10 Best Vuejs Frameworks to Use In 2022

10 Best Vuejs Frameworks to Use In 2022

Users’ attention spans have fallen dramatically in recent years. As a result, when companies create web applications and websites, the design must be eye-catching enough to catch consumers’ attention in the first 2-3 seconds.

You will need the correct libraries and frameworks to create appealing UI designs for your web applications, which will make them appear modern and professional.

Vue.js framework

The Vue.js framework is ideal since it allows you to express yourself and make an impact on the world. 

Vue has developed into a large web app framework with a large ecosystem of functionality, libraries, and components. It’s one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks for a reason. Vue users have contributed additional libraries and frameworks to make development easier.

Since you can use these Vue frameworks directly in your application, they make the development process considerably easier. Vue js frameworks offer a number of features, such as ready-to-use UI elements and additional support for constructing various types of web projects.

Vue.js frameworks  categories

Vue.js frameworks are divided into three categories: Vue UI framework, Vue.js CSS framework, and Vue mobile app framework, depending on their area of competence. Of fact, several of the frameworks listed below excel in multiple categories and are therefore not divided.

Bootstrap Vue

Bootstrap is a prominent front-end CSS framework that includes a variety of components and design templates for building responsive web apps quickly and easily. It is a free-to-use open-source framework for creating modern websites with HTML and CSS templates and user interface elements such as icons, buttons, and forms. 

Developers may use Bootstrap Vue to quickly design front-end apps. Its versatility makes it excellent for developing hybrid mobile apps and understanding the various ready-made themes and starter packs available. It is widely used in the community, and as a result, there is a lot of help for newcomers learning how to use it.


  • Responsive websites are simple to make
  • UI elements that can be customized
  • The combined power of two technologies
  • Framework that is both robust and easy to use
  • Implementation of a productive frontend

Quasar Framework

For Vue.js UI development, Quasar is your one-stop solution. Write a single Vue code snippet and deploy it as SPAs, Progressive web apps, desktop apps, server-side rendered apps, or hybrid apps.

The Quasar framework adheres to Google’s Material Design principles (best practises for UI design) and includes easy-to-follow documentation to assist in the development of responsive websites.

Minification and caching are supported by numerous language packs and integrated web practices in addition to specialised Vue components. It also features a constantly increasing community to assist you at every turn.


  • Follows Guidelines for Material Design
  • Support from a large community as well as documentation
  • Cordova, Electron, and other frameworks are easily integrated
  • App development is simple
  • Less coding and reliance on third-party software


Vuetify is a Vue.js-based user interface framework. The project’s purpose is to give developers the tools they need to create engaging and rich user experiences. Vuetify, unlike other frameworks, is built from the bottom up to be simple to learn and rewarding to master, with hundreds of carefully developed Material Design components.

Vuetify uses a mobile-first design strategy, which means your app will work right out of the box on any device, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

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Vuetify provides a number of pre-designed, interactive, and unique layouts to aid in the customization of apps. It is very compatible with the majority of browsers and includes many reused UI elements such as navigations, cards, and other features. Vue CLI templates come pre-configured to make learning the framework as simple as possible.


  • Apps are simple to learn and design
  • Support from a large community
  • Help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Design output of exceptional quality
  • Designing requires less manual intervention


VUX is a popular mobile Vue UI component toolkit and framework that uses Vue and WeUI capabilities. It was designed to monitor the WeChat app and includes many components from the WeUI – a WeChat official design UI toolkit. A community centre handles all associated concerns and makes managing the framework simple for developers.

VUX-related components can be installed according to the project’s requirements. Since the entire package is not required to be installed, component management is simplified. VUX’s mobile UI components demonstrate the advantages of both the Vue and WeUI technologies.


  • With Vue and WeUI, you get the best of both worlds
  • A method that is both adaptable and scalable
  • Implementation speeding up
  • Self-contained application
  • Increased development rate

Vue Native

Vue Native is a popular Vue mobile app framework that uses JavaScript to create native apps. It is a cross-platform user interface app library designed for rapid mobile app development for Android and iOS. It employs React Native packages to access mobile device APIs as well as its community and library. Its apps are all written in the same code.

Vue Native features mobile UI components that may be used to create lightweight native mobile apps as a progressive framework. Developing speedy mobile apps makes the best use of virtual DOM, Vue CLI, live synching, and so on. It exemplifies the Vue ecosystem’s excellence.


