Top technology devices offer antimicrobial protection

Top technology devices offer antimicrobial protection

Acer expands its portfolio of microbe-proof products with the following selection featuring a silver ion antimicrobial solution.They are imperceptible, but they are everywhere, both in the air and on the surfaces of things around us including technological devices. Microbes are microscopic organisms that can affect health, hence the need to ensure that these surfaces are as clean and protected as possible.

Within this context, the computer and computing products company Acer has developed a catalog of proposals with protection against microbes that is now expanded with the following antimicrobial technology devices.

Travel Mate Spin P4 Convertible Laptop

  • This model integrates a 360 antimicrobial design, a silver ion antimicrobial agent that covers its touch panel, chassis and keyboard, reducing the growth rate of microbes.
  • Equipped with a configuration that includes an 11th generation Intel Core processor and a 1 Terabyte SSD, the screen is 14 inches in size and has a 1,920 x 1,080 pixel resolution.
  • This panel – with Corning Gorilla Glass protection for greater durability – can in turn be rotated 360º to adopt different shapes, including that of a tablet.
  • It weighs 1.53 kg, has a battery life of up to 13.5 hours and also has a spill-resistant keyboard.
  • Meanwhile, its corners can take a beating having received MIL-STD 810H certification.
  • Other data of interest: USB Type-C connectivity, Thunderbolt 4 port and fingerprint login.

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Enduro Urban N3 Laptop

  • With a weight of 1.85 kg, the 14-inch Full HD screen of this notebook incorporates the Corning Gorilla Glass Antimicrobial protection film, as well as an ionic silver layer that extends its antimicrobial capacity to other areas such as the chassis.
  • It is also certified military grade (MIL-STD 810H) and IP53 against dust and water, while its four reinforced corners help it withstand drops of up to 122 cm.
  • Its developers have added, on the other hand, a drainage system and a waterproof design for the input and output ports, speakers and buttons. It reaches an autonomy of 13 hours.

Tablet Enduro Urban T3

  • In addition to incorporating a microbial solution, this 595 g and 9.92 mm thick tablet keeps its keypad, speakers, and inlet and outlet ports waterproof.
  • Like other devices from the Taiwanese firm, it has IP53 certification against dust and water, and MIL-STD-810H.
  • Its 10-inch 1,920 x 1,200-pixel resolution screen offers 600-nit brightness: above it is a 5-megapixel wide-angle front camera.
  • Thanks to the integrated dual-band Wi-Fi technology and the characteristics of its noise-reducing microphone, video calls and virtual classes win in quality.

VE246Q Monitor

  • On the Acer VE246Q monitor , which features a 23.6-inch FHD VA panel, both the chassis and the glass cover are made from recycled plastic and coated with a silver ion antimicrobial agent.
  • This allows it to provide a 99% reduction rate against a large number of bacteria according to the JIS Z 2801 and ISO 22196 test protocols.
  • It also has a number of environmental certifications such as ENERGY STAR, TCO and EPEAT, which save energy thanks to to its LED backlight.
  • To ensure that eyes are not fatigued or damaged, it features ComfyView (eliminates glare and ambient light) and BlueLightShield technologies that reduce potentially harmful blue light emission.

Keyboards and mouse

  • The manufacturer has also incorporated antimicrobial features into some of its Works With Chromebook certified accessories, devices that have been tested and approved to meet Google’s compatibility standards.
  • They are certified to work seamlessly with Chromebooks and include upgradeable firmware, giving users future peripheral compatibility as well.
  • These are the KM501 Bluetooth keyboard and mouse set , capable of lasting up to a year before needing a battery change, and the Acer B501 Bluetooth mouse with an ambidextrous design for use by both right- and left-handed users.
  • It can be purchased in combination with the KM501 keyboard or separately.

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