5 Signs You Need a New ISP

5 Signs You Need a New ISP

So much of modern-day business activity depends on an internet connection, from digital storage through to customer communication, that having a reliable and fast internet service provider can make the difference between success and failure.

If you have had the same internet service provider for some time, or you are noticing issues with the service you are receiving, it might be time to look around and find an ISP that can better serve your business needs.

We have pulled together five of the key signs to look out for which mean that your business might need a new internet service provider, to help you decide.

Five signs you need a new ISP

They provide you with dreadful service

If you are struggling to get technical support from your ISP or being passed from pillar to post whenever you call their helpline, it’s a good sign that they don’t take their customer service seriously and perhaps it’s time for you to find someone who does.

Your internet service is vital for your business, so you need an ISP that recognizes that and goes out of their way to make sure you have the support and service that you need and are paying for. You need to know you can call them up if things go wrong and be reassured that any problems will be solved quickly. If they don’t take your business seriously then its time to move on.

Your equipment is out of date

If your ISP won’t update your equipment without trying to hit, you with new and more expensive contracts and offers then this is a sign to start looking around for a new provider. Using out of date equipment will slow down your connection and impact your business.

You need an ISP that provides you with modern, functioning kit for your business and will replace it when required, quickly and efficiently. If your internet equipment is faulty, old and you are struggling to get it sorted, it’s a sure sign that you need to update your ISP.

The connection is unreliable 

If the equipment is unreliable, or the connection is spotty and keeps cutting out, you will see a negative impact on your business including frustration from your employees as well as annoyance from customers if they can’t get in touch regularly.

You are paying your ISP to provide a service that is crucial to your business and if they are failing to deliver a reliable connection, you are spending money on an internet speed that you aren’t even receiving, which is the very definition of poor service and it’s definitely time to get a new ISP.

Many are now opting for a GPON fiber connection, which is excellent for delivering gigabit internet services for business and residential subscribers.

Your employees are getting annoyed

There is nothing more frustrating than a poor internet connection when you have a full day of work planned and if your employees have to spend time sitting around waiting for it to work, they are going to get annoyed very quickly.

If you are getting constant complaints about the connection or systems crashing and your IT team are spending all their working day dealing with issues of staff unable to access internet-based systems, then it’s definitely time to consider a new ISP.

You are being charged too much

Cost is a very important element, particularly for a small business, and some ISPs offer packages which are marketed for business use but are really no better than those offered to domestic customers but with a far higher price.

If you are spending a fortune but the service is unreliable, the equipment is outdated and you can’t get hold of their support team when you need them, it’s definitely a bad sign. You need to know what bandwidth and connection speed they are actually supposed to be providing for your money.

Look around and compare prices to what you are paying to check whether you are actually getting value for money and ask other similar size businesses what package deals they have and how reliable they are, to help you compare and see if you need a new ISP.


A good internet connection is the backbone of many businesses and is essential to take your company successfully into the future, so if your current service is failing to meet your needs, it could have a negative impact.

You need an ISP that provides what your company needs, gives upgrades when required and makes sure that all your staff have strong and reliable internet access to enable them to get on with their jobs and provide a great service to your customers.

If you spot any of the five signs when assessing how your own business is working currently, then it’s definitely time to start looking around for a new ISP which matches what you are looking for.

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