How to disable the high volume warning on your iPhone

How to disable the high volume warning on your iPhone

It is true that Apple mobiles tend to have the best performance and stand out in most of their technical sections . But sound is always an aspect that can play tricks on you on any brand of smartphones, and apple terminals are no exception. Today we will explain how to deactivate the high volume warning on your iPhone with iOS 15 , in addition to giving you other solutions for possible sound problems .

This notice is for you to find out at full volume

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In reference to Apple devices , we have previously given you tricks to fix crooked photos . But today we have to address the issue of sound in reference to mobiles that have the iOS 15 operating system . We are going to explain how to solve possible volume disorders !

How to disable excessive volume warnings on your iPhone with iOS 15

It is one of the main disadvantages that the volume notifications of your iPhone have , the fact of not distinguishing 100% the devices that are connected to the mobile.

Imagine this scenario :

you connect your iPhone via Bluetooth with the receiver that your car’s computer has , to listen to music that is on your mobile but that you want to play through the vehicle’s speakers . And by setting the volume to maximum on the iPhone, it does not allow you to do so .

If you want to forget about those “excessive volume” warnings that the iOS 15 operating system sends you, you must do the following step by step :

  • Go to your iPhone settings
  • Go to the Accessibility section
  • Click on Audio / visual
  • And disable the Headphone Notification option

Through this action, you will no longer receive communications regarding long-term exposure to loud sounds . An advantage that the iPhone does have is that it is a smartphone with the ability to measure sound in real time : you can use this function to verify your exposure in reference to ambient noise and that of your headphones .

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What to do when the call volume on your iPhone is low

There are a few simple steps to solve a frustrating problem , that of not hearing the person you are on a call with correctly .

  • To recover the volume, go to Settings , then General , and go from there to the Accessibility section .
  • Choosing to turn off your phone’s noise cancellation will make the device ignore all interruptions , thereby enhancing the volume while making your calls.

How to fix the music volume if it is too loud

Sometimes you just don’t know how to lower the volume your iPhone bounces , and there is a very simple solution.

  • Go to Settings> General> Accessibility .
  • While there, click on Hearing Aids / Hearing Aids , and choose the option to activate them .
  • This action will increase the volume of the speakers , but at the same time it will turn off the Phone Noise Cancellation (which is a function that is always on by default).

What if you can’t hear any sound at all

It seems weird, but many people have reported that they do not hear any sound on their Apple phones . And it can be a situation capable of driving the calmest person to despair . Did you know that this silence of the iPhone could be due to it being put in headphone mode ? And there is more than one reason for this to happen. The main one, simply that this option has been activated and has never gone back .

Here we give you the way to solve this possible problem :

Oddly enough, there might be something stuck in the headphone port . To remedy this problem, you must s disconnect and reconnect the headphones several times . You can use a toothpick to remove a possible small piece that is in the entrance of the headphone port.

What to do when you do not hear any sound even in the Apps

In extreme cases , you will have to resort to equally drastic solutions . If you hear absolutely no sound on your iPhone, you will have the option of restoring it in iTunes . It has worked more than once!

You have to connect to iTunes , and click Restore . This is a complete reset of your mobile, with which you would lose all your data (including contacts, photos and music). It is always better to take a backup before restoring . But have no doubt that it is the most effective way to repair any technical problem with the iPhone , including complicated sound issues .

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