How to manage a co-working space

How to manage a co-working space

With the ever-changing working patterns in the IT industry and other businesses, many organizations are adapting to new ideas and innovations in their working environment. One such concept widely accepted by everyone across the globe is coworking space. Coworking space is one of the latest and most refined concepts in workplace selection.

Coworking space is best managed with a space management system  these days.It is not only about sharing a shared space for work, but it also brings in more comfort and flexibility in terms of space allocation, reservation, occupancy, design, and so on.. If you own a coworking space or wish to develop one, then here are a few tips and ideas to manage a coworking space.

What Is A Coworking Space?

Coworking spaces are commonly shared by people from different companies who come to work. They also use standard amenities such as electricity, utilities, receptionist, customer service, and parcel services. The main advantage in this type of set-up is that there is a huge cost saving in terms of hiring a space and maintaining the space.

Generally, it is a community center or collaboration hub and a social space or library where people come together to share ideas and innovations.

It is mainly preferred by small-scale companies or those wishing to establish their start-up. All the people working at coworking spaces do not necessarily work for the same company. Though people use the same area, they work independently without getting disturbed.

Types Of Coworking Spaces Available:

While  choosing a coworking space, there are several  factors to be considered before researching a location. The area, community, amenities, and workplace conditions vary from one place to another.

  • Open workspaces
  • Private workspaces
  • Related to specific industry
  • Venture and incubators

Benefits Of Using A Coworking Space:

  • Coworking space consists of many people working together under one roof. Therefore, it is hard to get demotivated to work with such a large group of enthusiastic working people around. It brings consistency to your work.
  • One can develop excellent problem-solving skills. With the similar group of people around you every day, they become pretty familiar with each other. Therefore, asking for any help or support becomes convenient.
  • Coworking space is the best option for all those start-up companies who have a budget constraint to invest in an individual infrastructure. You can get an excellent flexible deal for hiring a coworking space.
  • Physical interaction increases if people work together in coworking spaces rather than work from home. It helps the overall growth of personality. It teaches various life skills and principles to deal with real-life situations.
  • When you meet so many people daily, it increases your interaction with them, leading to the organic generation of better opportunities.
  • According to a recent study,

Who Generally Prefers Coworking Space For Their Work?

  • Remote workers
  • Students
  • Freelancing workers
  • Conventional office people
  • People who are traveling

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Ways To Manage A Coworking Space:

Coworking spaces are such spaces that adapt according to the member’s needs and requirements.

Give Priority to the Community First

The type of community depends on the kind of customers you wish to attract to your coworking space. Understand your target audience well in advance. With each changing group, actions to be taken in management also change. The type of amenities in a coworking space also depends on clients/tenants.

Maintaining Teamwork

Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success. Every member should be respected and well treated while working in a team. People from different sets of backgrounds come together to work in a team. Even if one member feels less significant in a group, the entire working cycle gets affected. Therefore, you need to implement some team-building activities regularly.

Maintain Privacy

Privacy is paramount in case of working in coworking spaces. When there are too many people working simultaneously under one premise, then there are chances that certain information gets leaked. So it is essential to maintain privacy and security among coworkers.

Need for Counseling

Generally, with work overload and immense work pressure, people can feel a certain amount of stress in their lives. These days employees get easily stressed with managing proper work-life balance in their life. Companies should organize counseling sessions for such employees to produce excellent outputs and add to the company’s growth. After all, everything depends upon your employee’s health.

Increase Member Engagement

If you are a coworking space manager, you need to conduct regular feedback sessions from each employee for improved organizational performance. Create a google form and pass it to people for their valuable feedback. One can also include playing games and activities at regular intervals during office functions or gatherings. That will help you manage coworking space in a better way.

Include Branding

Using a brand logo always highlights your product and services in customers’ eyes. It is beneficial to include your brand during a promotion at a coworking space. Since many team members will get exposed to your services and products, in turn, they will help market your band.

Design Management

Design is a very unique and integral part of project management. The design adds appearance  to the organization. It is a problem-solving process that brings innovation and creates well-designed products, services, communications, and environments. Looking for better design management, opt for good space management tools.

Equipment Tracking

If you want an organized equipment tracking system for your valuable assets, thenspace management tools come with  equipment tracking features. It is quite convenient to keep track of your equipment via an outstanding software tool. It helps you with tags and barcodes to track equipment used in your business.

Floor Plans & Maps

A coworking space is not built in a day. It requires a blueprint such as floor plans and maps depicted on a piece of paper. Now floor planning and maps are easy to derive with space management software.

Movement Management

Movement  management is quite a critical step. Management must be able to monitor the movement of employees within a coworking space from time  to time.

Occupancy Management

Every public place now demands good occupancy management adapting to the new normal. Occupancy management analysis derives optimum space usage through a phenomenal space management tool. It helps you control the number of visitors entertained at a time in your store/business space.


Visual aids are always helpful to attract a large customer base. As the name suggests, Planogramming depicts a proper arrangement of products and services. It displays a schematic drawing of the layout and retail display of products.

Reporting & Analytics

The latest space management tool provides invaluable insights into trends and helps create strategies to help improve operations, customer satisfaction, growth, and other business metrics. Customized report generation, and analytics are possible with the right space management system.

Space Allocation and Space Reservation

Reserving certain places for certain events becomes easy with great space planning tools. A proper and efficient space distribution attracts more customers. A room’s position should be in such a manner that visitors find it easy to commute. You can also reserve spaces to save customers’ valuable time with good space management tools.

Using Modern Tools

You can manage your coworking space in a better way. It is an advantage when a manager includes effective and great technical tools in their working module. CRM tools are great for sharing and collaborating ideas with other team members. Digital tools help you communicate in a better way.


Hope this article has cleared your many doubts regarding coworking and factors to consider before selecting an ideal coworking space for your next venture. If you are an extrovert who loves engaging with various people, then coworking space is the best option for you to include in your working module. With these steps, one can easily manage their coworking space more efficiently.


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