6 Best Snipping Apps For Mac

6 Best Snipping Apps For Mac

Do you want to capture a specific portion or entire screen of your mac? Then you must use any best snipping tool on your Mac.  Screenshot features provide you an ultimate solution to save any image, videos, text, etc. in your system. Shortcut keys in your Mac can help you to capture a specific portion of the screen. If you don’t want to use shortcut keys to take a screenshot on your Mac. Then we suggest you use the best snipping tool.

In this article, we will introduce you to the top 6 best snipping tools for mac. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with every detail about each tool in a comprehensive way.  By using these snipping tools you can capture the entire screen or any specific portion of the screen. So, let’s have a look at the best snipping tools for mac.

Top 6 Snipping Apps For Mac


Lightshot is the best free snipping tool for mac which is lightweight and easiest to use. You can capture the entire screen by using the print screen keyboard, the rest of the work will be finished by lightshot. After capturing a screenshot you can edit them as per your requirement. This is the only sole tool on Mac that allows you to capture a screenshot back to back without any delay.  This tool allows you to print a screenshot, upload an image, and copy and save.


This tool comes in free as well as in paid mode. You can use this tool is free to delete, rename and search any file. On the other hand, a paid version of this tool offers you to use many advanced features for just $10 such as resizing, assigning global hotkeys, etc. You can save your captured files in various formats like PNG, and TIFF. Preview windows is an amazing feature provided by SnapNDrag which allows you to add annotations in your file. By using this tool you can share your captured file on various platforms.

Cloud app

Cloud app is the best snipping tool for those businessmen or entrepreneurs who want to integrate their work into a single application. The Cloud app allows you to upload your captured screenshots, videos, texts, etc. on your cloud account. It offers you to edit your personal information through many features such as blurring, emoticons, etc. Cloud app is best for Windows as well as Mac and is available in both paid and free versions.

The free version of this tool has limited features such as 1 minute limit for screen recording and 100 MB per file upload size etc. This tool can integrate with more than 30+ applications.  If you want to explore some other amazing features of the cloud apps then you must purchase a paid version which begins at $9.95/month.

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if you are a businessman and want to convey any information about your product to customers then Snagit is the best snipping tool for you. By using this tool you can create visual instructions. It allows you to copy the text from the captured screenshot so that you can use this text in some other document.  Furthermore, Snagit provides a lot of advanced features such as editing, and annotations. Snagit is an integrated tool that allows you to share your captured data on various platforms such as google drive, Microsoft suite, etc. You have to spend $62.99 if you want to explore the advanced features of this tool.


Droplr is specifically designed for those entrepreneurs and businessmen and provides high resolution, cloud storage, and strong security at a low cost. This tool is available for Windows, Mac, and browser extensions. Droplr allows you to record screens and creation of gifs. Droplr saves your captured data immediately in the cloud so that you can share links on various platforms. You can use this tool for free for 3 days as a trial, then you have to pay $6/month if you want to continue with this tool.


It is a web-based platform snipping tool for mac that allows you to capture screens. This tool is fully compatible with Windows and Mac. By using this tool you can customize captured screenshots as per your requirement. Monosnap provides you with various advanced features such as handy tools including pens, arrows, etc. You can use your cloud space by login in with Facebook or email.


 In this article, we discussed the top 6 best snipping tools for mac. In this article, we provide every minute detail about tools that will be going to be very useful for you. We will suggest you use any above-mentioned best snipping tool for your Mac if you want to capture the screen of your system.

However, you should compare each tool as per your requirement so that you can find the tool which is best for you. If you have any queries regarding these snipping tools then you are free to contact us.

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