What are smart bytes & How to avoid problems with SmartBytes

What are smart bytes & How to avoid problems with SmartBytes

The thing about the level of cybersecurity is that, despite the relatively simple definition outlined above, the concept itself can be incredibly complicated. There are many things that make a company’s cybersecurity level strong or weak. To help you assess the cybersecurity of your company

What are smart bytes usage

Many users have encountered a problem that slows down their Internet connection. This is the SmartByte service. It should be noted that it is not something that is present on all devices and therefore affects all users. It is something that is present in Dell computers . Specifically, it affects those with the SmartByte Network Serive software installed.

It is a utility that comes preconfigured as standard on Dell computers. It is used to control which applications have priority for the connection and which can wait the longest. It allows you to detect when video is being broadcast and offers a greater signal than the available connection. We already know that there are some programs and services in our day-to-day life that may require a better connection to achieve good stability.

How to check internet usage on Smartbytes for organisation?

A company with a strong cybersecurity level should have a program in place to make its employees and leaders more aware of cybersecurity issues to avoid common cybersecurity architecture mistakes, such as giving everyone unlimited access to confidential systems and data. the employees. A corporate culture that fosters cybersecurity awareness is more likely to avoid making basic mistakes that create security vulnerabilities.

Disaster recovery and business continuity planning is a necessary step to minimize the costs and impacts of events that could prevent you from accessing mission-critical data and resources. Companies that lack a plan to recover from sudden or catastrophic data and lost resources are opening up to cyber threats like ransomware and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

This is the case, for example, of video calls . Hence, SmartByte, once it detects that video is being broadcast, can grant a greater part of the connection to that service and thus make it work as well as possible, without interruptions and with a good speed.

Easy ways to improvee internet Data Usage Online

A mature cybersecurity program should make access to important resources relatively simple for the users (and only for them) who need those resources. It should not allow all users on the network to freely access each database, which would create a huge security vulnerability that attackers could easily exploit.

Update Wi-Fi drivers

Without a doubt, this step is very important to solve many of the main problems that affect Wi-Fi. Having the latest versions of the drivers is essential to resolve some errors that may arise.

Therefore, our first advice is to keep the network card drivers up to date. This is how we can not only avoid the problem related to SmartByte, but also with any other similar that can cause poor Internet speed.

Update SmartByte

We must also take into account the possibility of updating SmartByte . It is about installing the latest version of this service that can control Internet speed and how it is distributed according to the type of use we are having of the equipment.

It is always advisable to have the latest versions to avoid security problems, but also to achieve better performance. Therefore, we must try to install the latest version and thus correct possible problems that affect the connection. These types of bugs are usually corrected with future versions.

Disable or uninstall SmartByte software

Finally, something that we can also take into account is to deactivate or uninstall the SmartByte software . To deactivate it, we must go to the Windows Task Manager and close the process there. This way it will stop being active.

However, we can go one step further, in case all of the above has not taken effect. We can directly uninstall it from our computer. To do this, you have to go to Start, go to Settings, go to Applications, look for SmartByte and click to uninstall. We leave you another article with tips to optimize the Internet connection .

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