How Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection affects email marketing

How Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection affects email marketing

The Apple Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) is here , as are some important updates email marketers should know about. I’ve put together a breakdown of Apple’s recent privacy changes, how Mail Privacy Protection affects email marketing , what hasn’t changed about email, and some simple steps you can take to ensure your emails continue to deliver valuable results. , in addition to completing the article with this guide to Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection.

What is Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection?

Mail Privacy Protection is a feature in Apple Mail announced in June 2021 that prevents email vendors from using invisible pixels to collect information from recipients. The feature is now available to users of Apple’s Mail app for iPhone, iPad, Mac computers, and Apple Watch , allowing them to mask information such as when and where they open an email, what device they used, and any other online activity linked to it. that device.

When did it come into force?

Mail Privacy Protection was released on September 20, 2021 on all Apple devices in conjunction with the release of iOS 15, and is available by default on Apple’s latest line of iPhones and iPads. While it will take some time for users to update their iOS and adopt the feature, it’s best to assume that some of your subscribers are already using Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection and more subscribers will follow suit in the coming months.

Ways in which Mail Privacy Protection affects email marketing

It’s important to note that these changes aren’t specific to any one email marketing provider, but rather affect the world of email as a whole, no matter what platform you’re using for your email marketing.

  • Open rates are likely to be increasing.
  • Click-through rates for opens are likely going down.
  • Open-based email marketing features have become less reliable.

User data (such as location, open time, etc.) for Apple Mail users with MPP enabled is no longer available.
Personalization is not going away, but it has changed a bit.

What to do about Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection?

Here are several ways to ensure effective email marketing in the era of Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection:
Rethink the way you measure the success of your email marketing, It’s important to think about the email marketing metrics you’re focusing on, that is, going beyond opens and clicks. While email clicks are still reliable, they shouldn’t be the ultimate metric you go to to determine if your campaigns have been successful.

After all, your main business goal is unlikely to be getting a bunch of people to click on a link in your email. For automation, use clicks and time-based triggers instead of open triggers Change the way your customers interact, use these triggers:

  • Clicks on a particular link or content.
  • Time based triggers.
  • Date-based triggers.
  • Abandoned cart emails.

best practices to open your emails

Act on best practices that get more people to open your emails How will you engage subscribers and get them to take valuable action if they don’t read your emails?

  • Make your subject line attractive, create expectation, surprise.
  • Pay attention to the “sender” name of the email; make sure it’s something your subscribers recognize and trust.
  • Make sure the content of the email motivates people to click This means not including your most valuable content directly in the email. Instead, include a trailer with each piece of content and then a button for readers to click to continue reading.
  • This button or CTA can link to the full content of your blog, website or landing page and is a key point in your email marketing campaign .

Stay ahead of the changes These changes to Mail Privacy Protection are almost certainly not the last, and it’s likely that other tech companies could follow Apple’s lead to further protect consumer data. It’s best to embrace this change now as an opportunity to assess what matters most to you when it comes to email marketing and focus on those goals.

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