till today.These apps are on play store and can go further which you can see by going to play store.

Process to Download & using PikFlick App:

PikFlick is an Indian Online Social Networking Service Platform in which you can connect with people with your friends, upload your photo, comment, like.In this way, you can enjoy in this app in many different ways, for more information about it, you can go to Play Store and get information about PikFlick App Download,

Process to Download & using OSMPlex App:

OSMPlex is an Entertainment App, in this app you get to see Osmose Company’s Videos Short Films and much more, for more information about it and to download it, you can get information by visiting the link given below and download it. App Download,

Process to Download & using PoutShout App:

PoutShout App is an entertainment app and has many options like Dancing, Singing, Funny Videos, Shorts Stories, Lip-sync, Dialogue Dubbing, Fashion-Style, Bollywood, Trick, and many more.For more information about this app and to download the app you can go to play store App Download

Process to Download & using Boo’s Adventure App:

Boo’s Adventure is an Adventure Games app, in which you can play games, for more information about this app, you can go to play store to download this app App Download,

Process to Download & using PikFlick App:

Space Shooter is an Arcade Gaming app and people are also liking this app a lot, in this app you can play games, for more information about this app, you can go to the play store and get information as well. You can also download App Download,

Process to Download & using Asteroid Attack App:

Asteroid Attack is an Arcade Gaming app,people are liking this app a lot and for more information about it, you can go to Play Store and get information and also download it App Download

How to Earn & Withdraw Money to mobile from Osmose Tech

Make Money from your smart mobile/phone in Osmose Tech Company, you have to download empty pikflick application from play store,And working in this is only 15-20 minutes, watching pikflick, you have to take 20 ₹ income per day. 1200 rupees have to be paid for ID joining. Company to take 20 rupees Daily 600 rs to Monthly 7200 rs Yearly and Life Time once according to the plan.

Working mechanism of Osmose Technology Marketing Plan/Income Plan:

We are going to tell Working mechanism of Osmose Technology and how to earn money with Osmose Technology company and below are the plan details to check how much earn money with time.

  • 1️- Level 10× 1 Rs = 10/Day
  • 2- Level 100× 2 Rs = 200/Day
  • 3- Level 1000× 3 Rs = 3000/Day
  • 4- Level 10000× 4 Rs = 40000/Day
  • 5- Level 1 L × Rs 5 = 5 Lakh/Day
  • 6- Level 10 L × Rs 6 = 6 Lakh /Day
  • 7- Level 1 Cr × Rs 7 = 7 Cr/Day
  • 100% Working = 7 Cr. per day
  • 50% Working = 3.5 Cr per day
  • 25% Working = 1.75v Cr per day
  • 10% Working = 70 L per day
  • 1% Working = 7 Lper day
  • 0.5% Working = 3.5 L Per Day
  • 0.1% Working = 70,000 Per day
  • 0.05% Working = 35,000 Per Day
  • 0.01% Working = 7,000 Per Day
  • 0.005% Working = 3,500 per Day
  • 0.001% Working = 700 per Day Earning

How to withdraw your money from osmose technology?

As we all know that currently no one is able to withdraw money in osmose. That’s why we have told you a solution here and try it once.We were given some tasks in osmose, similarly now there will be some tasks to withdraw money. Now the task is not as difficult as before, but you just have to share this post so that other people can also withdraw their money.

Complete KYC in Osmose Technology:

  • After login to the account
  • menu left hand upper side
  • After clicking on the menu, you will see the option of upload KYC, click on it
  • After clicking on upload KYC, the option of KYC details will appear, click on it
  • After going to KYC details, you have to fill your bank details and PAN details there (account type, account number, bank name, branch name, IFSC code) (IS Pan: yes, upload pan number, photo of pan card)
  • After filling all these details click on submit

Note: After filling the KYC details, your details will be verified. Verification may take 6 hours, 1 day or even 2 days. so don’t worry about it.

