How Can Digital Marketing Enhance Your Recruiting Efforts?

How Can Digital Marketing Enhance Your Recruiting Efforts?

Recruitment practices are getting upgraded day by day. We can see major changes in almost every function, from then using ad hoardings to now posting openings on job portals – everything has evolved with time. In the constantly changing times, job seekers have also shifted their approach to digital mediums.

After the COVID outbreak, digitalization has reached its peak; from sourcing candidates to interviewing them –  every task can be conducted virtually, and even remote work is getting widespread. Applicant tracking systems attract the best talent and improve the candidate experience, while communication platforms help in the interview process. Still, something lacks in achieving the expected outcomes.

The candidates’ expectations have been changed, and workplace values are emphasized. Job seekers look for the company’s non-monetary offerings when considering the opportunity. So, employers need to showcase all their strengths to keep the workflow running hassle-free. Therefore, digital marketing tactics can be helpful in that aspect as it helps to attract the targeted audience in the best way. Let’s see how recruiters can leverage digital marketing concepts to achieve excellence:

How Can Digital Marketing Contribute To Your Hiring Process?

Businesses need to treat their current and potential employees the way they treat their customers. Like prospective customers, potential employees have their own candidate journey and content needs, leading them to apply for a job role. As a result, building a creative employer brand seems necessary.

To enable an innovative employer brand and hiring process, seeking digital marketing’s help can be effective. Marketers need to work hand-in-hand with HRs to form an efficient recruitment strategy. Let’s break down digital marketing’s collaboration with HR in points:

Assessment, Strategy Building, And Brand Identity

Assessments and strategies are digital marketing’s integral parts, and it outlines where the company stands in the current scenario. Evaluation of past efforts helps to measure their effectiveness and indicate the mistakes. Furthermore, strategies are made considering the mistakes and centralizing the organizational goals. It contributes to the business’s overall success.

Once the strategies are defined, marketers create or improve an effective online presence of the business. They showcase the company’s core values in the talent market to attract suitable candidates. They leverage digital and social channels to get an efficient reach.

Customized Employee Value Proposition

According to Gartner, companies with a robust employee value proposition see a decrease in turnover by 69%. Candidates look for the staff benefits in the business when considering applying for an open position. However, every candidate expects different types of benefits. Some may need remote work & flexible schedules; some may be looking for financial wellness & benefits, and some might be attracted by career development & learning opportunities.

Digital marketing assists recruiters in showcasing the EVP to candidates effectively, and customized benefits to different segments enable direct connection with the target audience. With the changing workplace dynamics, it is an HR manager’s duty to offer the best EVP to the workforce, and digital marketers create business recognition by highlighting the benefits to candidates.

Innovative Ideas And Creative Content

Content is a robust factor in determining engagement on digital and social channels. Therefore, it is crucial to crafting creative and attractive content to gain the attention of job seekers. In addition, creating different types of content can help the business outline its employee benefits in the best way to meet each candidate’s expectations. Sometimes, a blog can help the candidate understand the company’s perspectives and what they think about their workforce. Sometimes, it’s an infographic that outlines the employee benefits and the business’s impact on its community.

There are several types of content to create a better reach, but the most effective is video. Visuals and motions leave an impressive image of the employer in candidates’ minds. Moreover, video content is getting widespread everywhere across all generations. Therefore, it is essential to come up with creative ideas and make attractive videos to highlight different criteria. There are diverse ways to create content videos. Some businesses might showcase their products, services, and company culture, and some might highlight employees’ stories that display how their lives got changed after joining their employer.

Higher Visibility Of Career Pages In Search Engines

Businesses need to leverage SEO tactics to get more candidates and traffic to the company’s career page. Search engines are the most common places candidates use when looking for a job. SEO can boost the career page’s visibility on search engines, ultimately bringing traffic and users to the website. In addition, it helps to bring organic traffic rather than paying for advertisements, so companies with limited budgets should leverage it.

SEO experts usually generate backlinks of the career page and optimize its content, so the search engine algorithms can find it relevant and helpful to users. In addition, they ensure that the website is responsive and mobile-optimized as the majority of the candidates use mobiles to search for jobs. They also add relevant keywords in the job descriptions and other places, so whenever a candidate searches for a particular keyword, there are high chances they find the career page in the top results.

Candidate Funnel And Measurement Of Results

After all these efforts, recruiters can ensure a candidate funnel to give unexceptional experience to candidates. They can easily capture the necessary information and intent data to analyze the candidate’s behaviors. Applicants’ interactions on the site and their original source can help to determine which strategies are providing the best results and which channels are generating effective traffic.

Digital marketing helps to measure the effectiveness of all the efforts made. For instance, comparing clicks on the job listings posted on different platforms may help to identify which fits best with the hiring needs. The lead scoring helps to measure the quality of candidates, so strengths and weaknesses of the strategies can be identified.


Digital marketing is not just limited to the sales department; it can be leveraged by different business verticals, like the recruitment process. Various tactics and strategies can contribute a lot to the hiring process’s efficiency. However, the skill of people management still remains the most crucial part of HRM as it was. Hiring managers can build an effective candidate funnel with the help of digital marketing, but an excellent candidate experience can be enabled only by focusing on the core HRM principles. Therefore, companies need to make an alignment between digital marketing and the recruitment process and maintain the balance.

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