Clip Studio Paint Pro Vs Ex 2022

Clip Studio Paint Pro Vs Ex 2022

Our Survey of this article can clear your doubts by nuance way about Clip studio paint pro vs ex 2022, assistive points will help to choose a reliable and preferred subscription of your favorite clip studio paint whether being pro vs ex. Let’s start with acronyms way first, clip studio paint is a Japanese company that was founded in 2001. This software is a graphic software that helps to make your creatures for instance comics, general illustrations 2D animation available in a digital way. One best thing is that Clip studio paint software is provided in seven languages and written in the main coding languages such as C++, and Python. Let’s look back and reach on the main topic which one is reliable and best between Pro vs Ex 2022.

What Is The Difference Between Clip Studio Paint Pro Vs Ex 2022?

There are several differences between clip studio paint pro vs ex in 2022 whether being features, pricing structure, flexibility, and easy to use. First, we’ll understand that both pros vs ex are different versions of the clip studio paint only activities are different. Let’s come to do compare both of them in the below bullets.

Clip Studio Paint Pro – Versatile & More Features

Everything comes with its own benefits same as clip studio paint pro version comes with its features and services specifications. You can consider the clip studio paint pro as a standard edition in which you’ll get the features and services but, not more as in the Ex version. Pro edition provides you with some dynamic functions such as creating a single-page illustration and comics between the 24 animation frames and so more. If we take a closer look at this pricing structure then, clip studio paint comes under the $49.99 for one time purchased. Monthly plans are also available for those users who use the clip studio paint for a bit of time.

Clip Studio Paint Ex – Dragging & Dropping

Now, after decode the clip studio paint we have reached the pro version where we’ll analyze its services and functions. Clip studio paint ex as a full-features edition in which you’ll get all the features which you’re looking in the graphic software company. By acronyms way, clip studio paint pro edition is one of the best and suitable for professionals and needed users. In the pro edition, you get multi-page projects, unlimited frames for professional animation, etc. They all are benefits that come under the two subscriptions first in $219 for one time purchased, and second, comes in a $6.00 per month subscription.

Can You Upgrade Clip Studio Paint Pro Into Ex?

Yes, you can upgrade the clip studio paint pro into the ex edition but, included wecom products cannot be upgraded into the ex version. Otherwise, you can upgrade your pro edition to the ex edition just you have to pay more money for the ex incredible features and more functions. Let’s familiarize ourselves with three steps to jump out from the pro edition to the ex version in the below bullets. Along with it, you can take a closer look at clip studio paint vs photoshop and check out its features and services also.

  • In the first step, pick your clip studio paint serial number that will be found in your confirmation mail.
  • The second step comes with clicking on our discount page where you’ll get your preferred discount,
  • In the third step, you have to buy the clip studio paint Ex edition and copy the serial number in the blank box,

Is Clip Studio Paint Ex Good For Beginners?

With the personal recommendation, we’ll suggest to beginners clip the studio paint pro edition the reason is, for learning the basics and getting experience for the first time clip studio paint pro version will be set in your package. It doesn’t mean the pro version does not carry robust functions and services. You can easily become a professional with the pro version like us. Pro edition tools and features are set perfect for beginners.

Do Professional Use Clip Studio Paint?

Of course, when you get twin one services in the one product then, why should you purchase different many software once. Professional experience and reviews that ensure beginners and upcoming users the value of clip studio paint in the market. For Instance, you’re a beginner in the animation and creative world and you wanna become a professional animation creator then, this type of graphic software does help.


Does Clip Studio Paint Expire?

Yes, after finishing the subscription you have to renew the subscription as you preferred whether be ex or pro. Just click on the renew button.

Can I Transfer Clip Studio Paint To Another Computer?

Yes, but there are some circumstances such as you have to purchase one time whether be ex and pro.

Which Software Is Best For Animation?

There is no doubt, Clip studio paint is one of the best animation graphic software in the market at an affordable price.







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