What is VoLTE (Voice over LTE) and How to use it

What is VoLTE (Voice over LTE) and How to use it

Technology is moving forward more and more. Every year we have new phone models. Manufacturers outdo each other in innovations in their smartphones. In turn, mobile operators are also developing their services. One such service is VoLTE. What is it and is it worth using?

What is VoLTE?

VoLTE is short for Voice over Long-Term Evolution or Voice over LTE. This technology allows you to make voice calls using the LTE/4G cellular network .

VoLTE is a technology that extends the use of 4G networks. Previous applications of LTE allowed only the use of the Internet. Previously, the phone had to automatically switch between 2G and 3G networks during a call. Thanks to VoLTE, we do not have to wait for the recipient’s phone to start ringing.

In 2G and 3G networks, data and calls must be separated, so they cannot work simultaneously. During a call using these networks, SMS messages cannot be received during the call, so they arrive only after the end of the call. The 4G/LTE network allows you to receive calls and data simultaneously, so that messages can be received during a conversation.

Advantages of using VoLTE

There are many advantages of using VoLTE , one of the most important is the much better sound quality during a call. The voice of the person on the other end of the handset will be clearer and background noise will be reduced. In addition, you will connect to a given number much faster . For comparison, using a 2G or 3G network, this time would be a few seconds, while using VoLTE, this time would be about 1 second.

Another advantage of VoLTE is the LTE signal whose range allows reaching over 97% of the population . This means that by using VoLTE you will limit the situations in which you had problems with the connection due to the limited range.

Thanks to VoLTE , you are able to talk and connect to the Internet at the same time . However, when the phone does not allow the use of VoLTE , the simultaneous conversation and use of the Internet forces the handset to switch to 2G or 3G technology. In practice, this means that the connection quality becomes much lower.

This type of switching can be experienced when you are far from the infrastructure of mobile operators. Outside the city, in the fields, in the forest, etc. Everywhere where the range is weak.

Who can use VoLTE?

To use VoLTE, you must have a phone that supports this technology . Next to the parameters of each phone, it is written which technology it supports. Thanks to this, we can check this type of information at any time.

If your phone supports VoLTE, the service should be enabled by default . On the other hand, if our phone was bought quite a few years ago (before VoLTE was available), the service should start working with updating the software to the latest version.

Let’s also take into account that in order to use VoLTE, you must have an LTE SIM card , (the SIM card should have USIM, USIM.MCor LTE). If you do not have this card, you will be able to replace it free of charge with most operators.

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