How to Create an Educational App & How Much Does It Cost?

How to Create an Educational App & How Much Does It Cost?

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the way people learn. Students emphasize remote learning more through various educational apps and digital platforms. Educational apps are helping students understand complex topics efficiently from the convenience of their homes.

According to Cision PR Newswire, the global education industry will reach $370 billion by 2026, from $226 billion in 2020.

The rampant increase has made education apps a promising mobile app development niche for entrepreneurs, startups, and enterprises that want to leverage mobile app technology in the EdTech industry.

Universities, colleges, schools, and educational institutions are also looking for an EdTech app development company to provide appropriate e-learning services for their learners.

This blog will discuss effective ways to create an educational app in 2022 and its cost estimation.

So, let’s get started.

Effective Ways to Create an Educational App in 2022

1)   Search for an Exceptional Mobile App Idea

Currently, students use educational apps for various purposes like preparing for competitive exams, making notes, learning new skills, school studies, etc. Students use popular EdTech apps like Duolingo, Google Classroom, edX, etc. These apps are used because they provide an interactive and hassle-free service to their users. Therefore, it is imperative to create a unique educational mobile app idea before selecting an EdTech app development services provider for your project.

2)   Conduct Comprehensive Market Research

After deciding on the app idea about what you want to create, you must conduct comprehensive market research. You must research what problems learners and educators face with other EdTech apps and how your education app can provide a more effective solution. While doing market research, do not forget to categorize the data based on various factors and demographics. It will help you comprehend the market prospect and your target audience.

3)   Decide Your App Revenue Model

Every popular education app has a substantial revenue model. For instance, some apps charge students to provide tailor-made course materials, whereas some offer paid subscriptions to use the in-app services. Therefore, wisely deciding the app revenue model for your educational mobile app is necessary. Since EdTech app development has a vast array of generating revenues, ensure that the revenue model you choose corresponds to your business goals.

4)   Choose the Technology Stack

Select a particular technology stack for app development to build an education app. For every mobile OS platform, there is a tech stack. For example, for android app development, you may need Android Studio, Xamarin, and Java, and for iOS app development, you would require Objective-C and Swift. Furthermore, you have to decide whether you like to build the app for only one OS platform or both. Nevertheless, if you go with cross-platform app development, you can create educational apps for kids for both OS platforms.

5)   Look For a Dedicated Mobile App Development Company

Educational apps could assist you in gaining huge profits since their demand is constantly growing. You can hire a freelance developer; however, there is a considerable risk of data confidentiality and the standard of features they provide. Therefore, it would be best to consider a professional educational app development company for your project. They will build your EdTech app as per your business objectives seamlessly.

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How Much Does It Cost To Build An Educational App In 2022?

Evaluating the cost of creating an educational app can be challenging because it relies on various aspects. For example, the app’s complexity, technology stack, project deadlines, types of features you offer, etc.

1)   The Complexity of the App: The development cost also depends on the app’s complexity. The number of features, integrations, and the type of monetization model defines the complexity of the product.


Complexity Cost
Simple Education app $25,500
Middle Education app $50,000
Complex education app $75,000


2)   The Type of Educational Application: You should consider the EdTech app you are creating. For instance, a single platform will be cheaper than those developed for multiple platforms.


Type   Cost
Language Learning App $45,000
Mathematics Learning app $55,000
App for Arranging Learning Process $65,000
Mobile Learning Management System $70,000

Moreover, you have to pay for the maintenance of your apps like updating its features fixing essential bugs, etc. The maintenance of an educational app will cost around $4,000 to $8,000 annually.

The cost to create an EdTech app will be approximately $25,000 to $75,000 and more, as it will depend on your business goals and requirements.

Final Note

Educational apps for students are the future of digital education. The EdTech market has ample opportunities for business owners, startups, and companies with innovative ideas. You can gain huge profits by providing an effective mobile app solution that helps learners and educators. However, you need to build your educational app under the proper guidance.

The best approach is to work with a competent EdTech app development company that delivers proven excellence in creating education apps. Additionally, you should choose a company with vast experience, good reviews, and a portfolio.

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