5 Best Free Email Finder Tools to Find Email Addresses

5 Best Free Email Finder Tools to Find Email Addresses

We can use many tools related to emails, especially on Chromebook. A few different free tools are available to find email addresses from any website or address. Here, check out the Best Email Client for Chromebook. We’ll discuss some other tools in this article. Read on to find out. Let’s start, Lusha! We’ll look at how Lusha works and what it can do for you.


For people who need to search for the email addresses of companies, Lusha is a good option. It gives accessibility to more than 60 million email addresses and 50 million phone numbers. With the search features, users can quickly identify the names and emails of people who may be interested in their products or services. Moreover, Lusha is GDPR compliant and has been ISO 27001 certified.

Another benefit of using an email finder is that it can be used for prospecting internal leads, and it has high accuracy rates. Lusha is a free tool with a minimum accuracy rate of 90 percent. Apart from this, it doesn’t charge users for inaccurate leads.

Anymail Finder

Anymail Finder is an email address finder tool that lets you search millions of web pages for free. This platform enables you to search for email addresses based on name, company, and job role, and it runs mail server tests on every one of them. It performs direct server validation to ensure that the email address is genuine. This email finder tool is free for up to 20 emails, and you can upgrade to a paid account if you want to find more than 1,000 email addresses.

Email domain search requires the company’s name or domain, but it can also lookup individual emails. If you are looking for a business or personal email address, you should try out Clearbit, which has a built-in CRM. The tool’s free version lets you collect email addresses from any website, even without installing any additional software. This free service is easy to use and can save the leads you’ve gathered.


For a small business looking for a fast way to identify prospective candidates, ContactOut can be a great option. The free version can let you search up to 50 email addresses per month, but you should consider purchasing a paid plan for larger teams. ContactOut works seamlessly with mass emails in Gmail and Outlook and has webhook and Zapier integration. This service is also free and has many beneficial features for any size business.

A free email finder is essential for achieving your objectives. ContactOut reveals a person’s profile in full or partial detail. This can save you a lot of time and effort. ContactOut has everything you need to build a successful email marketing campaign.


SignalHire claims to have a 95% hit rate, but some users have expressed displeasure with its data quality. The website offers various features that allow you to search for emails from anyone and signal the user’s social profiles. Its user interface is easy to use, and it supports Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail accounts. It also allows users to easily download their contacts to CSV files to import them into an ATS.

Another unique feature of SignalHire is searching for multiple contacts at once. This option enables you to search for up to 1000 email addresses. SignalHire allows you to search for a list of up to 1000 email addresses at once, and it has a variety of filter features. You can search for specific keywords, full names, or email addresses. It also offers API integration to use for broader searches.


If you need a list of email addresses to contact prospects, LeadGibbon is your tool. Their free service verifies email addresses in less than half a second and gives you 99% deliverability estimates. LeadGibbon also has tools to find email addresses from LinkedIn, and their email verifier lets you see whether the email address is verified.

Insightful analytics will enable you to monitor the results of your lead generation efforts and make necessary improvements. It also has efficient email verification features, allowing you to clean your email lists by removing invalid email addresses. It also helps you find the contact information of relevant people within companies. You can also find email addresses from the company website using LeadGibbon.


With these tools, you can easily find email addresses and do not have to be flustered about where to get them from. We hope this article has helped you.

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