How To Send Mass Emails in Gmail

How To Send Mass Emails in Gmail

Even though we are aware of the fact that Gmail puts some restrictions on sending bulk emails because it can hamper the users’ experience. Mass emails or bulk emails may want you to look for bulk email sender software so that the way becomes easier. Moreover, if you still want to stick with Gmail to send bulk email then you may want to look for the limitations in advance. With Gmail, you have to understand that:

  • You can send a maximum of 500 emails per day only.
  • Gmail can temporarily disable your account if the emails you have sent are marked spam.
  • The design capabilities of Gmail are pretty limited

So what are the options as best bulk email software so that you can send so many emails on the same day without bothering about any limitation that usually Google possesses.

 Best Bulk Email Sender Software


SendInBlue is an excellent choice for small businesses because it allows you to manage a number of email templates and design your emails in an exciting manner. There is an instant mailer which lets you automate the campaigns so that your brand can work and push more. With its free version, you can send 300 emails per day but as soon as you take up the premium version then you get so many features apart from sending more than 10,000 emails.


SendBlaster is another amazing option to send bulk emails because it is very simple to use and allows you to set campaigns too. All the tools that a business may require for the promotion are present over here. There is a tracking feature available using which you can tab on the number of people who have actually opened the email. One license and you can use this tool for your lifetime.


MailChimp is very important in the list of best software to send bulk email. It allows you to brand out your product very differently as there is a time warp function as well as contact management available. The A/B testing here gives users a chance to send out emails while splitting into two. Although most work could be done with its free version, you may need help with a higher version for an expansive business.



This is a reasonably priced software if you want to send a number of emails to promote your business. You can import contacts from a number of file types like xls, xlsx, tsv, or txt format. The best part is that you can connect with the customer support team by phone, email and live chat support. With numerous templates in hand, third party integrations are also available here.

 Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi comes with a full clean interface with real time tracking reports and is a perfect software for bulk emails. There are four different versions of payment here. The higher you pay, the more emails you can send out. Moreover, Mad Mimi also recognizes duplicate contacts and gets them removed from the system.

 Thunder Mailer

Thunder mailer is another very easy to understand software which also sends the bulk email to a number of contacts in one go. It is a go-to software for anyone who is not much acquainted with technical know-hows of the mailer. Personalized emails which a lot of digital marketers require could feel successful in their job using this Thunder Mailer. If you wish, you can test your emails and preview them before finally sending them to thousands of people.


Best for sending bulk emails with images, VerticalResponse is also equipped with advanced editing tools for making attractive emails to the clients. As per customers’ location, this tool can formulate the campaigns. It comprises auto-responders too with a proper test kit. Its basic plan is to automate and follow up the contacts and help them with live chat support and call. Moreover, the higher up plan analyzes and automates the campaign and has heat maps to support the cause.

Wrap Up

We are hopeful that you have found out the answer for the question, ‘how to send mass emails in Gmail’ through this blog. Yes, it is true that there are so many options to send email but what do we recommend? Well, SendInBlue is the best recommended option for all the users because of its ease of use, availability of multiple template files and capacity to send a huge number of emails to the worldwide users. SendBlaster and MailChimp are other best ones in the list to follow. However, if you have chosen any other product or like to recommend it to us too, share it with us in the comments section below.

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