Reasons to Choose PHP Over All the Other Programming Languages

Reasons to Choose PHP Over All the Other Programming Languages

While developing a website or a web application, developers have plenty of programming language options. Thus, most the industry-experts prefer PHP for software development.

PHP has been a trending programming language in recent years and is leading the charts due to its high-performance and easy implementation. However, many people are still unaware of the reasons behind its immense utilization.

By reading further, you will get the answer to all your queries related to PHP programming Language.

PHP Programming Language and its popularity

PHP is a programming and scripting language highly preferred by web-development professionals for creating avant-garde business solutions.

It comes embedded in HTML and runs on the server-side to provide a seamless experience to every end-user. You can build various applications using it, such as Tumblr, Slack, WordPress, MailChimp, etc.

In recent years, its utilization has grown exponentially. More than 75% of business websites are using PHP as their primary web development language. And it is expected that this trend will be consistent for the rest of the upcoming years.

Why Choose PHP: Exploring its primary advantages

Open-Source Nature

PHP is an open-source technology, freely available in the online repositories, leveraging anyone to access it for software development.

Its open-source environment aids the developers in crafting the application structure as per client requirements and ensures a smooth transition. Moreover, it offers freedom and flexibility to embed custom APIs and widgets for extending app functionality.

Besides this, it eliminates the license cost, leading the organizations to build and maintain solutions affordably and seamlessly. Most the industry-experts prefer PHP development for creating dynamic websites, as it allows engineers to innovate something futuristic through its FOSS ecosystem.

Advance Security

PHP offers a modern ecosystem to implement top-notch security practices to protect user data from cyber-attacks.

From preventing SQL injection attacks to limiting the directory access, you can configure all the essential security measures across PHP applications. In addition, it allows developers to implement the following mechanisms to make the app secure:

  • Frequent testing gets executed, and regular updates get provided to patch vulnerable loopholes.
  • Allows utilizing URL encoding, leading to converting the string into a reliable URL.
  • You can also configure authentication, authorization, and multiple access controls.
  • It enables to use of prepared SQL queries to prevent a data breach.

Extensive Framework and Library Availability

PHP offers a wide array of frameworks and libraries to speed up the development process and increase the app’s potential.

Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Yii, Laminas, Phalcon, Fuel PHP, and PHPixie are some of the most popular PHP frameworks. Each one offers unique functionality, leveraging developers to write less code, optimize the backend and enhance the user interface.

In addition, they also provide template engines, MVC architecture, and hashing along with automated documentation features.

Furthermore, these frameworks are also free and can run using minimal system requirements. As a result, you can save additional license and resource costs by utilizing PHP and its frameworks.

Highly Compatible

With the evolving end-user needs, a cross-platform compatible application has become necessary for enterprises.

And for fulfilling it, PHP can be a good choice for you. PHP-based business solutions can run on any operating system, including Windows, Linux, macOS, Unix, and all the OS based on them. Moreover, all the browsers support PHP applications and run them without error.

In addition, you can deploy your overall PHP app on Apache, IIS, Jigsaw, and Lighttpd web servers. Besides this, PHP is also compatible with XAMPP, LAMP, LEMP, MAMP, WAMP, AMPPS, WPN-XM, and EasyPHP servers.

Easily Accessible Resources

The fundamental requisites for developing a business solution are hardware, software, human, learning, and support resources.

For technologies such as Python, finding a professional with vast experience can be complex. Moreover, you will require high-end systems to develop web apps with other tech stacks.

However, you can find plenty of human resources for crafting PHP-based software at affordable prices. You can impeccably hire PHP developers from a software outsourcing company for quality work. Furthermore, PHP doesn’t demand any high-tech computer systems to run, saving additional hardware and software costs for the company.

Apart from this, it has a great community, providing relevant updates and pre-build code templates to aid the development process.


If we compare the performance of PHP with leading web development technologies, such as ASP, Java, and Python, it is faster. The primary reason behind its lightning speed is its memory utilization.

And in some cases, it allows developers to implement multiple caching mechanisms, making its loading and request execution faster than others. Moreover, it gets executed on the server-side, acting as a primary reason for its top-notch performance.

Additionally, it follows the object-oriented programming paradigm, which provides a modular structure for troubleshooting and handling exceptions.

Database Support

The database is a critical component of every application, responsible for storing, processing, and organizing raw data.

Various database services are available, but only a few are compatible with every programming language. However, PHP supports all the major database management systems, inclusive:

  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • MongoDB
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite
  • DB2

You can integrate any of this DBMS with PHP-based solutions and optimize its functioning in the long run.

Concluding Up

PHP is one of the leading web development technologies that optimizes an application’s backend operations. Many engineers appraise it instead of other programming languages, as it offers features aligning with current tech trends.

Its availability under an open-source license, support for multiple databases, effortless integration, modern security controls, and extensive framework availability are the primary reasons for its prominent adoption.

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