Top 5 Benefits of using Security Operation Center (SOC) as a Service Provider

Top 5 Benefits of using Security Operation Center (SOC) as a Service Provider

The cyber security scene is evolving daily and we’re seeing more risks than ever before. IT security teams are overworked, sometimes it takes them a long time to decide if the issue they’re dealing with marks a real risk or a hindrance – making it challenging to understand what to do next. Many companies have been turning to the option of building their own security operation center (SOC) as an answer to this problem.

This is a dedicated area, consisting of resources such as personnel and applications that are often used to track down potential threats in a business environment.

While cyber threats are generally caught in real time by security operations centers, they can be quite expensive to run and in turn have a tremendous impact on the bottom line of companies. In recent years, a new term has been coined known as ‘Security Operations Center (SOC) Service’. With this new outsourcing tactic, businesses can reduce their cyber security costs significantly while still being confident that intrusions will be detected in real time.

What is a SOC as a service?

SOC-as-a-Service (SOCaaS) is a subscription-based model for managed threat detection and response. The SOCaaS model brings the best in class security operations center within the reach of every business by providing SaaS/subscription based 24×7 monitoring as well as real time network visibility measured by expert analysts on senior management level.

Whether it’s a small size organization or a big one, all sizes need defenses and expertise that allow them to monitor for threats day and night. SOC-as-a-Service is a network-based perimeter security solution that enables your team to easily manage its own day to day activities but at a very affordable cost with maximum efficiency and capabilities.

What are the Benefits of Using SOCaaS Provider?

API Security

This is a frequent concern in modern times as businesses work to develop websites and web apps that are dependent on using APIs. The SOCaaS provider takes a closer look at the APIs that are being used, finds out any vulnerabilities and suggests solutions which will help remedy them in a timely fashion.

Endpoint Security

Every small business with a decent online presence knows that cyber security is extremely important, but unfortunately, not everyone takes the proper measures to protect their data. After all, as we have already said, hackers know exactly what they are looking for so why should we be worried about them? However, it’s precisely because they are aware of this fact that they choose to break in here! Cyber security professionals are aware of all the latest attack strategies – don’t let those hackers take advantage of your lack of knowledge! Let the SOCaaS team handle the task of keeping you secure!

Access to Additional Intelligence

Being able to combine data sources to generate intelligence about your company’s security posture is a useful activity for SOCaaS teams. This allows them to filter out false threats and make better decisions about where they want to focus their attention as well as on what kinds of initiatives they want to make a priority. For example, if you have an app that requires the use of OneDrive and you don’t have strong passwords set up in order to protect it, this could give hackers more access than they already have.

Maintaining Software Patches and Updates

Cyber security has evolved to accommodate the exponential growth of internet-connected devices in today’s digital age. One well-known rule is that a business must continually apply software patches and updates when new OS versions or external vulnerabilities are discovered. SOCaaS services play an essential role in ensuring this requirement is met not just with technology, but also with timely alerts generated by monitoring activities 24/7 and sending priority reports based on preset configurations.

Proper Security Measures

Having an SOCaaS team or service that is provided by a 3rd party can prove to be beneficial in many ways. Not only will it show internal stakeholders, such as the C-suite and the Board of Director who are trying to make the company more profitable, but those external stakeholders. External stakeholders who represent something that directly affects our workflow, such as investors or consumers of your products/services. By having security measures being taken via an SOCaaS company or service you may get a budget increase for cyber security needs directly from the board!

Whether you plan on using an external IT security firm to augment existing staff or look as an alternative to hiring someone in house, having access to secure your company’s assets and information is both valuable and essential for the long term success of most businesses. But, choosing a trustworthy provider of IT services is no easy task. Before choosing an SOCaas provider one needs to consult it with a tech team in order to get the best.

So, these are some of the amazing benefits of SOC Service that every SMB needs to take advantage of.

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