Answers to the most frequently requested technical questions

Answers to the most frequently requested technical questions

We at Geeks on Wheels are aware of how upsetting it may be to lose a document you’ve worked on for a long time. Or perhaps your WiFi is too sluggish and your favorite TV show won’t load. Or possibly your Facebook account won’t let you log in. When you don’t understand your devices, it’s simple to fall out of love with them. Let us demonstrate some really easy procedures for you to follow so you may solve those unpleasant tech queries and problems and rediscover your love for your devices.

My WiFi is really sluggish… How can I speed things up?

A poor internet connection can seriously impair your ability to play your favorite game, Skype a relative, or watch your preferred movies. Here are a few potential causes of its potential sluggishness and some solutions:

  • First, get your PC nearer the router. Then you can determine if access points need to be installed.
    Installing access points is step two.
  • These may be set up by our technicians to increase the WiFi signal’s range.
  • Plug a cable into your router and your computer, and if your WiFi connection is still sluggish, call your internet service provider.
  • On their end, they ought to be able to resolve this.
  • Try using a different device with your WiFi. If it continues to be sluggish, you can be sure that the WiFi is to blame and not your device.

It should be noted that limited internet plans are the cause of sluggish internet. For a faster internet connection, upgrade your package.

Should I switch to fiber-optic internet?

If you can, then yes is our response. It is the quickest, most trustworthy, and most dependable way to access the internet. Since no major corporation owns the infrastructure, it is more dependable.

What should I do if I can’t access my account even though I’m positive my password is correct?
Check to see whether your computer’s caps lock is off first. Although it seems easy, it is a common error. Second, if you make too many login attempts, you might not be able to log in (which can lock your account). To assist you safely reestablish your credentials, our support staff can act on your behalf.

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All you have to do is schedule one of our technicians to fix it in the convenience of your own home.
Windows users should make sure their login is configured to use a password rather than a pin when signing in to their computer. By choosing the various icons that depict a keyboard or a pin pad, respectively, in the menu selections below the password field, you may adjust this.

Unexpectedly, my PC stopped working… Why?

  • Your computer may have shut down abruptly for a number of reasons. Follow the suggested measures if you’re concerned about losing work that you haven’t saved.
  • Your gadget could have gotten too hot. This may occur if your PC is old, you were using a resource-intensive program, or there is a bug in the program.
  • You could have a failing hard disk. This may be a result of becoming older or just a common flaw. Our engineers can repair and upgrade your gear.
  • A specific piece of software that is incompatible with your PC can be the cause. Our technicians can perform testing to see if this is the issue.
  • Your power supply may experience a power surge during a storm to prevent electrics from exploding. Or a power issue could be the cause.

What should I do in case of PC failure?

When your gadget stops in the middle of your favorite TV show, it is one of the most unpleasant scenarios. There are certain actions you can do to prevent this from occurring. Finding the root of your IT problems and inquiries will help you avoid having them again. Possibly, your gadget is overheating. Make sure your PC is on a ventilated surface and check the temperature.
Keep it running; if it doesn’t shut off, your program is to blame for your computer’s freezing.

Why am I unable to print?

The printer is another device that frequently gives users trouble. Try these techniques if your printer is stubborn and you need to print something quickly for a meeting.

  • Has your router lately undergone a change? It’s possible that your printer and WiFi are no longer linked.
  • You could not have connected your USB cord properly.
  • It might sound easy, but make sure your printer is loaded with paper and ink.
  • Restarting your router is the most typical fix for a wireless printer problem.
  • Utilizing personnel, procedures, technology, and policies to defend enterprises, their vital systems, and sensitive data against online attacks is known as cybersecurity.

What does cyber security entail?

Cybersecurity is the process of defending electronic systems, mobile devices, computers, servers, networks, and data from malicious invasions. It is also referred to as information technology security or electronic information security.

What is managed IT services?

When you delegate some or all of your company’s IT to an MSP (managed services provider), you are providing outsourced IT support. This can involve cloud migration, network monitoring, cybersecurity, disaster recovery, and other things.

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