What is Rediff Money,benefits,How to create Rediff Money account,Features and Tools of Rediff Money

What is Rediff Money,benefits,How to create Rediff Money account,Features and Tools of Rediff Money

Rediff Money is a financial website of rediff.com. This website contains all the essential financial data on various stocks of the Indian stock market.It offers all the details by segment of the Indian stock market. Provides real-time charts of various charts and indices of the Indian stock market. Rediff Money Wiz also covers the financial data of Mutal Funds in India and also covers the forex market. This site is very famous for providing real-time financial data without interruptions.

What is Rediff Money with Full Description

Among the abundant investment options in India, the stock market is becoming more modern. Most investors and traders expect quick results and the stock market is there to offer the same.Continuous monitoring and full knowledge of stock prices can help you get money from such platforms.A great website that tracks the daily trend of stock prices will be great for these people. And Rediff money is one of the best and most popular platforms among them.

Rediff Money Benefits:

  • Free of cost experience
  • Daily stock tips
  • Multi-device operation: like a mobile, tablet, IOS, desktop
  • Import portfolio feature helps to save time.
  • Constant alerts and intimations

What is Rediff Moneywiz?

Rediff Moneywiz is the tool that can help all investors in market research before making any investment decision. It is one of the sister websites of Rediff.com. Rediff.com is an Indian news, information, entertainment and shopping web portal founded in 1996.It is one of the most popular financial websites in the world and receives around 3.2 million visits per month.

Rediff Money website for new Investors:

Rediff Money or Rediff Moneywiz is one of the leading financial websites in India. At Rediff Money, you get up-to-date and latest information on the Indian stock market and international stock markets.You also get information on stock price, Indian mutual funds, Forex market information, latest corporate or financial news, etc. at no additional cost.In addition to all the information related to the market and the economy, Rediff Money also has some of the critical tools to manage your stock portfolio effectively in one place.

The most important thing is that all these tools are absolutely free. You need a free subscription to Rediff Money to use all these super tools. However, you can use some of the tools like Live Quote, Currency Converter, etc. even without registering.

Process to signup for your free account at Rediff Money?

Signing up for a free Rediff Money account is very easy and is similar to creating any other email account like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Here, I have explained the step-by-step method to sign up for a free account.

  • First you open and Go to the Rediff Moneywiz Website.
  • Click on the sign-up button at the top right corner of the website. After clicking on the sign-up, a new sign up form will pop up as below:
  • In that section you complete your details and After filling up the required information, click on the Submit Button, and your free account would be created.
  • Once your account is created, you can sign in to your account by clicking on the sign-in button at the top right corner of the website.

Top Features and Tools of Rediff Money

Real Time Quote:

This is a useful feature of Rediff Money. By using this tool, you can find out the real-time price of stocks as well as mutual funds. Provides detailed information on stocks such as: trading volume, previous closing price, day highs / lows, 52 week highs, PE ratios, etc. It also provides information on the stock of companies related to the same industry for easy comparison.

Provides the latest news in real time about a particular company. All this information will help significantly in our Investment.In addition to real-time stock quotes, you can also find real-time quotes for a mutual fund. Let’s take an example of “Axis Long Term Equity Fund Regular”.

Rediff Money My Portfolio:

This exceptional feature helps one keep his wallet free. One can log into this section with their Rediff ID and personalize it with a name.After that, you can see the bar chart format of your portfolio’s performance for the previous week. You can analyze the percentage of participation of stocks and funds in your custody with the help of a donut chart.
The My Portfolio section in Rediff Money will help you manage your portfolio and track your ROI in one place. You can also name your portfolio based on your investment objective.
Thus, you can manage your portfolio very effectively and efficiently. You can further analyze your portfolio through graphical representation. This makes the life of an investor very easy.

Import Portfolio:

This is one of my favorite Rediff Money features. Using this feature, managing your existing portfolio on other platforms is very easy.

You can directly import existing stock market portfolios in the form of CSV, XLS and XLSX and create a custom portfolio. In my opinion Excel format (.xlsx) is the best for importing your portfolio.

How to importing your portfolio to RediffMoney’s Portfolio:

Before importing your portfolio into RediffMoney, you need to be careful about the column header name in your Excel file. You can rename the column header manually as follows.

  • Symbol: ‘Stock Symbol’ or ‘Symbol’
  • Company Name: ‘Company Name’ or ‘Company’ or ‘Stock Name’ or ‘Name’
  • Quantity: ‘Qty’ or ‘Quantity’ or ‘Shares’
  • Average Buy Price:‘Average Cost Price’ or ‘Avg Buy Price’
  • Date of purchase:‘Transaction Date’ or ‘Date’, ‘Date of purchase’
  • Total Cost: ‘Cost basis’ or ‘Total Cost’ or ‘Cash value’

Investment Tool:

This tool not only gives an idea of ​​the expected return on investment of stocks but also of mutual funds. The best part of the investment tool is that it provides the performance profile of any stock against NSE, BSE, GOLD, FD and mutual funds for 1 week to 1 year.
This Rediff money calculation tool can help with profit or loss predictions before investing. One has to select a particular investment plan, you want to invest.By entering the sum and withdrawal date, you can easily get an idea of ​​the unrealized amount of that stock.

Rediff Money Wiz: Forex:

Forex Market is also one of the booming markets in the world. If you are also interested in the Forex market or currency exchange business, you must have a tool that gives you up-to-date information on the value of popular currencies in the world.

Rediff Money My Watchlist:

This focuses on your future investment plans by tracking your movements. When you add a new stock to the list by setting a price in alert mode, it will inform you of any price changes. It is not necessary to sit in front of the screen constantly.

Trends of Rediff Money:

If we have to know about the Indian stock market, then we go to the Indian Indices Section. If we need information on the world stock market, we go to world indices. Similarly, if we need information about the Forex market, we have to go to the Forex Market section.

So even to get a basic overview of the market, we need to go to a separate section. But there is a Trends section in Rediff Money where you can get Market Trends and all critical updates in one place.

Mutual Fund:

User can identify low, medium and high risk funds by setting some filters and can make wise selection accordingly.
In addition to stock information, Rediff Moneywiz also has a section especially dedicated to mutual funds. You can know the return profile of most mutual funds and compare different funds from different AMCs.

Indices and sectors

You can evaluate the indices of Sensex, Nifty, Global, etc. through this function.If you select a particular name from the given list, it will show you the components of that index along with the values ​​and changes of the stocks in real time.And going to the sectors function, it shows the sectorial list of the selected indices, such as banking, IT, energy, etc.

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