4 Best-Proven Methods to Convert GIF to Mp4 Video

4 Best-Proven Methods to Convert GIF to Mp4 Video

Well, whatever the reason you have to for the transformation of GIF files into MP4 videos, there are innumerable methods to proceed with. But choosing among one of them is really hard to deal with or even a daunting task. Thus, we provide the best-proved methods that are loaded with the best GIF to Mp4 converter and keep your conversion quite simple and easy.

Did You Know!

If you want to playback your GIF graphic files on any media player, then it’s ideal to convert them into regular video file formats like Mp4. Thus, the developer from theonlineconverter.com did their best by providing a free version of GIF to MP4 converter online that converts GIF frames into MP4 video files without quality loss.


It is referred to as a splendid version of GIF to MP4 converter online. You are just required to upload the GIF file formats and, then all you need to select Mp4 from the given list of providing. Just look at the given details about the process of exporting gif as an Mp4.

  • At first, you need to access to FileZigZag online and then simply input the GIF graphic file that you want to change into Mp4 by tapping on the “Select” button. And, then choose the file from your system storage
  • Now, you have to choose the output file type for the Converted file that is “Mp4” from the given drop-down list
  • Very next, you ought to add the email address that can help you to receive the converted Mp4 video. And, then you ought to commence your converting process by clicking the “Convert” icon. This is where you will see conversion progress in the complete progress bar


GIF to Mp4 converter by Zamzar allows you to convert GIF graphic files to Mp4 format and even also lets you turn Mp4 files to many other compatible file formats. Don’t fret it is quite easy to navigate, let’s find the given steps:

  • First of all, you have to input the GIF file that you aim to convert into an MPEG4 file, you could select the file from your laptop document, or simply add it by providing the URL of it
  • Once this Gif to MP4 converter finishes input. You ought to choose the output file by clicking the “Convert files to” bar. You could now need to choose the output file as Mp4 (mpeg4) file
  • Now, add the entered email address through which you can receive the converted file, and then you can start converting by simply choosing “Agree to our terms”.


CloudConvert is an authorized site that lets you turn all kinds of videos to Mp4 online without any quality distortion. Give a try to this online GIF to MP4 converter that provides you with fast cloud-based GIF files to Mp4 conversions. Find the detailed process to convert the GIF animated images into Mp4:

  • Access the source of Cloudconvert, choose the “Select Files” and add upload Gif file that you want to convert
  • Once uploaded, you need to tap on “Mp4” from the given video category and set it as the converted format
  • Click on the “Start Convert” button and get your convert Mp4 file from the source of cloudconvert


You just need to make a couple of clicks and let this GIF to MP4 converter let you convert GIF static files to MP4 online. Apart from that, this versatile file converter allows you to convert PDF to Word, PNG to JPG, and certain other files conversion. The upside is that Convertio always provides you with the desired video format corresponding to your requirements.

  • Access to the online GIF to video converter right now and then upload GIF file that you aim to transform into Mp4
  • Once finishing the GIF uploading process, you simply need to select “Mp4” from the “Video category” chart
  • Make a click on the “Start” and wait for a few seconds to download the converted Mp4 (MPEG4) video



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