Five ways that applicant tracking systems can help you attract the best talent.

Five ways that applicant tracking systems can help you attract the best talent.

Talented employees are becoming harder to find these days. Due to the current economic growth, there are more job opportunities and more competition for talented applicants. 73% of employers have difficulty finding qualified candidates.

Companies often respond fast when they see the best talent. The best candidates usually leave the market within 10 days. It means that recruiters are under more pressure than ever, with 67% stating that their job is harder than five years ago.

 What can you do for top talent in this competitive labour market?

Numerous businesses now use applicant tracking system (ATS) to reduce the number of resumes, increase their brand and hire top candidates before their competition.

What is an applicant tracking program?

An applicant tracking software simplifies recruitment by analyzing resumes, identifying the best candidates and organizing interviews. The central database stores all resumes and allows for filtering by job requirements or skills.

A company can create a branded career portal and post job openings on external job boards.

These are six ways ATS software can help companies attract top talent.

 A branded career site can help you promote your company culture.

Top candidates are selective about the companies they choose to work for, knowing their worth. They don’t want to work for any company but one that will help them realize their full potential.

Websites are often the first place applicants go when looking for information about a company. You can build a branded career portal with an applicant tracking software solution to show why your company is the best place to work.

The career website provides information about the company and allows candidates to create a profile, answer pre-screening questions, and submit resumes. Applicant Tracking Software allows you to embed Glassdoor reviews or social media feeds without any HTML coding.

However, marketing company culture doesn’t end with the website. Candidates don’t like to read boring job ads. Candidates want to know more than just the job description and responsibilities. They also want to know who they will be working with.

The Turnover Toolkit: Strategies, Tools and Techniques to Increase Retention

It can have a devastating effect on every level of the company, resulting in lost productivity, shifting workloads, and reduced profits.

Companies are finding creative solutions: Companies are using ATS technology for engaging employee testimonials and hiring videos. It can be a great way to show that you care about the people who work for your company by adding real faces and voices.

Analytics can track how many people have visited each page, what websites they are coming from, and how long each section is visited. This information can use to improve your career website’s engagement.

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Use social media and job boards to reach more qualified candidates.

Indeed, and Monster are two of the most popular online job boards for hiring applicants. Posting multiple job boards is crucial, especially for small- and medium-sized companies whose names may not be at the top of the minds of potential candidates.

However, posting to each board individual can take time and lead to costly mistakes and delays. Hiring managers can use applicant tracking software for posting jobs to multiple boards simultaneously.

An applicant tracking system solution can analyze which candidate sources are leading to successful recruitment. It will save you time and money in the long term and avoid job boards that aren’t efficient.

Additionally, 84% of organizations now use social media to recruit and increase brand visibility. Recruiters can interact with professionals on LinkedIn, host live Q&A sessions via Facebook, and comment on popular Twitter hashtags.

Some hiring managers even get involved in technical and professional online communities to find the best candidates.

Find new employees by engaging current employees.

Because top candidates trust their fellow employees more than their senior managers, they will often ask for interviews with current staff members. Staff with similar job functions can give applicants an idea of the work culture and daily responsibilities.

It is important to include current employees when sourcing new candidates. During recruitment, staff members can be powerful brand ambassadors. They will speak to the uniqueness of your company and make it attractive to potential candidates.

However, you should only hire employees who have excellent experience and are capable of performing well. You may end up with less-than-stellar candidates.

Email templates can use to notify employees about job openings via applicant tracking systems. These templates can send to specific departments or the entire company. They can either forward job links directly to potential applicants or use buttons to share the jobs through their social media accounts.

Businesses would be smart to use both employee referrals and social media for recruitment, especially with the trend towards more traditional job boards.

Separate the top resumes from those in the pile

It might seem that receiving more resumes is always good. It becomes difficult to identify the best candidates when employers get between 75-250 applications for each job opening.

Employers say that the biggest barrier to finding top talent is filtering out unqualified candidates. You don’t have the time or resources to read every resume, if possible. You may not have the resources to read every resume.

Many companies now use applicant tracking software to automatically analyze and collect resumes to identify the best talent quickly.

An ATS solution imports resume automatically from job boards, email and social media. The ATS solution then converts the resumes to a standard format that can be searched or filtered using specific keywords and skills.

Many applicant tracking systems will recommend the best candidates based on their qualifications or how closely they match your job description.

 Optimize your recruitment process to hire more candidates quickly

Most applicants will disagree with you about whether your hiring process is smooth. 69% of applicants want employers to respond quicker, and 60% have abandoned an application process for it takes too long.

  • If your company’s recruitment processes are not well-organized and efficient, your company could be losing out on top performers.
  • Candidates are also treating job searching like an online shopping experience. Candidates use Glassdoor and other company review websites to learn more about the company’s culture and recruitment process.
  • Bad reviews will be written by applicants who have had poor communication, lost in the hiring process, or received slow communication. These reviews may lead to strong candidates leaving your company.
  • ATS software streamlines the hiring process by centralizing candidate information and communicating with one profile.
  • This information can access quickly by hiring managers. They can also view candidate profiles to compare qualifications, skills, and interviewer feedback.
  • It can be easy for a hiring team to include employees from different locations and departments. An ATS solution offers a variety of collaboration tools such as team scoring, visualization tools and notification triggers to coordinate recruiting for different teams.
  • It can assist in diagnosing bottlenecks in the recruitment procedure. The software will also trigger alerts when team members take too much time to schedule interviews or give feedback.

The software automatically sends follow-up emails, screening questionnaires, and scheduling requests as candidates progress through recruitment.

Bottom line: 

There is a lot of competition among businesses for top talent. It’s crucial to do everything you can to make your business stand out. These are ways that an ATS solution can help your business attract top talent.

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