Top 8 Best Money Making Apps Of 2022

Top 8 Best Money Making Apps Of 2022

Introduction on Money Making

For those who are looking for some quick ways to earn money without much hassle, you should know that apps provide plenty of opportunities. From taking surveys to picking up a side hustle, your smartphones, PCs, and tabs come in handy. You can earn money while sitting in your room or while on a crowded bus.

Trust your smart devices and use your free time to earn some extra cash. Here are the top 8 money-making apps:


Are you planning to be an entrepreneur without investing a lot of money? You might want to try your hands on Meesho. It is a Bangalore-based e-commerce company that helps people of every age to earn money by reselling. All you need to do is select and resell any product of your choice by setting a margin. This is a great way to make money from resale apps.

Roz Dhan

Roz Dhan is a fast-growing money-making app in India. The name of this app has been translated from Hindi, where it means daily (‘Roz’) money (‘money’). You can earn money by sharing videos, reading articles, playing online games, finishing tasks, or sometimes just by opening the app. One can even earn money by simply walking. The more the steps, the greater the money you make. Can money-making be made any easier!

Roz Dhan, like many other apps, uses a Paytm wallet to credit your earnings.


Similar to Meesho, Shop101 is an online reselling platform that helps women or whoever is interested earn money even from home. Founded in 2015, this app allows you to sell quality products online as well as on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram with zero or no investment by providing an online store in no time.

Survey Junkie

If you are someone who has been told not to share your opinion, they were wrong. Making money by taking online surveys is a thing. Yes, you heard it right. Survey Junkie is a money-making app that lets you take online surveys for 15 minutes. Your opinions shared through the surveys enable you to influence brands while helping you earn. It is a user-friendly interface that publishes your survey anonymously.

The features of this app are many. However, most popular are its extensive gift cards of brands, like Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks, Target, Sephora, and Walmart, and its quick estimation of how many points you have earned.


If you are a shopaholic but keep feeling guilty about spending at the same time, you might want to try your hands on Swagbucks. You can earn money while shopping or surfing online, watching videos, taking online surveys, or even while playing online games.

The sign-up is free for the website, and this has been one of the reasons for its fast-growing popularity. You can get gift cards for Amazon, PayPal, Freecharge, and more as rewards.

Another interesting feature of Swagbucks is that the minimum transferable amount is as low as $3, which makes the transfer of money to your account faster.


Notesgen is an app that helps college students make money. The students can share or upload their notes to help other users to start earning. When a user comes across the notes shared by you, they will have to pay to download the content, thereby helping you to earn.

The users can retain ownership of the content they share, which helps make it a transparent platform.


This is an app that lets you earn money by uploading photos clicked by you. There is no limit as to how much you can charge for the photos, which further makes the possibilities of earning money through the app limitless.

There are a wide variety of photos that people look for, and once you have joined Foap, you will be surprised to find out how much money they are willing to pay you for the most random things.

You can join Foap missions, where the winner gets prizes worth $50 after completing each mission.


It is a book-selling service that has a number of book-buying websites. You can compare and select the website that is paying the most for your book, and Voila! You have money at your hand. There is no need for registration as the server only demands the ISBN number of the book you want to sell.

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What To Keep In Mind While Making Money Online?

Everybody wants to make money online. And when there are a lot of people chasing the same dream, it can become a slow process for you.

You won’t start making millions overnight. Yes, it is a hard truth. But you will positively start earning money. Slow and steady.

Needless to say, with earning money comes money management. There can be glitches in software, which one needs to be careful about. Thus, you need to keep in check how much revenue you are earning and whether you are getting paid every time.

Final Word

All these apps are available Play Store and App Store, and most of them are free to use. These are just a few of the best money-making apps available for you. The range and the scope to earn from them are huge. All you need to do is figure out which of these apps work best for you.

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