Reload Button:Definition,Types,Where to find in Google and safari

Reload Button:Definition,Types,Where to find in Google and safari

Reload Button Definition

The Reload button works, when the information displayed on the web page is old, “the page that is displayed again to get the content update is called Reload. It can also be executed by pressing the “F5” function key which is also called the Reload Button.Many people use Google Chrome to browse websites on their computers and smartphones.Google-related services have evolved and provide useful features every day. If you feel uncomfortable, you may have lost features or services.

Where to find Reload Button?

The Reload button works when the information displayed on the web page is updated. The page that is displayed again to receive the content update is called Reload. It can also be executed by pressing the “F5” function key, also called the reload button.

Find Reload Button in Google Chrome

In Google Chrome, “Reload this page” is displayed, but it has the same function as “Refresh”.In both cases, we can use the “F5” function key or the Reload button or [Ctrl] + [R]. For keyboards with function keys, the “F5” key, which can be operated with one key, is more convenient.

Types of Google Chrome Reload Button

Whether you use Google regularly or an unknown person, you cannot do without it.I want to present some tips that you can get if you are familiar with “Google Chrome” and the services provided by Google.Reloading a web page can be a normal operation when the web page is not easily displayed or when you want to update the SNS timeline.

Normal reload may not update the Image:

The “normal reload” is what is called a reload when you click the Reload button on the toolbar. Since it is used frequently, it is convenient to learn the shortcut for the [Ctrl] + [R] key or the Reload [F5] key. However, with this method, the updated images may remain old.

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Hard reload that can update Images:

However, it can be inconvenient if you want to display the latest information. You may want to test it when the web page display is broken, or the image is out of date, or the PDF file to be uploaded to the cloud is out of date.Some people may use to clear cache for web development. But it is troublesome to call the setup screen one by one. The shortcut key is [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [R] or the reload button is [Shift] + [F5].

Cache erasure and hard reload for more thorough updates:

If you are a general user, you can consider it as a last resort when you want to read again anyway because the behavior of the web application is strange.There is no shortcut key. Press the [F12] key to open [Developer Tools], right-click the [Reload this page] button on the toolbar, or press and hold to select a function from the menu that appears.

Find Reload Button in Safari

The Safari Reload Button provides a Reload Button for Safari that can be placed anywhere on the Safari toolbar. It is distributed as a notary certified Safari app extension.Safari app extensions are packaged inside a container app. In the case of this reload button extension, the application that contains it does nothing, but you must start it at least once for Safari to know that the extension exists. After the first start, you do not need to run the application again, but you must keep it installed because the extension is inside the application.

Types of Safari Reload Button

Safari’s reload button does not update automatically. You should visit this page and manually download the new versions as needed (for example, for new versions of macOS).There are three versions of the Safari reload button, depending on the combination of macOS and Safari you are using. Safari version 11 or earlier is an old-style Safari extension that launches directly and installs in Safari.

  • Download for Big Sur or later
  • Download for Mojave through Catalina
  • Legacy download for Safari 11 or earlier

How to Display the Reload Button on All Pages

The reload button needs to be added to all of the user’s web pages via a MetaTag, which is a time-consuming process. An easier way to display the Reload button would be to add an entry to the SIE / SPB.reg file. Using ActiveSync, browse the device and locate SIE.reg or SPB.reg (depending on the Symbol Pocket Browser version) in the \ Application folder and move it to your PC.Right-click on the file and choose Edit.Add the following lines at the bottom of the file: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Symbol\SymbolPB\Tags\ReloadButton] “Show”=dword:0000000, Save the file. Put the file back in the \ Application folder on the device, overwriting the existing file. Cold start the device.

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