Top 5 Mobile App Support And Maintenance Companies in the USA

Top 5 Mobile App Support And Maintenance Companies in the USA

Because of the increasing popularity of mobile apps, the demand for the best app development company is increasing as well. With 500+ Million applications available on Play Store and App Store, the difficulty for business developers to engage their users is also increasing daily.

Suppose you are a business owner looking for the best mobile app support and maintenance company in the USA. With so many app development companies available, finding an excellent company to hire mobile app developers can take time and effort.

In this blog, we have listed the top mobile app maintenance companies that can assist you in developing and maintaining your project.

List of Mobile App Support And Maintenance Companies in the USA to Hire

  1. Sparx IT Solutions

SparxIT is a renowned mobile app development and maintenance company with offices based in India, the UK, the USA. Founded in 2007, it has provided a vast range of services for SMBs to Fortune 500 companies.

SparxIT has delivered 500+ mobile applications and has worked with global clients like Motorola, Necco, HP, Intel, Coca-Cola, etc. With an experience of 15+ years, they serve their services to multiple organizations of different sizes, including small firms, startups, and large enterprises.

SparxIT provides various mobile app development services, such as iOS app development, Android app development, Cross-platform app development, Wearable app development, Backend development, and AI/IoT/Blockchain app development, alongside app maintenance services. The company has a team of 200+ skilled individuals and deals with industries like Edtech, Healthcare, Logistics, E-commerce, Travel, Social Media, Wellness, and Entertainment.

  1. Tapptitude

Tapptitude is one of the USA’s leading mobile app support and maintenance companies. The company offers various services, including mobile app support and maintenance, MVP development, UX/UI design, app testing, etc.

Tapptitude has worked with many global clients and well-renowned brands like Wellory, OxWash, Tenor, Glorify, etc. It offers end-to-end support from ideas to launching a product and scaling it up.

Till now, Tapptitude has delivered 100+ iOS, Android, and Web apps that are in use by millions of users. Founded in 2013, the company has a team of proficient individuals who give their best to provide you the complete app support and maintenance.

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3.AltSource Software

AltSource Software offers 360-degree custom solutions according to your requirements. It has a team of highly skilled professionals who work on the latest technologies.

AltSource Software has worked with small and midsize businesses and provides complete support and maintenance from the initial stage to the deployment of the project. Apart from these services, they offer app development, scaling solutions, support, maintenance, etc.

It deals with global industries like Finance, Digital Economy, Manufacturing, Transportation, Construction, and many more.

Till now, AltSource has delivered 1600+ projects for renowned brands and startups all over the world. It is an award-winning company and has worked with global clients, including Goodwill, Keystone, Hightower, Cottonwood, and many leading brands.


Tech9 is a top mobile app support and maintenance company in the USA. It offers full support and maintenance for your developed applications as well as website development services. They are a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals. With a proficient and highly trained team, they can provide you with app support and maintenance services  as per your app support and maintenance requirements.

Tech9 works on the latest technologies, like React Native,Flutter, Node JS, and Python, to give users the best experience and interactive interface.

Since the company started, it has created different apps for different niches. It delivers iPhone/iOS app development, android app development, mobile DevOps, cloud migrations, etc. Tech9 was listed as Top Hadoop Consulting and Top Development & IT Services Company on Clutch in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

  1. Wve Labs

Established in 2015, Wve Labs is a mobile app support and maintenance company based in the USA. The Wve Labs is a team of creative and experienced developers. It offers a broad spectrum of services, including web app development, mobile app development, testing solutions, cloud solutions, marketing solution, digital designs & branding, digital marketing solutions, support, and maintenance, developing prototypes, wireframes, etc.

The company has developed iOS and Android mobile apps for startups and leading brands like Honda, Sony, Inshorts, KilonPop, Echo, etc. They strive to provide an interactive user interface and smooth user experience. They will also assist you in reducing app development costs and time.

Since the company was founded, they have delivered 200+ projects, maintaining 90% client retention. They have been featured numerous times on Clutch.

Wrapping Up

Selecting the best app development company is challenging because your brand and reputation depend on it. Hence, it is essential to ensure they are worth your time, resources, and money. The company you select will be your technology partner for an extended period.

After deep research, we have listed the above companies; you can hire one from these. They will provide mobile app support and maintenance throughout the project journey, from rapid app development to easy maintenance to robust community support.

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