A Simple Guide To Outsourcing Amazon Photo Editing

A Simple Guide To Outsourcing Amazon Photo Editing

With the constant upturn in the Amazon world, image editing and retouching demands have increased. And simultaneously the need to outsource image editing/retouching so that you can focus on the innovative factor. 

The immediate advantage of outsourcing Amazon photo editing services to a professional and reliable company is time efficiency. By delegating the job to a dedicated and expert professional, you can improve delivery frequency, make a streak of exceptional results, and do it without spending extra time or burdening your in-house team with tedious tasks.

For instance, if you are selling apparel on the eCommerce giant platform, ‘Amazon,’ choose the image editing service provider that has done apparel photo editing in the past, like iron wrinkles & stain removal, crease fix, collars & neck joint replacement, etc. As soon as you expand your business, your editing requirements will increase simultaneously. That is why partnering with a versatile Amazon image editing partner that offers multiple services is always beneficial.

Additionally, outsourcing to a professionals  who also provides SEO virtual assistant services, can help bring in higher traffic on the eCommerce giant, enhanced brand image, higher customer acquisition & better sales, and conversion.

With the best-selected editing partner, it becomes simpler for eCommerce businesses to appeal to the target audience for different projects and improve sales and conversions while maintaining brand image, trust, and credibility.

Here is the step-by-step guide to outsourcing Amazon image editing services: 

  • Execute an online search

Execute market search before finalizing a photo editing company. There are many agencies that display their portfolios, their work and their pricing on their website and social media platforms that can give you an idea of what they have to offer you. This will help you select a reliable Amazon photo editing company that guarantees to match your editing requirements.

  • Get a few sample product images edited

Ask the company to edit a few sample images so that you can judge the company’s work quality. Most of the web design companies also offers to design a sample of your requirements also. Then, if your requirements get fulfilled, and work quality is up to the mark, you can prefer that company to assign your project.

  • Keep your budget in your mind

You must consider your budget while outsourcing Amazon photo editing services. Select a reliable and cost-efficient services provider that suits you well according to your budget to avoid making a hole in your pocket.

  • Discuss the turnaround time

Discuss the company’s pricing and turnaround time beforehand. Usually, professional companies deliver projects on time because they own a resource pool of experts to cater to the high volume work needs. Ensure that the partner that you are considering have enough resources that can work dedicatedly on your project.

  • Set up transparent communication

Setting up transparent communication is critical to maintaining a healthy outsourcing partnership. Thus, ensure your selected company follows transparent communication so that you can monitor the work progress or address other issues. Ensure you get updates on weekly or daily basis and you get a dedicated manager that will communicate with you and resolve your queries at all time.

  • Ask the company to sign a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA)

It has become essential to get a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) signed to keep images/content and other information safe and secure. NDA is a legal bond between you and your outsourced partner to avoid a breach of trust.

  • Check case studies and read testimonials/reviews

Before outsourcing Amazon photo editing services, check the testimonials and reviews on the web to be on the safer side. Positive ratings, reviews, case studies, or testimonials help you get associated with a services provider without any second thought.

The Bottom Line

Gone are the days when sellers used to hire an in-house team for Amazon photo editing. Because in many instances, doing it yourself or hiring an in-house team is found to be more expensive than outsourcing. Outsourcing photo editing for eCommerce giant platform ‘Amazon’ is a common and beneficial step to take your business to heights.

Not all outsourced Amazon photo editing companies provide the complete spectrum of photo editing requirements. For example, some do only background removal – while others offer a wide range of eCommerce image editing services, from wrinkles & stain removal to collars & neck joint replacement and image straightening.

Hence, selecting the best match, hiring an Amazon virtual assistant that can not only perform all your image related tasks, but also help you manage your Amazon store, list your products, market your products, interact with your customers is a little complex. So it’s better to follow the step-by-step process and share your project needs with the potential outsourcing editing services provider and know-how they approach the photo enhancement process.

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