Top Leading Digital Process Automation DPA Tools

Top Leading  Digital Process Automation DPA Tools

Business Process Automation has emerged as an automated technology to streamline a business for simplicity, improve service quality, and achieve digital transformation. As the BPA itself advances, we see a newly evolved form called Digital Process Automation, or simply DPA.

The main reason behind this upgrade is the need for every business to adopt digital transformation. The center of DPA is to automate complex business processes and optimize workflows. So far, it has benefited users such as customers, vendors, and other stakeholders. It provides an interactive platform that maintains transparency among processes, automating customer tasks, flashing notifications and reminders.

DPA systems help you to keep your organization’s systems and operations updated. BPM provides features such as cost reduction and flawless management of operations, but DPA also supports applications that focus on customer experience. In other words, DPA is not limited to business operations and considers human interaction equally essential.

Leading Digital Process Automation DPA Tools

There are a few DPA tools that are leading in the market which you can consider implementing in your business.

Nintex Promapp

Nintex Promapp is a cloud-based business process management software that has found its way to some branded clients like Toyota, McDonald’s, Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola and Marketo. Nintex Promapp considers replacing the traditional systems and manuals by bringing the operations to clouds to save time and money.

The business process management tools it provides are robust and flexible, which makes them compatible with clients of different sizes. The center of the process remains the collaboration of teams to map processes, run continuous improvement cycles, respond to process breakdowns, and take complete ownership of their process to manage your organization’s processes. The transparent processing and streamlined management of operations is the reason for its 98% retention rate.


ProcessMaker is a tool that focuses on creating workflows in minimal time, for which it comes with low-code digital process automation. They consider the efforts that you put into setting up the workflow in the system and work towards simplifying them. It also provides you with the option to add third-party systems to maintain the essence of the business while keeping the digital agility.

ProcessMaker is a highly successful tool because of its well-designed interfaces, which make the process of creating a digital process management app simpler. The process modeling setup is easy to use, and it makes sure that different workflows work together without altering each other’s processes.

Salesforce Lightning Platform

A tool that is 5-10 times faster than the other platforms in the same field is Salesforce Lightning Platform. It digitalizes and automates operations with a minimal requirement to code. It has a low-code mechanism which is easily adopted by experts and new users equally.

It is easy to use as it provides a better-to-understand interface than others. It is integrated with many systems that automate processes related to almost every business and ensure that businesses constantly remain on the ladder of revenue generation.

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K2 Platform

K2 Platform is another cloud-based, digital process automation software that provides and integrates automation tools. They believe in keeping their focus on the business’ mission and implementing this concept in all their tools.

K2 Platform brings all factors together to the business such as people, services and information systems, to help the business achieve something bigger and better in the future. It is estimated to bring almost 72% efficiency to some businesses and has the capability to do the same for other businesses.


Bizagi has a mechanism that provides a digital business and digital process automation platform that delivers quick process automation across the organization. It provides a framework that utilizes the full potential of the IT infrastructure to transform the business and organizes processes for the business to be ready for an intense digital economy.

Bizagi has the feature to model processes before their creation, thus guiding the user and helping them understand it well. The modeling process is not the fastest but provides long-lasting results. Its cloud-based services provide ample space to implement different models before you can implement them in your business.

Track Via

Track Via is popular among IT and business professionals to transform manual processes into streamlined web and mobile apps. Track Via is the most low-code framework and requires no complex coding to create digital process automation.

It has a guiding system that makes it easier to configure or edit apps by just dragging and dropping the desired elements through the interface. The software is so simple that it looks to perform operations automatically and connects with almost every system while showing the results in real-time.

Pega Platform

Pega Platform keeps a keen eye on how businesses want to improve their systems and focuses on delivering low-code solutions to keep up with the changing ways of an organization. Pega Platform has strong AI capabilities to make this transition happen with intelligent automation and customer engagement capabilities.

Pega Platform uses a model-driven approach to employ processes that empower organizations through its applications. Pega Platform has risen rapidly because of its regular updates, support team, and integrity in all its products.

Quick Base

Quick Base has over 6000 companies as their clients, and all of them enjoy using its low-code interface that allows them to create applications quickly. Quick Base stands out from other platforms in the fact that it is involved with many non-profit and fundraising programs.

Quick Base also ensures that its users can make edits to their applications at any time. Quick Base has a solution for every budget making it a perfect solution for businesses of any size.


Quixy is a new platform, and it completely works on the cloud. It ensures to empower businesses with low-code and advanced low-code solutions. It has a no-coding environment and provides integration with other platforms that save both time and money.

These features are the reason that Quixy is rated high and is trusted by users. It provides integration of different applications within the organization that provides endless possibilities by combining different applications. It has quick data processing capabilities, and making edits to existing applications is also simple.


KissFlow is the first of its kind, and its updates have kept it in the top spots through the years. It provides robotic process automation and allows management of all the work of the business in one location for expedited growth.

KissFlow is rated high by its users because of the various capabilities it has in terms of the diversity of types of applications it can create and the ways these applications can be used. Other than normal HR and financial systems, KissFlow finds its way into the school systems as well.


Increasing productivity is always the main reason behind any business that is looking forward to adopting automated systems. Many businesses look forward to automating their processes to reduce human error or make up for labor shortages, reduce production time, and increase manufacturing flexibility.

With the right tool by your side, you can seamlessly build applications to manage the processes and digital workflow. An ideal tool should offer automatic accessibilities and have some level of intelligent automation. It is easier to operate on a platform that has low coding and a more visual interface. The variety of areas DPA covers for an organization is truly remarkable.

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