PHP vs Node – Time to Consider These Web development Frameworks in 2022

PHP vs Node – Time to Consider These Web development Frameworks in 2022

Today the significance of backend technologies shouldn’t be ignored, at any rate, no two ways about it! In fact, many of you have no idea why one needs backend technology? You see there are times when developers must avoid doing certain things from the front-end such as 3rd party API using an API key, adding some credit to the end-users account, ingesting asynchronous data and whatnot!

Javascript and PHP are one of the leading frameworks considered worldwide when someone opts for a web development project. In fact, both of these frameworks have been serving as an ideal for server-side programming. As the title implies, The following post acts as a comparison guide among the two most deserving web development frameworks used to develop dynamic single-page applications, highly-scalable server-side solutions like never before.

One of the common factors or aspects of PHP and Node.js is that they are back-end technologies that ensure high-end web development. Without any further ado, let’s just get started with the post regarding how PHP or Node.js can be your go-to backend technology?

Node.js vs PHP

It may quite interest you to know there was a time when PHP was the sole ruler in the backend development realm. Yes, Javascript was nowhere to be found. In fact, web developers strongly believed in using Javascript code as a part of frontend development. So what changed? How come Javascript made its way into backend development?

Well, the answer is pretty simple, earlier in 2009, Javascript launched its very own backend development technology named Nodejs. And you can see for yourself how this technology seems to have been considered a leading name among web developers across the globe.

To be honest, PHP is way older than Node.js so it is supposed to have a larger community and way more proven track records to showcase. Now there is one thing PHP is not good at and that’s where Node.js hits the bullseyes. You see PHP lacks in showcasing updated and relevant projects. Surprisingly Node.js having a stronger user base can show modern-day use cases and win the trust of the end-users in no time. Let us try unveiling the benefits offered by both technologies.

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Meet the First Contender Node.js

If you want to build highly-scalable applications and efficient REST APIs, Node.js is the name worth considering. Mainly used to build hybrid mobile apps, and desktop apps, Node.js is a cross-platform runtime environment that assists developers in executing javascript code on the computer. Right from several online chat applications to video streaming sites, single-page applications, I/O-intensive web applications and application backends can be developed using Node.js.

The open-source cross-platform was developed by Ryan Dahl featuring intimidating functionalities such as a unique library and asynchronous code, event-driven model, NoSQL databases, javascript object notation, javascript runtime environment, server-side scripting language, MySQL database systems, and whatnot.

Certain attention-grabbing facts one must consider when comparing Node.js vs PHP.

  • Since the technology is a server-side runtime environment, it can be well-executed using java
  • Here you can avail asynchronous execution and event-driven APIs
  • To get started with Node.js, one must possess a basic understanding of the Javascript runtime environment
  • With the help of the Node.js package manager, more than 50000 packages can be shared among your peers.
  • Fueled by Google V8 Engine, executing javascript code is easy in frontend and backend

Some of the crucial benefits of using Node.js

  • Easy to learn – In comparison to other frameworks, Node.js is pretty much easy to learn. All one has to do is get their hands on javascript and object-oriented programming basics.
  • Switching between frontend and backend is pretty seamless. Not to mention that this definitely speeds up the development process.
  • If you want to make your time-to-market cycle shorter then look no further than Node.js. Also, here you are bound to receive immediate feedback.
  • Developing an MVP is no more a big deal.
  • js comprises of large and active community where you are bound to receive lots and lots of support.

So if you are looking for a framework that offers the best performance, easy development process, reusable code, high scalability, Asynchronous and event-driven, recommended by leading companies, wide talent pool, look no further than Node.js

Time to Meet our Next Contender PHP

Conducting a PHP project is more like you will be using the most tried and tested method to create a unique and intimidating web app featuring the most versatile programming language. The power of PHP cannot be underestimated, at any rate, you see it seems to have ruled for almost 2 decades and no wonder today, PHP has a huge army of supporters and admirers. Developing dynamic websites is possible due to the wide range of functionalities, open-source nature, and high community support offered by PHP technology.

PHP didn’t just hit off right after its launch. It took some time and now, the framework is highly considered for developing content management systems, web development, eCommerce website development and whatnot!

Some of the core benefits of using PHP include

  • Easy to use – No matter how many times you compare Node.js vs PHP, one thing is for sure both the frameworks are easy to use. Since both of them are open-source by nature and require a basic understanding of C, PHP developers find it pretty attention-grabbing.
  • Community – PHP’s large community cannot be ignored at any rate. You see more and more PHP developers are found contributing towards the betterment of the space. Here anybody can gain instant access and quick problems can be solved. Also, PHP developers get plenty of time to innovate.
  • Flexible – Another crucial aspect of PHP is that it is more scalable and flexible. Due to pre-defined modules, the language can be easily tweaked and tailored according to different business needs.

Final Words

Choosing the right web development framework is no child’s play especially when you have so many right options around. The answer will always depend on your needs and requirements.

When to use Node.js?

If you want to create real-time web applications, streaming applications, messaging apps, chat programs, social media apps, virtual emulators, multiplayer games, collaborative tools, API. And if you want to see whether your app development venture will succeed or fail then you can see LinkedIn, Netflix, and Uber.

When to use PHP?

If you want to create graphical interface design based apps or database management systems, content management systems, or eCommerce websites, PHP must be considered right away!

So I hope the post has fulfilled its objective! In case, if you still have any doubts or queries, feel free to mention that in the comment section below.

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