What is Hacker and his various types

What is Hacker and his various types

What is a hacker?

A hacker is a person with computer skills behind a computer, who is dedicated to manipulating the hardware or software of electronic devices such as laptops, mobiles and computers. We must be aware of them, since although their purpose is not always malicious, most of the cases have a criminal purpose.

Colored Hats

It is convenient to know that not all are the same. Which is not the same as a hacker black hat ( blackhats ), which is dedicated to finding security flaws to get out of them, a hacker in white hat ( whitehats ), which is dedicated to research security holes and, when locate, notify the company or disseminate them publicly to be solved.

This hat colors gives a lot of play in the hacker world . There are also those with red hats , who fight against those with black hats; of blue hat , which are used to refine new software; of green hat ; who are the newest; wearing a gray hat, between black and white.

White hat hackers:

also called ethical hackers (ethical hackers ) are those who break the computer security barrier to reinforce it and correct failures avoiding information theft, they seek to strengthen computer systems. A large part of them work for cybersecurity companies or in the security departments of organizations, performing penetration tests to find out the existing vulnerabilities, they help the internet to be a safer place to navigate.
This type of hacker has worldwide approval as it helps reduce the crime rate due to cyberattacks. The ethical hacker updates the systems, analyzes the computer’s weaknesses and reinforces them avoiding security breaches. There are different certified training programs to become a white hat hacker for free, you only need time to read and put it into practice. On the internet you can get thousands of courses, YouTube channels, forums, blogs, you can find books on hacking, such as “Hacking: the art of exploitation”, “Pentesting por Foca”, among others, which document you to be an ethical hacker .

Black hat hackers:

known as crackers, are those who seek to violate computer security to steal data with criminal intent or for personal gain. It uses the data to extort or simply destroy the information on the computer, all without authorization.

Gray hat hackers:

They are a combination of white hat and black hat hackers , they are dedicated to violating security systems and networks and then offer their repair services and receive a payment, they also sell data to the government or intelligence services, but with no intention of damaging the computers or for your personal benefit.
Although these three types of hackers are the main ones, there are many more, such as:

Blue hat hackers:

these hackers are dedicated to looking for errors in a system before being released to a public. Its name is believed to have come from the Microsoft badges.

Red hat or red hat hackers:

They are dedicated to violently attacking black hat hackers to stop piracy, they try to protect companies’ operating systems and promote free software.

Green hat hacker:

They are novices, they are usually in the process of learning to become black hat hackers , they set out to learn to become a high quality hacker .

Social media hackers:

It is the most used type of hacker in the world since it is dedicated to violating the privacy of social network accounts as its name suggests, and it can be classified as a black hat hacker for its criminal intentions. They are also known as yellow hat hackers .


is the composition between the words hacker and activist. He uses his knowledge by attacking political ideologies, such as Anonymous.


They are computer novices, they have little knowledge of the technological world and do not care about learning computer skills, creating cybervandalism and spreading malicious software. They collect information and use free hacking to test its effects, which can end up compromising your own computer.
Throughout the years the word hacker has been known with a negative meaning, but in reality, by knowing the types of hackers and their characteristics, fortunately we can understand that not all are willing to do a bad thing or vandalism.

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