Top email Marketing strategies to launch your product online

Top email Marketing strategies to launch your product online

Whether you have a juicy database or not, you should have an email marketing campaign in mind for launching an online product. Currently, email marketing is considered one of the most optimal and beneficial strategies because direct contact is established with customers who have some kind of interest in the business. In addition, this communication channel has the particularity of being immediate.

Define email marketing

Before putting together an email marketing campaign and defining the strategy to be used, it is necessary to define certain factors that will influence the rest of the decisions. In the first instance, you need an email that is consistent with your brand identity. That is, that you use the domain of your store. If you have an online store, surely you have already acquired your domain. The web domain is like the physical address.

Today, it is part of the brand identity. It is not usually easy to find one that suits the business. But if you find the right web domain provider, getting your ideal domain will be possible. It is also important that you determine what the objective of the action is. In this case, it would be launching a product. But what is the end or the conversion that is sought? Are they intended to make a purchase? What do they know about the product? Is the goal to generate expectation? Knowing the objective and defining the final reason, the expected conversion, is essential to be able to select the strategy that will work best, determine the target audience and, finally, correctly measure the action.

Another factor to define is the tool to be used. There are many platforms on the market that offer the possibility of sending email marketing. Their characteristics and possibilities in terms of customization vary. It is important that you select a chord.

The Best Email Marketing Strategies

Popular options include Mailchimp, Benchmark Email, and Acumbamail. Now yes, comes the part of the strategy. There are many ways to publicize a new product. Next, we are going to tell you  email marketing strategies for launching an online product.

Find them to buy the product

This is one of the most used strategies. The reality is that in all strategies, people are looking to buy the product. However, this is the most direct. The message or call to action is specific “buy this”. Added to this is the idea of a specific pattern, a model of life. For example, if you sell sports shoes, a message consistent with this strategy would be “Run faster, buy these shoes”.

Knowledge: Describe the product

A common strategy is the description of the new product. Whether the product is similar to an old one or completely new, describing the benefits or advantages works very well to inform consumers. This is a way to encourage purchase, providing all the data so that people can decide if it is the product they are looking for.

Generate Mystery

Mystery will never stop being a great strategy, especially if you know how to work it. The idea of generating intrigue before the launch, not telling what the product is but mentioning the launch date, is usually well received. You can measure this in the traffic to your website. If you use a link that contains parameters, you will be able to see through Analytics how many people entered the site through that email. The intention in this type of strategy is to plant in the audience’s mind the idea that a new release is coming, setting a specific date to generate more expectation.

Several sends

The consistency in sending emails as a “reminder” of the launch date must be worked on in a way that does not tire the public. The best thing for this strategy is to share information little by little, in parts, about the product that will be launched. In this case, plan the number of emails you are going to send, segmenting the audience and establishing specific dates. Planning is always the best.

Attract: ways to use the product

This is an idea implanted in the world of marketing, that of attracting the public. The idea is not to encourage excessive purchases by promoting a utopian model. What is proposed is to highlight the use of the product in order to attract and make the purchase. For example, if what you want to sell is burgundy pants, the mail could contain three ways to combine the same pants for different occasions.

Provide Security

There are many occasions when consumers feel insecure about certain products and for this reason, they do not purchase it. Testimonials are a very useful way of reassuring audiences. Before launching the product, you should send samples to people who are referents on that item or category. After they have tried/used it, they will share opinions that you should add to the email you send. Here are some of the strategies that can help you launch a product online and achieve favorable results. Remember that nothing is magic. You need to spend time and planning before taking any action.

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