What is technology and its Types, Features, Importance

What is technology and its Types, Features, Importance

Definition of technology

Technology is the  set  of scientific notions and knowledge that human beings use to achieve a precise objective , which can be the solution of a   specific problem of the individual or the satisfaction of any of their needs.

It is a broad concept that encompasses a wide variety of aspects and disciplines within  electronics ,  art  or medicine. For example: The creation of robots for the automation of repetitive tasks or   animal cloning.
Now that we have given a glimpse of the definition of technology and the imminent problems it can cause, or risks of technology.

Different Types of Technology

we are going to see below how technology can be divided or classified according to its types and how these serve differently to human beings and their environment.

Fixed Technology

The fixed technology is a technology which is characterized by not re usable , ie it serves no other purpose than to their primary purpose. It is called “fixed” technology because it never changes continuously. An example of fixed technology could very well be an oil and fuel refinery.

Flexible Technology

The flexible technology is one of the types of technologies that surround our everyday world. It is called flexible since other services and products can be developed from technical knowledge . Examples of flexible technology can be the food or pharmaceutical industries .

Soft Technology

The term soft technology groups together the knowledge related to marketing, planning or administration, without taking into account the technical knowledge itself. Unlike hard technology, soft technology is not tangible , meaning it cannot be seen or touched.

Hard technology

Hard technology is known as the set of technical knowledge that is applied to generate devices such as machines, innovation , materials and other tangible products, that is, they can be touched.

Equipment Technology

This is one of the types of technology that are applied to industries , since its meaning is understood as that in which the development of itself is carried out by whoever produces the equipment. Examples of equipment technology can be the plastics or textile industries.

Operation Technology

This type of technology is achieved as a result of observation techniques over a long period of time, where the observed is observed and evaluated, and then used in other types of technologies such as equipment or process technology.

Product Technology

It is responsible for grouping the technique , characteristics and knowledge used in the construction of a specific product or service such as manual skills and applied theoretical knowledge to achieve a specific objective.

Clean Technology

It is one that when used does not produce changes in the environment. In other words, clean technology is based on the rational and balanced use of resources, so that they do not affect natural systems.

Technology Importance

The discoveries and the appearance of new tools produced through technology were key to human and societal development . Technology brings great discoveries that make it possible to improve production, save time, increase the quality of life , facilitate life in society, shorten distances, get to know the planet .

Technology emerged as a need for man to meet individual and collective desires using scientific knowledge and techniques to solve problems and satisfy their needs. It has allowed the human being to know in depth the environment that surrounds him and to modify it to achieve his ends; Through the centuries, man invented and modified tools to improve his lifestyle.

Technology has brought discoveries in the field of medicine, advances in access to information, in communication and transportation, in the simplification of tasks.

Technology features

  • It is present in all areas of personal life and in society , such as work, education , medicine, communication.
  • It allows to manufacture new objects : through it, the human being modifies the environment that surrounds him.
  • It is responsible for most of man’s discoveries .
  • If it is used well, it improves the quality of life of the human being, if it is used badly it can cause serious damage to individuals and society.
  • It is subject to change (technological changes occur discontinuously).
  • Its developments involve cultural , labor and social changes .
  • Uneven technological development can generate social and economic gaps within a community or between regions or nations .

Now a days technologies mainly used Robotics,Cryptocurrencies, 3d print, Artificial intelligence,Autonomous vehicles,Biotechnology and etc..

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