6 Methods Your Employees Can Trick Your Time Tracker

6 Methods Your Employees Can Trick Your Time Tracker

In the Pandemic millions of people moved to WFH scheme and it became a tedious task to manage employees while they are working from home. And to manage all the task and keep the record of the work, companies use the Time Tracker software. Certain employers have come up with concepts to fool software that tracks time. It is not uncommon to see people cheat on time trackers.

You should also understand the consequences of allowing your employees to cheat. If your timekeepers cheat, you will be forced to terminate them right away. They will be thrown out of the company, losing their job stability, and many opportunities for growth within the team. You need to train your employees to be honest about their timekeeping.

Here are the 6 ways your employees can cheat your time tracker

1. Mouse Automation

The first method is the automatization of the mouse by attaching a battery-operated device to the mouse. This is a smart method of tricking the application that monitors to be able to detect the movements of the mouse. When the toy moves the mouse will follow and the application will be able to record this movement. Thus, it appears that the employee is doing something, but in reality, there isn’t. There are also some free auto clickers for mac which will automatically click the mouse at a certain time frame.

If you decide to examine the photos, you’ll see that your employee tried to cheat you. If you take a glance through the document, you’d believe that the employee has been working hard. However, they’ve discovered a method to fool the system for monitoring employees.

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2. Screenshot Timing Prediction

A majority of monitoring apps come with the ability to take screenshots. However, some users have discovered that there’s an exact time interval between screenshots. Certain employees attempt to get around the system by estimating the time during which images are captured. The employees pretend that they are in the office during the time of the screenshot and then continue to be ineffective.

They determine the times that software captures screenshots. The software captures screenshots in loops. employees can only access pages related to work when they take the screenshot.

Time tracking software is essential for any company, especially if you want to keep track of employee work hours and productivity. The key to a successful time tracker is its ease of use and follow up. There are many ways to cheat time tracking software, from tampering with the code to compromising the security of the software itself.

Fortunately, there’s a foolproof way to use Employees Trick Monitoring Software – Traqq. A common way to cheat a time tracking software is to clock in and out earlier than expected or to log out at a time when they weren’t actually working.

3. Use of Two Monitors

Employees use two monitors for work, simply because it’s easier for them to control all things that are in front of their eyes. On the primary monitor, they’re running all their apps for work open. While on the secondary monitor, they’re surfing Instagram or playing games. To prevent such activities the most advanced and sophisticated software is required, this software tracks both monitors.

4. Monitoring Software Code

Some employees with a high level of tech expertise can be as adept as altering a monitoring application’s code. If they’ve got the capabilities as well as the right tools they could modify it to monitor specific activities only. This could include only the most important things that happen in the course of a day.

While it is as fun and simple as it is, this approach isn’t a simple one to use. When encryption is sufficiently strong sufficient, changing its encryption isn’t easy. So, Employees Trick Monitoring Software is the best way to track their working record.

5. Remote Access

A few users have two computers and install software on their official computer that they use to conduct work. They create an access server remotely and connect to a different personal computer. On this device, they create the remote access client and connect to their second computer. You can play games online, shop on the internet or even watch videos, while still being considered to be productive by the tool that monitors them.

Time monitors label the remote access program as being work-related. If you’re unsure about the benefits of time tracking software, you should look into Traqq.

6. Remote Access

Some employees use two separate windows to trick the tracking software. On the first window they will operate a work screen and on the other they can operate their own window. For instance, they can watch Netflix, or play games. So this trick is called a “red herring” that will distract the tracking software.


If you’re wondering how to catch your employees cheating on their time tracking software, you should install some of the Employees Trick Monitoring Software like Rescue Time, Traqq, Paymo, etc. It’s free to download, and the premium version comes with many features, including unlimited archival data and an option to block distracting websites. You can download the app for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. Alternatively, you can download the free trial version and install the software on your team’s devices.

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