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Digital Forms: definition, advantages, How Digital forms to increase productivity and Reasons to Forget Physical Forms

What are digital forms

we will only say that the scope of digital forms is immense, and they enjoy great versatility, capable of being applied in any field in which paper forms are used. They are very useful for various industries that seek to solve any type of situation in which it is necessary to fill in data.

How to migrate to digital forms

To find out if your organization can gain efficiency and productivity with these tools, we propose 3 questions:
Do you feel that a lot of time is wasted in obtaining reports of the activities of the personnel in your charge, or do you feel that you receive little information in this regard?

Is it difficult for you to evaluate the work of each of your employees?

Would you like all the information about your field operations to be consolidated in one place and instantly?
If any of your answers were positive, then it’s time to evaluate how digital forms can be integrated into your business needs, and how to boost your productivity in areas where traditional forms are no longer working well.

Importance of Digital forms

Companies that improve the sales process by migrating to online forms take advantage of one of the smartest ways to lower costs and recover the efficiency lost due to excessive unnecessary paperwork. It is the perfect recipe to increase productivity levels in a way that is 100% adaptable to the needs of the organization and without difficulties for its application among its employees. With the right online form , simple and direct, asking for the minimum necessary information, the company can save a considerable amount of time and money.

How to Digital forms to improve productivity

Digitizing documents and replacing physical forms with online forms are extremely beneficial, because no time or energy is wasted going through this or that document as they are available for consultation 24 hours a day and it is also good for companies because they can save up to 70% in printing and paper handling processes.

Another advantage is that an online form is very fast and very easy to create. The online form , on the other hand, allows you to transform any type of physical form into a digital one and thus becomes 100% adaptable to the needs of the clients according to the category to which they apply.

Accelerating digitization in companies and promoting the modernization of procedures in the State are processes that will continue to evolve in the future. And both depend on the application of online forms , as a key tool for efficiency and productivity to make a qualitative leap.

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How to Apply digital forms and Uses

The main advantage of online forms is that they allow you to transform any type of physical form into a digital one. Thus, the digital forms become 100% adaptable to the needs of the clients according to the item to which they are applied, from quality control checklists for the construction or telephony industry, to adaptable forms to improve the visibility of the products. in the retail sector.

The recommendation is to carefully evaluate which areas of your company could increase their productivity thanks to one of these forms, taking into account the following advantages they provide:

After knowing these advantages, you are surely thinking that digital forms could be a great opportunity to add innovation while increasing efficiency in your company, and you will not be wrong. You just need to apply them!

Reasons to Forget Physical Forms

For businesses that want to optimize, here are 10 reasons why you should ditch physical forms and consider mobile forms as a better alternative:

Information on physical forms can be misunderstood. Bad handwriting, failure to follow proper formatting, or even smudges on paper are disastrous for an organization. sending standardized and 100% legible reports to the central office.

Physical forms can be lost, incomplete, or have wrong information, causing losses. Mobile forms, on the other hand, ensure that companies capture all their profits, since the data is not lost.

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Information is reviewed late.

Turning the paper form into digital information allows real-time data review, and mobile platforms even have the option to chat to correct errors immediately.
They make it difficult to work from home, or outside the office and on your cell phone solves everything, since it is not necessary to return to the office to deliver the report: it is sent online and offline from the field.

They take up a lot of file space.

Physical forms require significant file space, and immediate access to information is difficult if the file is in a different building.

Possibility of being damaged .

Paper documents are damaged over time, and are exposed to fires, floods, or other catastrophes.

They require associated costs .

Physical forms not only require more paper, but also more printers, folders, clips, etc., representing additional costs that mobile forms do not require.

They limit collaboration.

Working collaboratively on a document is extremely difficult with a physical form. Multiple copies should be printed, comments on the document made separately, and then redrafted and further changes proposed. Through a mobile platform sharing management indicators, receiving feedback from the central office and correcting errors is a matter of seconds.

Environmental costs.

Using more paper is harmful to the environment, which results in worsening the carbon footprint of companies.
insecure . Faced with a physical form, how can you guarantee that sensitive information for the company’s interests has not been copied or manipulated for other purposes? the risk of information getting into the wrong hands is eliminated.

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