Incredible Ways IoT can Transform the Education Industry

Incredible Ways IoT can Transform the Education Industry

Technological advancements like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and Internet of Things (IoT) have been the talk of contemporary society for a while now. Each of these technologies has produced some extraordinary miracles in every industry and the education industry is no different. But among all technological advancements in education, IoT has proven itself to be a total game changer. The more the demand for eLearning is increasing, the more the demand for IoT.

In fact, as per statistics, the market size of IoT in education touched USD 6.81 Billion in 2020 at a CAGR of 18.0%. In addition to the same, the growth is expected to reach USD 25.42 Billion by 2028. Now that’s something worth our attention, right? However, now the question arises, how exactly can IoT transform the education industry?

Well, this is exactly what this blog aims to answer. In this blog, we look at the different ways in which IoT is transforming worldwide education. However, before we move to the advantages of IoT, let us first explain what IoT actually is.

What is IoT?

As the name suggests, IoT can be explained as a network of interconnected things (physical objects). Further, these physical devices or objects are interconnected with sensors, software and other technological devices. Now, you must be wondering what is the purpose of creating such a network of connected devices.

Well, essentially, the purpose of the Internet of Things is to enable convenient and real-time data sharing between devices connected to a network. Simply put, IoT facilitates the exchange of data across the internet in an incredibly convenient way. Needless to say, data is at the heart of decision-making across industries in modern times and the education sector is no exception. Data is enabling effective change management across the educational landscape. IoT is making it more possible than ever before.

Now that you know what IoT is and the purpose it serves, let us delve into its merits for the education sector. So, let us get started without further ado.

5 Incredible Ways IoT Can Revolutionize Educational Industry

Offers Better Collaboration

Promoting effective collaboration among students has always been a challenge for educators. Having said that, it is vital to note that lack of collaboration can affect learning outcomes. To foster collaborative relationships among students and teachers, IoT can certainly be of great help.

To elaborate, IoT has the ability to connect all the devices together and make a network that will make all the information available to all the stakeholders in real-time. For example, students can get instant access to their feedback and notes from the end of the institution.

Parents too can monitor the cognitive growth and progress of their children at any time.  Besides, it will also allow teachers to keep track of students’ progress, check their homework, mark their attendance, and communicate with them without any hassle.

This will allow the educational system to be more transparent which will create trust among the students, parents and educational systems. This trust will result in better collaboration and enhanced communication in learning environments. This will further ensure that the industry works smoothly and without any hassle.

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Makes study material accessible with QR codes

Gone are the days when physical textbooks were a major need for everyone. Nowadays, students are more open to free resources and see that as an affordable option for multiple reasons. This is where the advancements of IoT can effectively assist students in having access to study material.

To elaborate, IoT can assist educational institutions in adding simple Quick Response (QR) Codes in school textbooks. Through these QR codes, teachers will also be able to upload illustrations, videos, and update students with new resources with help of IoT.

These QR codes will assist students in accessing assignments, feedback, and other additional resources. This will help them in learning more effectively without spending hundreds of dollars on purchasing new books.

Students can easily access their study material at affordable prices and get the features that physical textbooks fail to provide. Some of the features include making digital notes, sharing, and searching out resources.

Personalized learning experiences

It is no hidden fact that everyone has their own pace of learning. Besides, when the whole world was shaken due to the pandemic, many students lost track of their studies. This has even resulted in students facing constant stress all the time.

To validate, as the survey shows, 80% of the students face constant stress while studying. Also, in such situations, students and educational institutions both were struggling to maintain that interaction and alleviate the stress of students. This is where IoT became the one-stop solution for the educational industry.

To elaborate, IoT can provide students with access to their study material anytime and anywhere.  This will allow students to learn at their own pace and in their comfort zones without any hassle.

Moreover, IoT has helped the education sector in alleviating the “one size fits all policy”. With the education sector realizing the need for eradication of this traditional model, IoT has helped the industry in tailoring the experience of students as per their own needs. For example, there are many students who understand better through videos while others are good at learning through textbooks.

IoT will understand the needs of the students with the unique IoT sensors and plan relevant lessons for students. This can allow teachers to understand what works best for their students and customize their study plan as per students and make their curriculum more student-centered.

Makes curriculum interactive

Engaging today’s tech-savvy generation of students is one of the biggest head-scratchers for the contemporary education sector. As per research, 70% of students get bored in their classes. That is the reason, to engage the tech-savvy, the industry’s major need was to become tech-savvy. This is where IoT became a major asset for schools and colleges.

To elaborate, when AI combined with IoT, it revolutionized the education industry even more. AIot (artificial intelligence of things)  when used with AI Convolutional Neural Networks can be used to identify students’ facial expressions.

This facial recognition can help teachers in identifying students’ facial expressions.  So, when students begin to disengage, teachers will know it from their expressions. Having said that, teachers can make learning more interactive using smart boards.

Besides, IoT does not only make their education interactive but also caters to wellness. For example, special lighting systems in IoT can easily detect the environment and adjust the lighting for students to enhance their visualization experience. That sounds quite amazing, isn’t it?

Helps students with learning disabilities

Many students in the educational industry often lag in their academics due to certain disabilities. However, the latest technological advancements have ensured that no student should face difficulty in learning like everyone else. With this, we have come up with our last but not the least way in which IoT can transform the education industry.

To elaborate, firstly as discussed above, IoT-based educational systems allow students to learn at their own pace. This can help students facing disabilities to understand the concept and make progress at their convenience.

Moreover, students can take assistance from the IoT as per their inconveniences faced during studying. For example, for students that have impaired hearing, IoT can convert their texts into sign language making it easier for them to understand the curriculum.

Besides this, if students are suffering from visual impairment, then IoT devices can effectively convert their resources into speech form to make it easier for students to learn and comprehend the syllabus. This way, IoT can effectively help students with learning disabilities and transform the education industry for the better.

To conclude, IoT can play a major role in changing the present scenario of the educational system. Adaptation of unique IoT advancements can help the educational industry in enhancing its efficiency and effectiveness for the better. Hence, the need is to understand the miracles IoT can perform and adopt them for the better.

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