Rapid steps: Account login → Menu → KYC → KYC details → (Fill up all mandatory information ) → submit

How to know whether KYC is verified or not:

  • login to your account
  • Go to upload KYC
  • Go to KYC details
  • You will see written above or at the bottom whether your verification has been done or is yet to be done.

How to Check Wallet Balance in Osmose Technology:

  • After login to the account
  • menu left hand upper side
  • Click on Wallet option
  • Click on Main Wallet Report

Rapid steps: Account login → menu → wallet → main wallet report

How to do Bank Withdraw in Osmose Technology:

  • After login to the account
  • menu left hand upper side
  • Click on Benefits
  • Click on Fund transfer (After clicking on Bank Withdraw, you will see a new page, you have to enter the amount of money you want to withdraw.)
  • Then you will have to enter both your transition password and One Time Password (the one that comes to you immediately).
  • then click on submit

Rapid steps: Account login → menu → benefits → fund transfer → (fill your amount, transition and one time password) → submit

Information about Osmose Technology MLM

Osmose Technology MLM is such a plan from which you can earn thousands of rupees sitting at home. The head quarter of this company is located in Pune, Maharashtra. Osmose Technology makes apps according to the trends and with this the company has also launched its Network Marketing (MLM) plan. Due to which people can earn good money sitting at home by doing a little hard work. This company is formed by two people, whose name is Shubhangi Vaibhav Pataskar and Prashant Ramchandra Roundale. The purpose of the company is that they have to reach millions of people with the help of network marketing and get the user base for their applications.

Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd FAQ’s

Is Osmose Technology Genuine?

osmosis technology appears to be safe, but there are major problems that put it in the dubious category. Missing company contact details and incomplete owner information define the vulnerability of the website.no such case of Osmose Technology being fake has come to the fore so that it can be proved that this company is fake, people have expressed more trust than the company because this company has legal registration.

How do I join Osmose technology?

If you have installed Osmose Technology Pvt. Ltd. But if you have already registered by creating an account then you can login easily. For this you need Osmose Technology Pvt. Ltd. Go to the website of osmosetech.com. After which you will see the login option. By clicking on it, you can login by entering your Member ID and Password.

Is Osmose Technology Real or Fake?

No company gives money to anyone without any benefit, that’s why there is a doubt among people whether this company is not a fake gift, is it looting by taking money from us. In the same way, people have doubts about this Osmose technology company whether it is fake or real.

Who is the CEO of Osmose Technology?

The directors of Osmos Technology Pvt Ltd are Shubhangi Vaibhav Patskar, Vijay Baburao Mahajan and Prashant Ramchandra Roundel.Earlier this Osmose tech company was only a small company but gradually due to the demand of network marketing and their good services, today it has become osmose technology pvt ltd company.

What is Osmose technology and how does it work?

It is an information technology firm that develops and maintains technologies, software, web-based applications, websites, mobile applications and networking applications, among other things. It provides outsourced services in the field of information technology.

What services will be available after osmose technology pvt ltd login?

On login to Osmose tech , you will get many services through which you can earn money. It was mainly made only for network marketing purpose but now this company provides more services. Which also includes Ecommerce, Gaming and Social media marketing.

What is Osmose Technology MLM?

Osmose Technology pvt. Joining ltd. is available for free. But to work with this company, you have to take a premium plan of Rs 1200. In return, you get 1200 Points which you can use to shop on Osmose Technology’s e-commerce platform. Also, after joining, you start getting 20 rupees a day

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Readers note: Note that TechTodayTrends have not promot with Osmos technology and we are not associated with them, we are not encourage to join and earn money through Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd in any manner.techTodayTrends aim to this post is we provide all kinds of information after doing many types of research Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd, How osmose technology works? , Osmose Technology Application,How to earn Money from mobile with Osmose Tech,Osmose Technology MLM etc..

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