Why use Laravel to Develop Faster Web-Based apps?  

Why use Laravel to Develop Faster Web-Based apps?  

We are all witnessing the rapid boom in the field of the internet and digitalization. Entrepreneurs and business owners are now shifting their paradigms to elaborate their presence in the digital space and reach their targeted audience. Laravel is one of the most trending platforms in this segment and enterprises are now looking to hire expert Laravel developers to build faster and more innovative web-based applications.

According to a survey, 79% of websites are using a PHP web development framework.  As of now, there are 772,959 live websites that are using Laravel. Even though the numbers speak for themselves, Laravel development is the second most popular choice for the PHP framework.

Types of web applications that can be built using Laravel

Laravel is an open-source, easy-to-use and expressive PHP framework. It supports easy and quick web development processes for the development of complex web applications. With the accelerating number of websites built using Laravel, the demand for Laravel app development solutions is on the ascendant. here are the types of applications for which laravel is the most suitable PHP framework.

Healthcare app

Healthcare apps or Electronic Health Records(EHR) are the digital versions of a patient’s medical history ideally maintained on paper. EHR systems contain medical records that doctors and healthcare professionals can use to identify the best possible treatment for the patient aligning with their past physical or mental conditions.

Laravel-based web applications are integrated with efficient load management and debugging capabilities that could prove to be a game changer for EHR apps with an immense volume of data.

Patient Portal

After the outbreak of covid-19, the need of having patient portals has grown exceedingly. Patient portals are digital registration and payment facilities where patients do not have to wait in long lines for bill payments and registrations. Thus, patient portals are one of the best types of web apps where Laravel can be used efficiently.

As the healthcare industry has to deal with tactful data and manage medical records for years, an EHR system developed with Laravel can be the most considerate option. With seamless traffic management systems and immaculate user experience features, Laravel is the best PHP framework for curating a patient portal type of application.

Workflow management systems

As the IT industry and many other industries are welcoming remote work with open arms, work process flow and management of classified data have become quite crucial. In addition to that, workflow and document management are systems that require users to integrate necessary changes as the remote work dynamics change with time.

As Laravel makes the maximum utilization of MVC architecture, it provides organizations and enterprises with built in features. The biggest advantage of this it that it provides a better flow of processing workflow and documents compared to other PHP frameworks.

Marketplace platforms

Marketplace platforms and auction web apps are digital spaces that allow real-time purchases of sales, auctions or a specific item with an initial price. These web apps have to broadcast real-time bidding or purchasing data from the server to the client which is a challenging feature.

In such scenarios, Laravel Echo helps curate a whole new level of architecture that can be used to manage real-time information in these online marketplace platforms.

Advantages of using the Laravel framework

Laravel comes along with a vibrant ecosystem of highly interactive functionalities that help boost enterprise software projects. Ranging from small to enterprise level, Laravel has some of the best out-of-the-box features. It comes along with a lot of built-in functionalities that allow programmers to work with ease and deliver outstanding results. Let us walk you through some of the top benefits that Laravel has to offer.


When it comes to choosing a framework, it is vital to choose the right framework as it affects the response time of a web application. One of the best benefits that Laravel has to offer is speed and performance. It offers a bunch of built-in functionalities and out-of-the-box features to ensure smooth and faster performance.

API configurations

Laravel comes along with a ‘Swiftmailer library that ensures clean and straightforward API configurations for each and every email account. Moreover, it has certain drivers that enable message sending with the help of local or cloud-based services. These drivers include SMTP, Mailgun, Send mail, Mandrill, SparkPost, Amazon SES and PHP’s mail function.

Task management

Laravel allows you to create customized scheduled tasks so that you don’t have to set them up at the system level. It has a built-in task manager named Cron Job that avails developers the benefit of creating their own scheduled tasks in a user-friendly manner. Moreover, you may or may not have to stick to the Cron Job syntax.

MVC support

One of the best parts about Laravel is that it follows a Model, View and Controller(MVC) based architectural pattern. It has an expressive and beautiful syntax which makes it object-oriented.

In addition to MVC compliance, Laravel also has integrated support for the Inversion of Control(IOC) that manages and handles class dependencies. It allows easy customization or change in templates and codes.


Laravel comes along with more than 20 libraries comprised of various modules. These libraries offer Laravel features like monitoring active users and resetting passwords. Programmers can develop highly-interactive modular applications by following the PHP principles and using Laravel.

Code separation

Compared to other PHP frameworks, Laravel has the capability to separate code efficiently. With the help of Laravel, HTML layout designers are able to modify a web application with little to no interaction with the programmers.

Community support

Laravel is ranked as one of the best frameworks for web development and is backed by a huge team of experts and developers. The huge community of Laravel supports problem-solving and knowledge-sharing initiatives.


Laravel focuses on a lot of security measures such as user authentication, user login, signup, password management, route protection, data encryption and much more. It prevents outsiders from unauthorized access by creating a Cross-Site Request Forgery(CSRF) token every time a login request arrives. Thus, it is safe to say that security is Laravel’s primary concern.

The bright future of Laravel

When developing a web app for your business, choosing the right framework is one of the most pivotal factors. The development of Larvel is aligned with the latest technological trends which makes it a great choice for web app development. Conclusively, the above advantages are some of the main reasons why Laravel remains trending in the future. Laravel can serve all your business needs no matter if you are a large corporation or a budding startup.

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