How Do Online Reviews Impact Local SEO Ranking?

How Do Online Reviews Impact Local SEO Ranking?

Local SEO and online reviews have a connection. You have to know this to understand how online reviews influence any local SEO ranking. Over the past few years or so, any reviews online, especially Google reviews, have turned into a non-negotiable portion of any owner of a local business. It is, for all purposes, considered a big arsenal in the kitty of the marketer. The growth of volume of sites that offer reviews has grown immensely, as has the rate of consumers referencing and writing reviews. Reviews can make or break a business.

The importance of reviews comes from the fact that they help individuals decide what services and products to purchase. They also come in great use to help in decision-making relating to travel and holidays, where someone should eat, and what are the best gadgets, among other things. Reviews, in effect, practically guide most of your decision-making. The impact of SEO in online product and service marketing is already a phenomenon, and reviews enhance this clever marketing tool.

The Impact of Reviews

There is no denying that the role reviews play is crucial. Any SEO agency will attest to the fact that reviews, both negative and positive, have an effect on the sales, popularity, awareness of products, and profit-making capacity of any given business—studies to prove this swarm the internet. What’s more, reviews have begun to infiltrate algorithms of search engines and have an influence on search positions concerning local ranking and generalized results.

Reviews and SEO

Before delving into the relationship between reviews online and local SEO, it’s worth finding out how reviews can have an impact on businesses. Do reviews help SEO? There is no doubt that they do. Here are some of the ways that review positively enhance SEO:

  • Positive reviews, especially when businesses are rated with four and five stars, show that businesses can be trusted. Such reviews inform consumers about any business’ loyalty to deliver on its promises, and the business earns a reputation of note in this way. It has become a reliable source for customers.
  • If any business has a huge amount of positive reviews, it can appeal to customers immensely, making them spend more on a product. Businesses with five-star reviews draw in customers and result in them paying at least 31% more for services or goods.
  • In the event your business is selling services, review impact can get you lasting customers. This is especially so if the reviews are bright on your profile on Google My Business. More traffic geared towards your site means more business opportunities for you.
  • Most consumers are online today, and they trust online reviews more than verbal or personal ones from friends.
  • Studies from the Harvard Business Review confirm that any improvement in an average rating by a single star can result in a 5 percent to 9 percent revenue increase.

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Reviews and Local SEO Ranking

Reviews can be positive and give your business a boost. They can be bad at times too, and affect your business prospects negatively. Do reviews influence local SEO rankings, though? They definitely do, and this is the case for Google reviews, among any other reviews.

The stance that is taken by search engines is almost the same. It is established that customers adore reviews and use a bad or good ones to validate a decision to undertake business with a company. Search engines have to be accounted for in the profile of your review when you calculate the position of your search.


SEO and reviews have a close connection. Their objectives are much the same. What does a search engine wish to achieve? A search engine helps to find the correct product, information, or service for consumers as fast as possible. Reviewers are capable of sifting the good through the bad. They help customers find the best possible local business they require.The impact of SEO and the impact of reviews that give ranking are similar and equally important in the sales and marketing sphere. Reviews may be viewed as crowdsourced suggestions or recommendations. For instance, a four-star review tells any search engine that it can easily display a particular business in a high-visibility and premium location.

Reviews and SEO Work Together

While promoting goods and services, review impact must be a consideration. When reviews are factored into algorithms, analysts claim that metrics like the number of reviews a company has, the speed of reviews, and how diverse they are, are all important. If you take the Local Search Ranking Factors Survey results into account, you will discover that signals from reviews and rankings make up 16% of the decision-making process.

Reviews have been gaining more and more importance since 2018, when their value was at 13%. Now, reviews have an importance that has reached 16%. As more goods and services enter the marketplaces of the world, reviews are bound to gain more momentum. The more there is to sell and deal with customers, the more the number of reviews will be.

Positive sentiment in reviews means positive growth for a business. The widespread locations of reviews are gaining importance, as there are diverse platforms on which they may occur. The impact of SEO is even greater and more pronounced if the keywords of the service and product are embedded in any given review. This makes reviews and rankings more effective than simply having a positive review to go by.


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