Due to a pandemic all in the world lost their jobs and start trading Stock Market

Due to a pandemic all in the world lost their jobs and start trading Stock Market

The Covid-19 pandemic affected more than 54 million females in the world to drop their jobs, thought the International Labor Organization; the regions most affected were: manufacturing and services.

How did the COVID-19 pandemic impact women’s employment

Created on statistics from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography, during incarceration, in world six out of 10 women have been in responsibility of domestic and care work job, while in males the proportion is four out of 10 However, gender equality and equity goes beyond housework.
In accumulation, permitting to the Inter-American Development Bank, 74 percent of them supposed support for their teenagers’ distance education, compared to 4.8 percent of boys. The females stayed up to date on the school’s Social media platforms.
From the establishment of the imprisonment, the “stay at home” caused them to have to endure inaccessible up with their users, alone and without support webs, to which was added the idea that they had to accept the role of working women’s and convert charge of his family, said the academic.

COVID-19 impact on women and gender equality

It is required to make noticeable what is happening to generate decent working conditions; beyond gender, it is a human rights problem where everyone’s activities are recognized also worried that those who were able to remain with their works had to adjust to telework, which despite the risky conditions, became a pleasure.
The UNAM Economic Research Organization pointed out “an important group lost their jobs, another group may have had to change to more dangerous jobs and here, inappropriately, women are always in worse circumstances.
The world population was pretentious by the uncertainty and anxiety generated by Covid-19; According to data from the Inter-American Development Bank, the psychological and expressive health of women was observed more reduced by chronic exhaustion, anxiety, depression and loneliness.

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Improve your Stock Market results to RSI indicator

There are several things that can help us a lot in our trading process, one of them is the indicators, since they are personalized meters that have been established by experienced and highly successful traders, invented to help forecast market movements.

What is RSI indicator

Particularly useful are strength indicators, such as what is the RSI indicator, which can be used to know if a trend is weakened or strengthened and in general if it is about to change or not. It is a mathematical operation that most of the technical analysis tools available in online brokers are capable of automatically showing, so we will not delve into the issue of how this index is calculated. Instead, we will limit ourselves to explaining its composition, usefulness and when we can use it to make a decision in the practice of trading.

How is the RSI made up?

RSI is the acronym in English for “Relative Strength Index” and it is already implicit in its name what is the utility that we are going to give it. As we have already introduced, it is used to know if a trend is about to reverse or not, and it allows us to complement our technical analysis based on trading patterns, by providing us with an additional layer of security when making a decision.

Graphically, the index is expressed in a Cartesian plane in which the Y axis corresponds to the index, which goes from 0 to 100 and the X axis corresponds to time. Perpendicular to the Y axis, 3 lines are drawn at levels 30, 50, and 70 of the index.

The last line, which fluctuates accompanying the candle or line chart, is a moving average called the RSI average. The latter is the one that will indicate the current state of the RSI, and the one that will allow us to know if the trend is weak or strong. Levels close to 30 indicate oversold, which translates into a strengthened downtrend and levels close to 70 indicate overbought, which gives us anuptrend strong. If the line remains close to 50 it indicates that the trend is weakening and that it would be close to reversing, especially if it goes from one side of the 50 line to the other at a certain time.

How to use the RSI to make a decision?

By using a moving average, the RSI allows us to trace a trend more easily and allows us to get out of a tight spot in complicated situations: situations in which the market is volatile or we are facing a fatigued line, which we have not been able to interpret with patterns.

If we activate the RSI it will indicate if there is more or less intention to buy / sell the asset in question and it will allow us to orient ourselves when making a decision that at first seems to be quite difficult. It is also useful for newbies who need an extra guide to determine trends through moving averages, and it provides us with the necessary information to know if we should buy or sell said asset. It is especially useful in CFD trading.

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