  • The learning curve is simple
  • Command-line interface with two-way binding
  • Virtual Document Object Model (DOM)
  • The most effective use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Mint UI

Mint UI is a Vue framework for Vue.js that focuses on a set of robust Mobile UI elements. It comes with a variety of JavaScript and CSS components for developing mobile apps. Even web pages with a consistent design can be made quickly. It is light in weight and offers developers the finest mobile web app experience because it is based on Vue. It is simple to use for any newbie because it contains all of the essential user interface components.

The Mint UI contains a feature that allows it to load just when it is needed. It efficiently performs activities such as importing style sheets or other components whenever they are required, making it simple for developers to manage file sizes. It uses CSS3 to govern motion, giving users a wonderful experience even on small displays.


  • Component-based strategy that works
  • Robust and lightweight
  • Numerous CSS and JavaScript components
  • Prevents unnecessarily reflowing
  • Only imports when absolutely necessary


Nuxt.js is a Vue framework built on Vue.js, Webpack, Node.js, and Babel.js that is free, open-source, and intuitive. It’s a universal app meta-framework. It is a simple yet powerful framework that allows developers to construct a single-page app or a universal app depending on the needs of the user. Nuxt.js can also be used to create static websites, which can then be hosted on similar platforms.

Nuxt.js allows you to select from a variety of backend servers, including Express.js, Adonis, and others. While creating the project, it also allows you to select from a variety of UI frameworks such as Ant design, Vuetify, and others. It contains Vuex components built in that may be used to build the app. Switching between static site production and on-demand server rendering is simple for users.


  • No pre-configuration is required
  • Automated code splitting and routing
  • Gather information from any source
  • Search engine optimization friendly
  • Strong directory structure and convention
  • Various and adaptable Modules for Nuxt

Onsen UI

With the support of Cordova/PhoneGap, Onsen UI is regarded as one of the top Vue js frameworks for creating functional and appealing HTML5 hybrid and mobile web apps. It comes with a set of UI frameworks and elements that assist developers in creating various mobile apps using web technologies such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. It has a look and feel that is similar to iOS and Android. The components are adaptable to the executing app.

Onsen UI is a fast-growing framework for building beautiful HTML5 mobile and hybrid web apps with little setup time. Its automatic style feature and preset components aid in obtaining results more quickly and efficiently.


  • A larger selection of UI elements
  • Material Design Support
  • Automatic style with the same source code for iOS and Android
  • Emphasis on the mobile user experience


Framework7 is a popular Vue.js framework that can be used to create hybrid apps with a native look for desktop, iOS, and Android devices. It’s also used to make good prototypes that provide users with a hands-on experience. It also comes with Material Design, iOS, and Aurora themes, all of which make developing apps a breeze. 

Framework7 provides developers with apps for any platform. There is a diverse set of UI components that may be used to create progressive web apps, web apps, and native iOS and Android apps.

It works well with various frameworks and tools like Vue.js, React, Svelte, and others. As a result, programmers are free to utilize whichever tool they like. Creating apps in Framework7 is as straightforward as constructing a website because it only requires HTML, CSS, and JS. Developers can use a variety of UI elements and widgets to help them create appealing and reliable apps.


  • Ecosystem that is more diverse
  • Integration with other frameworks and tools is seamless
  • Various widgets and UI elements that are ready to use
  • Full-featured software development
  • Prototyping services are provided


Gridsome is a Vue JS CSS utility that acts as a static site generator. With the PRPL pattern, it achieves the best results across all pages. It allows you to get data from any type of system, including WordPress, Headless CMS, Drupal, Markdown files (blogs, docs, etc.), and data-related sources such as APIs, JSON, and your database.

Gridsome is known for using cutting-edge tools such as GraphQL, Vue.js, and JavaScript, as well as Node.js, to construct websites. Developers may easily do local development as well as quick hot reloading for any form of code update. Almost all Gridsome sites get near-perfect speed scores due to their quick performance. It’s SEO-friendly and allows for easy crawling through content, resulting in higher rankings.


  • Progressive images
  • Automated code splitting
  • Re rendering of HTML
  • Optimization of assets
  • Generation of static PWA

These are the top Vue UI frameworks for mobile app development. You should examine the many features to choose which one best meets your requirements. Hire vue js developer right away for excellent results! For your diverse project needs, you will receive exceptional solutions.

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